Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • ddeka
    12-31 10:06 AM
    My attorney applied for me. I am not sure what needs to be done if you want to apply yourself. AP will be valid for 1 yr and requires renewal every yr.

    Thank you for your help. I really appericate your response.
    I have one more question. How I can apply for AP? How long AP is valid for?

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  • chintu25
    07-30 12:28 PM
    :confused: Guys ,
    I just checked my I140 approval notice and it shows LUD as July 28th 2007

    I am totally confused as to why it shows that since my I140 is approved since a long time .

    I have applied for 485 on June 29th 2007 and it reached USCIS TSC on July 2nd 2007.

    Does the LUD on my I140 have anything to do with my 485 Application ??

    Please advise ?

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  • parimmigv
    10-07 10:49 PM
    Can some please help me here ?.

    Iam on H4 and I applied for H1 through a consulting company and got it approved last month. I haven't got my I797 form yet.

    I have applied for EAD through my husband's company. I think EAD may take few more months to get approved. My questions are:-

    1. what status am I on right now ?
    2. Is it true that only after getting H1 visa stamp I will be moving to H1 visa ?.
    3. How to move to EAD as I don't want to pay payroll fees ?.


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  • Enebreus
    01-20 10:13 AM
    I thought it was kind of inherent in a programming competition. If he would allow external libraries, the contests could become jigsaw puzzle contests where the person who could find the best open source libraries, and piece them together properly could beat someone who made something completely from scratch.

    I appreciate where you're coming from.

    When I interpreted the rules/intent of the competition I didn't see anything wrong with using Box2D.

    I think I made something awesome no matter what happens. I'm happy with the final product and everything I've learned making it. I'd just hate to see it disqualified because someone assumed I'd know not to use external libraries or external audio.

    ps: can you post your code? and btw... i like what you did with your swarming code :)
    You can grab the earlier version of the Swarming code from my blog here:
    I share the code for most of my projects so feel free to browse around.

    In order to share the current version I'd have to do a lot of cleaning up... for example I wrote 5 different ways of handling broad level hit detection. At this point I would have to rewrite it to make it sharable.


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  • zeal2005
    02-28 05:07 PM
    I work in Health Insurance domain so if you need help in understanding the technical terms, may be I can help.

    Kaiser Permanente mght be a good option if you are buying at individual level. I am not sure if they provide services in TN but if they do, then I would go for it. It is a HMO plan but KP hospitals provide reasonably good services at reasonable price in California.

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  • pd052009
    05-10 10:40 AM
    I just got PIO for my daughter in 6 working days. Compared to my PP application, this service was super fast.


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  • paddy.
    02-04 05:38 PM
    I don't think your design skills are quite good enough yet to be starting a studio. No offense but I think you'd be better off with a bit more practice before you step out in to the world of the design industry.

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  • kumar1
    07-18 01:57 PM
    Sorry admin, I got mad at this guy.


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  • rta2009
    11-25 07:38 PM
    I'm not attorney but I'm suggesting based on my experience .I know answers as Ive gone through this recently...

    1. Yes , Your PD for approved 140 is your possession. You can port it in your future 485 process of GC with your future employer even if your old employer revokes it.

    2. You can get three year extension to your new H1 transfer with your current approved 140 of old employer.

    3. Yes, You can.

    Please let me know if you have any concerns.

    Dear peacocklover,

    Thank you for your helpful answers.
    I'm in a similar situation even though in my case, the reason for H-1 transfer is because I might get laid off (my boss tell me to start looking around - massive lay off is coming).

    May I ask one question to clarify your answer?

    It's regarding #3, "once h1 is extended beyond the 6th year for say 3 years, can I transfer my h1 to a new employer", and your answer is yes.

    So, once I complete the transfer to a new employer, can the previous employer "safely" revoke the H-1 and I-140, and won't have any effect on my newly transferred H-1?

    (My boss will try to work it out, to keep I-140 open, but they plan to revoke it as soon as I got a new job).

    Many many thanks :)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  • willgetgc2005
    02-09 01:01 PM

    I am having issues with my Immigration Attorney. I had asked him to initiate
    enquiry about my 485 status about 3 times over the past 2 years and each time he replied via email saying he has sent the enquiry. he usually is very flaky and at times even lies or avoids my calls and emails. I am paying for his
    service and not my company.

    In nay case, I needed those documents he says he sent as enquiry for my records. When I ask for it, he says he will send it but is just not sending it despite about 10 follow ups over the last 3 months. He says he will send it.I suspect he never initiated the enquiry and just lied to me. So now he is in soup.

    He has screwed me and others up like this several times. I really want to refer him to ethics tribunal or something like that. What are my options ? I have been very frustrated with him for the last several years.

    Please suggest.


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  • deecha
    07-16 09:44 PM
    Its a crime to influence someone at position to have access to information systems and distribute the data without written permission from the organization.

    Both the parties can be prosecuted for this crime..you for soliciting the information for which you have no authority to receive except following proper protocol

    Well, that's true but I was being facetious. :-) I am an IT manager and I am aware of laws and regulations. My real intent was point #2. Have said that, I must also say that too many laws and excessive bureaucracy is the bane of this society (and other countries too, like India).

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  • bluekayal
    11-02 01:57 PM
    Try Mathew Chacko at the office of Rajiv Khanna. He's great at strategizing. I've had several conversations with him. I still email him occasionally..lets say we are country-cousins!


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  • smmakani
    04-11 07:19 PM
    I think you need to apply for a labour certification a year before a completion of 6 year of H1 period for 7th year extension but in perm you get labour certified within 2 months. Even if you start now you can get your labour and I140 (in premium processing) done before DEC. After then you can leave back to home country and still continue the process as future emplyoment.

    I don't know if you become eligible for 7th year extension.

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  • IAspire
    02-21 12:09 AM
    Please help....


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  • fromnaija
    10-26 11:35 AM
    EAD is specifically authorization to work in the US. So in your situation, the answer is NO, you cannot use EAD for employment outside the USA. To work in another country and keep your green card process going, you will have to change your application from AOS to consular processing.

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  • dontcareanymore
    08-04 03:36 PM
    Someone gave me red for this post...i dont understant why???
    Two words :
    Trigger happy ....


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  • rsayed
    05-06 12:40 PM
    I am about to start my GC processing under EB3 category. I know my chances are extremely extremely slim. I am filing for GC hoping that CIR or some other bill to clear GC backlog passes.

    My question is .. How much time would it take to clear all the pending GC cases once the bill is passed ?

    I am assuming 2 years. Am I correct ?

    I read somewhere on the internet that a similar situation arised in the past (may be year 2000 or 2001), and when a bill was passed to clear the backlog, after few months (for bill signing and other paperwork) everyone with I-140 approvals were eligible to apply for I-485.

    Is the situation that exists today any different than it was in year 2000 or 2001 ?

    Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Quite honestly, NO ONE can predict accurate wait times. Even, if some form of Bill gets through - it is anybody's guess as to how much time any of us will have to wait in order for us to be able to file our 485s'.

    Expect to wait for a long time...

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  • drirshad
    07-09 04:56 AM
    LCA at 485 level should not be considered and that could be the reason u never heard of one .....

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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 06:28 PM
    Sorry forgot to put the confirmation number in 86FWC-M9PFC

    01-10 05:29 PM
    does anyone have an answer

    I read somewhere that you should have $5000 minimum in the your account.

    07-19 11:43 PM
    Why not? 140 is not retrogressed. Anytime you can file I-140. So if i-485 is valid between Aug 1-17 then you can file both between that dates also.

    As per the last revised visa bulletin, the extension period for filling I-485 is Aug 17. But it talks about only I485 and not about I-140.

    So can anyone confirm, if one can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently from Aug 1 to Aug 17.

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