Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Topographic Map Of Yosemite

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  • EkAurAaya
    09-24 05:10 PM
    I have bad credit will that effect my Green card?
    though i am paying them off it still shows on my credit report

    Bad credit history will haunt you even after you get your green card :D (if you intend to take a loan for a substantially large investment - like a house)

    Think about it... if they don't give you gc based on your credit goof-ups... who's loss is it :D j/k

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  • lazycis
    01-30 11:23 AM
    Any feedback on this is appreciated.

    The basis for your AOS is approved EB3 I-140. So I do not see a problem porting to another company. That I-140 will remain valid. If you get approval for EB2 I-140, it won't change your eligibility for AOS. I am not sure if you will be able to port priority date. If you worry too much, you can ask employer to withdraw EB2 I-140 application. My hunch is that EB3 with 2001 PD will get approved earlier than EB2.

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  • belmontboy
    03-05 02:13 AM
    Ha ha ha....I can see "someone" standing naked.......

    good naked or bad naked?? :D

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  • yabadaba
    10-26 06:19 PM


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  • xeixas
    09-08 10:43 PM
    I just renewed my H1B visa for another 3 years, and I also have an approved advance parole document. If I leave the US before my H1B visa is stamped in my passport and re-enter the country using my AP, do I lose my H1B status? (that's what my attorney says)

    How about my the H4 of my wife? She is already using EAD, so if we re-enter the country should she use the AP document or the H4 visa?

    This is way too confusing...

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  • gcisadawg
    04-21 08:54 PM
    My H1B was filed on Feb 10th and got approved around March 15th. 10th year extension.
    Full time employmnet. No RFE. Since my I-140 wasn't approved, I only got 1 year extension.


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  • chintals
    11-05 06:29 PM
    No FP yet!

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  • jinger
    04-02 08:44 PM
    I am not surprised at logiclife's or the poll's reply. IV is an ultra-narrow organization that seeks to satisfy the founders' self-interest only. Don't be surprised if they drop you all like a hot potato once their interests are satisfied.

    "Immigration Voice" is a misleading name here and a very good cover for raising funds for the founders' self-interest. This talk of making America a better place with their skills does not hold water. They have no concern for other "classes" of immigrants or future immigrants.


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  • dexter
    12-16 01:37 PM
    Hi All,

    My perm application was denied and the resson for denial is -
    "The newspaper used by the employer to advertise the job opportunity per the mandatory recruitment step provisions is not a newspaper of general circulation in the area of intended employment which has a Sunday circulation"

    Once we received the denial, the attorney found out that he made a mistake in the perm application and the news paper mentioned in the perm application was not the news paper in which the advertisement was placed. Now they are filing an appeal to reverse the certifying officers decision. Also the news paper mentioned the perm application is a valid news paper for the area of intended employment. The attorney is submitting evidence to the same.

    As I am in the 6th year of my H1b, what are my options? I was out of the country for 88 days in the last 5 years and can use it for H1B recapture.

    Would it make sense for me to ask my employer to file for a new perm application or should I wait for the appeal's decision.

    Thank you your help.

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  • ApVish
    09-16 03:25 PM
    I would say don't put too much emphasis on these kind of stories, if the CIR bill is not going to be worked on then why did the senator schedule this meeting ? just for fun ?!

    I am not optimistic that something will come out real soon, but at the same time, I think something will definitely happen, at least the piece meal approach


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  • gcretroiv
    02-10 09:30 AM
    you are screwed, yes seriously

    Why did u change employer, w/o getting any info about filing with ne wemployer befor ahead.

    If you file in 2008 (No matter whetehr it is Eb2 or Eb3), as per present situation u can forget for next 10 + years.

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  • Leo07
    10-15 03:54 PM
    Yes, PD & labor is same. Don't need to apply labor again. Just the I-140 since it's a company take-over.

    I filed the H1-B extension through Regular, just want to see if 140 is worth filing premium?


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  • rockstart
    05-28 10:11 AM
    field 11 (have you previously applied for EAD ) there is a column called
    "Which USCIS Office" "Date(s)" can some tell me what needs to be filled there? mine was texas center filing.

    Also section 16 Eligiblity code is it (c) (9) for both primary applicant as well as spouse (derivative) or different.

    Does some one have a mockup sample they can share with others?

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  • anilsal
    06-14 11:43 PM
    Can i travel out of the country after applying my 485 ,EAD and APO . My I 140 was already approved and I applied for 3 year H1B ext based on that petition ( bumped to premium this week ) .
    Any advise


    You have to make a decision on whether you want to use the EAD or continue on H1B. It is dependent on how much risk you want to take. On EAD, you are free to do anything (like extra work/income etc) but lose out if your 485 app gets denied. With H1B, you have to get stamping done at a consulate for travel.


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  • gc_check
    11-26 05:31 PM
    As far as I know, if you re-enter using AP, you should just be fine..I would not get the H1B stamp and enter on H1....

    I'm not an expert on this, Remember reading in the forum, you can go to local USCIS office with the approval letter if you have one already and get stamped in passport.
    On other thread, also read you can reenter using AP and the IO in the POE will tell you that your Petition has been already approved and will let you in.

    Please verify this with an attorney.

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  • sammyb
    11-06 04:24 PM
    Does bad credit history or defaults affect getting a job?
    Any ideas?

    then it may hurt you ... but again it depends on company to company ...


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  • just_waiting
    10-17 03:53 PM
    Let me add one more wrinkle:

    Do you guys think I would lose my right to use EAD if I move to another employer by transferring my H1B? (I still have 2 years on it).

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  • legalrights
    08-19 12:27 AM
    1) If one files I-140, I-485 and I-765 concurrently with Labor substitution, can he get EAD before the approval of I-140?
    ******Yes. Mine is a Labor substitution case and I got my EAD within Two months

    2) what's the earliest time one can change job and still not loose getting GC while it is in process? Is it after getting EAD or does he has to wait for I-14 to get approved or have I-140 to be pening for more than 6 months?

    *******It is not very clear even in the AC21 law. But the safest thing is wait for I-140 approval and 180 days after I-1485 Notice date. Suppose your I-140 is not approved on or before 180 days, then wait. If it is getting approved on 190th day, you can use AC21 on 191th day, from your I-485 Notice date. (180 days from the Receipt date will be fine. But just for extra precaution, use AC21 rule after 180 days from Notice date, which comes later)

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  • innervoice
    01-20 12:29 PM
    I got RFE for my spouse in August 2008 for I-485 regrading the marriage certificate and stil the status hasn't got update, called several times but no luck.

    08-13 11:20 PM
    As per Murthy web site today:

    Update : USCIS Website States Previous Editions of 485 FORM Accepted AILA Liaison has confirmed that prior editions of the I-485 are acceptable, as indicated on the USCIS website, and that USCIS will be issuing an FAQ with a revised answer to Question 33 imminently.
    Posted Aug 10, 2007 (1:45pm ET)


    05-13 08:42 PM
    3-4 months may be, but you can apply for AP and EAD.

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