Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • CaliHoneB
    01-12 05:14 PM
    Thanks a bunch! I appreciate you replying to this. it certainly relieves some of my stress.


    I can understand your concerns. A few years back we had similar questions and concerns when my MIL travelled. She was old and had never travelled alone before. Could not speak any english either. We thought it was best for her to travel with wheelchair assistance and it worked good. She has travelled twice ( on lufthansa) with no issues.

    One thing we did to help her was give a covering letter that she could present to the airline staff which would explain her needs if any while travelling. We also prepared and gave her several flash cards (one liners) written in both the local Indian language alongwith the English translation for her to communicate if she needs anything on the flight.

    Non -verbal communication works well sometimes. It worked for us.

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  • mkyaj
    03-24 12:19 PM
    My H1-B expires in Oct-2009. So my wife's H4 visa & I-94 are valid till Oct-2009.

    I am applying for my H1 extension. I am attaching my wife's H4, I-94 with the extension.

    She may have to go to INDIA in June and come back within a month. As she gets a new I-94 which will be valid for 3-4 months till Oct-2009 & her old I-94 is sent for extension, do i have to do anything else after that?

    How does it work? Did anyone went through similar scenario?

    Please advice.


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  • ArkBird
    09-14 11:46 PM
    Thanks for sharing your experience.. BTW, were you using your AP for the first time? I have heard that while traveling on AP you need to go through secondary screen, which takes time. Is that true?

    Yes you have to go to secondary inspection. Time depends on how many other people are referred to secondary inspection. There will be some with AP some with other issues. In my case, there were 7-8 people ahead of us and it took close to 90 minutes.


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  • santosh_3000
    07-18 01:27 PM
    Friends .. Please reply/suggest as its very urgent to take decision. Thanks!!

    I applied I-140 using substituted labor(13th July 2007, receipt no yet to come) on future employment basis ..

    Since, USCIS has allowed filing for I-485, I wanted to file my I485, with my future employer but he is not ready to file I485 until I come to his payroll.

    I need your valuable suggestions to make my decision, my questions are:

    1. If I want to join on his payroll, I have to leave my existing company/Client, so that I485 can be filed ... Should I agree for this? what's your opinion???

    2.How safe do you think, idea of leaving my current established long term client and finding new client through him , for filing i485 purpose ?

    3. Also, I am not sure about how/when my labor substitution will be approved? And in worst case, if it gets rejected, where I am going to be( I completed 3.5 years on my H1 visa which means I have 2.5 years remaining in my 6 year)???

    5.What are the benefits (and in what timeframe) I can expect if I decide to file I485 now ?

    Many Thanks in Advance!!


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  • saps
    01-08 07:40 PM
    Please help.

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  • ss777
    02-12 06:54 AM
    Is your I-140 at TSC? Do you have any other I-140 or I-485 pending/Approved at TSC? They may be trying to consolidate all the cases.


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  • urstruly
    07-27 03:32 AM
    Can somebody please respond????

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  • voldemar
    12-31 02:30 PM
    If your wife wants to work, then, of course, both of you have to be on EAD.That's not correct. Primary applicant could be on H1 and dependent use EAD. When dependent starts using EAD it doesn't affect primary applicant.


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  • stxvr
    07-09 04:37 AM
    During the stage of 485 in how much details they look your your current status. In what all things they look except last 3-6 pay stubs and W2s.

    I have following questions:

    1. Dose any one has experience that they have asked for the details for the H1B LCA to verify the satus during the stage of 485(like your location specified in LCA). (-not talking about LC).

    2. Another good question. If your LCA filed with the petition was for the some location of California. Now if you relocated to NY. Now you worked in NY for a year and now your W-2 will have the sate as the NY. IF you submit this W-2 at the 485 stage then they can easily figure out that your LCA was for some city of california and you are paying tax in the NY. Means in such cases they can easily find out that you are out of status. Don't they look into such details?

    Asking this because I have not read a case like where they have traced back to the LCA level. Also many are doing the consultancy job means staying to one state for 1 year and another on second year. Eventhough not heard about any RFE on LCA to verify the current status.

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-20 10:30 AM
    i think she fell asleep on keyboard, before she could finish the question :D

    Its part of a puzzle game.

    She is posting one fraction of the question one site, other fractions on other site.

    Now you have to assemble all pieces together and respond to her.

    If you win, you get to date her. She is only looking for smart guys and this explains the plot :D


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  • Humhongekamyab
    08-11 03:19 PM

    I got my approval today after the CP appointment. I am still waiting for my passports though. I will update you guys with details once I receive my passports.

    Congrats buddy.

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  • roseball
    08-26 04:54 PM

    I looking for porting my approved EB3 labor and 140 to EB2. Here are my details:

    My qualification: Diploma in electronics and communication Engg in India
    (3 years diploma after 10th)

    Years of experience: Since 1991 in IT (About 20 YRs)

    Green card process: EB3 Approved labor and 140.

    Situation: When I contacted one of the university in USA they informed me that I can
    do the Masters instead of BS online degree.

    My question1: Will I be eligible to file my EB2 if I do Masters without doing BS?

    My question 2: Is MS from International Technological University (http://www.ITU.EDU) is accepted bu USCIS for Immigration purpose?

    Thanks in advance

    AFAIK, if the MS degree is from an US accredited institution and your new EB-2 job requires a MS degree, then yes, your new employer can start the EB-2 process for you. Once you have a US Masters, it doesn't matter what your earlier educational qualifications are. Key thing here is that your EB-2 job MUST require a Masters degree.


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  • validIV
    03-25 01:49 PM
    How come you are being paid if you are unemployed?

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  • minimalist
    03-25 09:05 AM
    RFE and NOID come with a color sheet of paper with your details and some USCIS internal codes for your case. You can respond by yourself and put the sheet on top - this is for the mailroom to handle your case

    If we do not use G28 to change representation from current lawyer hired by company, would all the notifications go just to the lawyer?

    Can we submit G28 ourselves or does it needs to be a lawyer?


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  • chandupatla
    02-25 02:23 PM
    Hi..I am in Rockville...Let me know what is ESSEX tell me the details.

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  • raysaikat
    11-30 09:51 AM
    Thank you very much for the replies.

    Right now I am leaning towards cancelling my trip, even though it is going to cost me the entire price of the ticket, besides of course the immeasurable cost of not visiting home.

    About the suggestion of hiring a lawyer, can an immigration lawyer here in the US help me in any way with a situation (the renewal interview) and an all-powerful person (the interviewer) half-way across the world? I can see how a lawyer may help smooth this problem if I were changing status while in the country (say from F1 to H1), but I don't see how a lawyer would help with my visa renewal...perhaps I just don't understand the extent to which a lawyer may be able to help. Is my question clear?

    Again, thank you for the advice.

    The lawyer will be able to tell you (i) what is the legal implication of your charge in regard to F-1, (ii) statute of limitations of your charges, (iii) how long the records are kept (there are levels of access and with time some charges go down the levels). A lawyer gives you legal counsel (suggestions/appraisals); they are not supposed to "do" stuff for you, nor take decisions for you. You pay your lawyer simply for reliable information (and paperworks, usually).


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  • bbenhill
    01-08 12:24 PM
    totally agree on that. i was about to say the same but thought may be some people cannot communicate properly in english and thats y the "demanding" tone.

    I agree.. I think when a person become a business owner they should be able to communicate with polite way ..:) just one of my cent :)

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  • blogger
    06-24 11:27 AM
    Can you share you're thoughts for my post?

    I recommend talking to a lawyer. Remember, that you (and your partner) are certifying and signing all forms. So, if you are legally married, it would be perjury to leave the "spouse" field as blank.


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  • shsk
    07-17 08:01 PM
    So, are we again planning to send flowers or thank you card to Emilio

    06-04 12:49 PM
    Please make the following correction in my earlier post.

    It is wrong to say that start NIW now. Do it after OPT.

    EB1 also should be done after OPT. Sorry for the oversight. I got lost in transition.

    Dr Phibes
    June 24th, 2006, 04:01 PM
    I have had my D50 for 4 weeks now. I've just been on holiday and discovered that I'm getting a black circular spot near the top left of my pictures. The spot IS NOT visible through the viewfinder, only after I have taken the picture. With the aperture wide open, the spot is less defined, but if I close down to around F22 or similar, it becomes sharper & more pronounced. Also, it's not a lens problem, as I have tried both my lenses at ALL zoom focal lengths and it's still there. I have used a blower on the mirror but not sure what or where the problem is. Any ideas ?
    Thanks !

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