Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • Robert Kumar
    03-17 11:19 AM
    Any recent experiences please.
    How easy or difficult is it.

    Is it any different in Chennai or in Hyd.

    I heard different things like some employer memo or something. Is it related to stamping.
    If it is, please share your receent stamping experiences.

    Is Canada better.,

    Thank you

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  • bluekayal
    10-22 08:29 PM
    call again using POJ method. But don't lose sleep.

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  • martinvisalaw
    02-15 06:54 PM
    You or your wife's country of birth is important factor in whether you will save much time by being EB-2. If you are from China, your EB-2 priority date (PD) would be about 2.5 years ahead of the EB-3 date. However, since it could take 2 years to get a new PERM and I-140 approved, it wouldn't save much time. For India and other countries that are current, the difference might be worth it. Of course, your employer has to be willing to go through the work and expense of redoing PERM and the I-140, and must have an EB-2 position available for you.

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  • GreenLantern
    06-02 12:12 AM
    Hmmm. Sorry I don't think I can help you out. My focus is mainly web design, and interactivity. I try to stay away from animation if at all possible.



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  • STAmisha
    07-10 02:49 PM
    So what happens if USCIS calls a company which is closed. Obviosly that company is closed, so there is no way they can check it. If you loose your tax docs, it is very tough on you?

    WHat worse can happen, they might reject your 140. Since your company is applying for 2 140's, that second one will be a backup

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  • poorslumdog
    10-11 06:05 PM
    That�s what exactly I am trying to find here. Since I am not USC or GC, would they take my complain seriously and I want to remain anonymous. Is it possible?


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  • myeb2gc
    02-20 09:48 AM
    My employer filed EB3 at first and then EB2 labour filings.
    But EB3 labour approval is received just before filing 140. i.e after receiving the EB2 labour approval.
    I have received my 140 approval notice. This is the first document of GC that my attorney shared with me.

    Question is := So is my GC is processed under EB2 / EB3?

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  • simple1
    06-03 02:00 PM
    fool's post. yes you are.

    The H1B are positioned better as they can relocate quickly. Most of USC and GC dont relocate due to housing ownership. While H1B homeownership is low.

    I personally know atleast 20+ USC not willing to move to greener grounds just because they have house.

    Housing did create a biased USC/GC jobseeker.

    06/03/2009: Increasingly Hostile Environment in the U. S. Against H-1B Foreign Workers

    H-1B foreign worker visa program has been facing hostility all over lately. Introduction of H-1B restriction bill in the Congress is just one environment that has been widely publicized. However, at the administrative level, the H-1B visa program has been going through a number of problems without much publicity. For Fiscal Year 2010 H-1B program, unlike previous years, there is a short of H-1B petitions to fill the annual cap this year two months after the agency first started taking in the petitions beginning from April 1, 2009. On the surface, the workloads of the new H-1B petitions have been substantially reduced for the agency, but in reality, the employers that filed the new H-1B petitions have been facing tons of boiler plate Request for Evidence demanding tons of documents over and over causing tremendous delays in adjudication of the petitions. The hostile environment does not end with the new H-1B petitions. Report indicates that the H-1B workers are increasingly stranded abroad not being able to obtain the visa stamp abroad pending so-called protracted security checks and consequently not being able to return to the U.S. to resume employment. Should this environment continue, the business environment for the U.S. businesses will continuously deteriorate and the businesses will continuously suffer unless they take out their businesses and jobs abroad to meet the needed workforces in order to stay in business in increasingly competitive global economy. Nothing will be able to stop the offshore outsourcing of the U.S. businesses. This is something the Obama Administration should think about very quick before too late.

    Donot be suprised to expect more, one of my friends at IBM got letter (from IBM attorney) asking to state client location etc..I think it could be based on any new USCIS H1B rules or verification ??

    How things change over time..1999 and 2009 opposite in almost most ways. job offers, rates, hostility, length of job contracts etc


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  • ganam
    02-21 08:57 PM
    Yes. It is possible to do H1 Transfer and use AC21 without disrupting the GC process.

    Please go to

    and see Question 11. Do I have to use an EAD to use AC21?

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  • a_yaja
    10-09 07:43 PM
    Not sure what they do in the secondary inspection.. In my case they asked no questions at all.. Just asked me to sit and wait while they entered / checked something in their system. I was in and out within 20 mnts.

    I had the same experience. However, my POE was Miami. No questions asked. My spouse and I just waited (with our USC daughter) in secondary inspection till they called my name and handed over our papers to me.


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    09-27 10:56 AM
    You have to file PERM again also I140

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  • hemya
    10-14 10:29 AM
    I self filed for EAD. Was very easy. I plan to do the same for AP. $1000 is a lot for AP filing.


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  • sabudanawada
    03-07 03:41 PM

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-15 05:32 AM

    I'm considering relocating back to India after getting my EAD since I don't know how long it's going to take to actually get the I-485 approved. My questions are:

    1) Is it possible to continue to keep my I-485 application active if I relocate to India and work at the India office of the same company that filed my green card?

    yes. Remember again: GC is for future job.

    2) Is it possible to continue to keep my I-485 application active if I relocate to India and work for a company other than the one that filed my green card?

    yes, provided you stayed with this company for atleast 180 days and have another employer here with whom you are using AC21 (ie. he will provide a future employment letter to USCIS in case you get an RFE.

    3) Lets say I move back to India after getting the green card, is it enough to simply enter the US once a year to keep my green card active? Can I apply for citizenship after 5 years of having the green card, even though I haven't resided in the US for those 5 years?

    you typically need to visit every 6 months, pay all taxes here and if possible maintain residence here. YOu will also typically apply for a re-entry permit when you leave like this for short-term to India. I believe REPs are granted for upto 2 years at a time. What you are trying here (stay outside the US for long periods after getting GC) is potentially risky for your GC.


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  • hinvin66
    05-05 04:44 PM
    Rental income, stock dividends and interest are allowed under passive income. Passive income is allowed for H1-B (I had/have a rental property in a different state in the US, while I was still on H1B. It's a different matter that I am an EAD now...)

    Please check if selling intellectual property (i.e., "Apps") on a website is a classified as a passive or an active income. I am strongly inclined to believe that it is a passive income as you are NOT doing the work of selling stuff (for example, if you sold stuff on eBay, that is passive income). Please check with an immigration attorney AND a CPA about the classification of active vs. passive incomes as it relates to web based businesses.

    If it's confirmed to be passive - go ahead and make money.

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  • sreedhar
    02-25 01:25 PM
    Thanks for sending the information..and one more thing is there any road test?

    Just ask yourself some questions & read some IMP information before apply for DL in USA.

    1) You said you have International DL.

    Do you know the driving…?
    How confident are you in driving…?

    Apologies for asking this question to you. Because one of my friend’s family had a bad experience with International DL. My friend wife brought International DL and went to DMV in Colorado and the Colorado state people issue the DL without having Road Test. They just took Paper Test. But she doesn’t know how to drive the car. And when she learn driving in Wal-Mart parking lot she met with the accident (Thank god no human effected in that accident. just $2000 for repairs)

    2) Are you willing to spend at least 3 hours driving classes from Driving School…?
    Better to spend some $$$ on Driving school, Even you are perfect in driving in your country.

    3) Are you looking for MVA who do not offer Road Test on International DL…?

    Do not consider the people advices like “Go there…MVA people kind of liberal in some Driving mistakes”. You know…DL is not a Green Card or some immigration benefit that you should get it immediately. You should at least 99.99% perfect in driving particularly in Highway in USA. Otherwise you and other people will be in big jeopardy while you drive the car.

    Hope this gives you a better picture on DL in USA.



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  • hpandey
    01-24 12:34 PM
    Maybe your lawyer should jump into the well or go back to school ;)

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  • gouridighade
    04-28 04:18 PM
    Thanks pd052009, what a sigh of releif...:)

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  • Bush
    03-10 10:33 PM
    URGENT -
    I already have approved I-140 in eb3/Sept 2002. I am substituting a labor (EB2) - if approved I would be able to apply for I-485 right away.
    My Lawyer has advised to apply I-140 as it is for EB2. (which means no reference to earlier eb3 PD ) And upon its approval during I-485 application, request for earlier PD. In fact, as per him - only reference I need is to seek eligibility for I-485 application. Which is true but shouldn�t I-140 which is basis of I-485 application should show eligible PD.

    Please let me know yr opinion.

    As per my attorney it should be during the time of 140 you have to apply along with a copy of old PD.

    Now I am not sure.

    05-31 06:10 PM
    If I remember my Uncle's word correctly, it was Ted Kennedy who was instrumental in relaxing (changing) the rules for future immigrants in 60 or 70's. Only then, we saw a huge increase in immigrants from India especially doctor's and engineers in 60's & 70's.

    Obtaining Green cards (or permanent resident stamps in the passport) at the port of entry if you had a degree in medicine or engineering and a job offer from an American company. Of course the total population of Indians in the US even until the late 80s was about 900 thousand. Only when the tech boom started in 1993-94 did immigration especially from India go up rapidly.
    Also unlike now, a H1B was strictly for 6 years, no extensions until you spent 1 year outside the country and came in on a fresh petition.

    02-12 01:07 PM
    Hi KaylaMarie,
    I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge:

    Hi All,

    I am currently on h4 visa and have been searching for a h1 sponsorer to do h1 workpermit visa in the coming april 2009 lottery (if there is one).

    I am very new to understand the rules and regulations and seek help from experienced folks here.

    1) If i file a non-profit h1b visa , i was suggested that i can work immediately, is that true?

    ANS: Not sure on this, but have you checked if you can get a non-profit h1 visa sponsor in your field of interest (biotechnology)?

    2) If i file a normal h1b visa, now in the april 2009 lottery, is it ok for me to go back to home country after filing the visa, because even if it gets selected and approved in lottery i can work only from oct 2009 right, so what happens if i go to home country, how can i get stamping because i have not yet started work and will not have any pay stubs.

    ANS: You dont need to worry about paystubs since you are autorized to work only after 1st october. You would need a stamping to reenter US.

    3) I have been searching monster, indeed etc to find a sponsorer for my visa, i attended 2 interviews till now and cleared them too but when it comes to work permit they are not willing to do h1 for me. I have lost all hopes and posting here to find out if there are any companies who are willing to do h1b.

    I am not in software field, i am in to bio technology and i am looking for the post of clinical research coordinator or clinical research associate CRA , CRC.

    If any of you know any company which does h1b for CRA, CRC it would really be helpful if you could post me the link of the company here.

    ANS: Like you yourself wrote, this question is best addressed in a job seeker forum. But You should also realise the current state of the US economy (3.6 million jobs lost so far in the last 14 months).

    Good luck with your trials.

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