Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • itsmesabby
    10-12 05:05 PM
    jcrajput.. I have had my renewal stamping done last month in India and am purely stating from personal experience. I was asked for to show 6 months of paystub by the officer. Luckily I had them on me so I could show it.

    You can take the minimum but travelling with the minimum puts your family at a risk when you go for the interview. No lawyer or any other member at IV can help you there.It Doesnt hurt to be proactive and prepared in the right way. In this time of recession, more documentation has been asked then ever. For my earlier stamping no documents were required, but this time W2's and paystubs were asked.

    You may even want to ask Mr 1000 watt when he last got his stamping done and go by whatever he recommends.

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  • vinayh
    11-18 09:30 PM
    I recently booked visa appointment at Chennai.
    1. Use IE. I had issues with firefox
    2. You will be allowed to pick the appointment date at the very end. In fact that is the last step of the online visa appointment booking process.

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  • invincibleasian
    02-05 02:39 PM
    This is NOT labor substitution - but another proposed rule that would invalidate any labor certs taht were not followed up with a I-140 within 45 days.

    Can we also port the PD if second I-140 is already approved, and file I-485 while using old PD?
    this rule is part of the labor substitutuion elimination rule which limits lc to 45 days life.

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  • Hope_GC
    07-17 07:47 PM
    Really Thank and Appreciate Mr Gonzales.


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  • kosars
    09-12 03:13 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I was wondering if any one of you have any estimated time for FP notice from TSC?

    My 485 ND is August 27 from TSC (case originally filed at NSC on July 2nd which later got transferred to TSC) but haven't received any FP notice yet. Is TSC slower in issuing FP notice?

    Also, I believe that it may depend upon the ASC office situation as well. I am from NJ so may be Newark ASC must be "overbooked" now for FP.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    i got mine in 1 week after the ckecks were cashed and RN mailed.

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  • franklin
    07-24 11:33 PM
    I just ask - why not?


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  • Lasantha
    04-01 04:42 PM
    Do you mean, file I-140 first and wait till it's approved before you file for 485? If that's what you are thinking, my advise is that filing for 485 is not a luxury that you can avail yourself whenever it suits you. You must grab the chance as soon as your PD is current becaue you never know when it would be current again unless of course you fall in to EB2 ROW or a higher category. And please note that these days I-140 takes much longer than 6 months to get approved and Premium Processing is no longer in the offer.

    Hi All,

    Are there any risks of filing 140 & 485 together? I just talked to an attorney & she said that it is better to get 140 approved 1st before filing 485, as when you file concurrent, the files go to inexperienced officers who will not judge your case properly.

    When you file 140 separately, the file goes to officers who only deal with 140's.

    Does anybody on here know of these risks/disadvantages of filing concurrently. I was under the impression that it was better to do this, but now I stand contradicted!

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  • anilsal
    02-10 10:22 PM

    Wonder if checking USCIS status for LUD can be equally stressful. :(


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  • paragpujara
    04-09 02:32 PM
    looks like something is cooking at the backside of the door

    Bush is hopeful for a legislative compromise by August.

    Let's hope for the best.:p

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  • Bpositive
    03-05 08:13 AM
    My luck is just not good w.r.t GC. Afte long wait my spouse finally had received her FP notice and is scheduled for her FP in couple of days. But today she accidently burnt her finger and that too right at the spot where we give the FP.

    Guys , any suggestion as to what needs to be done. Should she still try to give the FP and see if it works. She has a big blister on her finger.

    Any similar experiences , please post.

    Yep..not to worry..just go there on the date of appt..they'll just ask you to come back when the finger heals...I cut my finger...officer made a notation on my form and asked me to come when it heals..I went after a month and got it done


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  • newuser
    04-05 11:59 AM
    Closed on Mar 26th with Wells Fargo with a 5% down payment conventional loan.

    The monthly PMI was jacked up $55 during closing by my lender. Other than that no issues.

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  • pappu
    08-29 09:12 AM


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  • morchu
    07-31 04:28 PM
    One thing is that lawyers are really busy till August 17th.
    One good reason for this policy is the misuse or over-utilization of lawyer contact previlege. I believe there might be guys who contact lawyers for no reason, and just annoy them. If there are so many such guys in your company, may be all they are trying to avoid is this misuse.

    On the other hand Lawyer is representing you and the employer at the same time. So you are entitled to contact lawyer directly. It is just that, if there had been misuse from other employees, there is a possibility that you might not have enough credability, and they may not return your call.

    There is no harm in trying to send an email to you HR and ask them to get an answer from lawfirm for any valid query.

    But, the problem is, they dont allow us to have a direct correspondence with lawyer. They are saying that its their company policy.
    I'm really worried right now. Can I still call our lawyer? Sorry guys.

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  • RNGC
    02-04 10:15 PM
    I know about the "same or similar" clause in AC21. How many of you have got a RFE/Problems based on just this clause alone ?

    Also, If you filed labor 3 years ago for software programmer, in 3 years, you could have become a system analyst, DBA or system Architect etc etc, So, how does "same or similar" matter here ?

    Also, It will be helpful if we have a forum category "AC21", Admin, please consider this.

    Thanks for all your inputs.


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  • softcrowd
    03-11 10:31 AM
    PD Transfer can even be done @ i-485 stage too, but that's not as straight a process as porting it at the I-140 stage. But technically, it can be done at I-485 too.

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  • deecha
    07-16 04:05 PM
    I believe USCIS has a confidentiality agreement with their employees and you donot want him to lose his job.


    It was worth a try. Oh well !


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  • pns27
    10-22 10:54 PM
    I have a question:
    As most of the EB folks are in the system Will EB3 ever get a chance to dip in to the ROW pool of visas?

    What I mean is and correct me if I am wrong; In last quarter of every years any remaining visas from ROW will be used by countries like India/China. However the order of preference is Eb1, EB2 and if any visas are left then EB3. If so them till every Eb1 and EB2 in the system are approved EB3 may not get any additional visas other that the regular quota, RIGHT?

    So there is fair chance that all EB1 and EB2 will get cleared soon and EB3 will be stuck for ever.:confused:

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  • leoindiano
    09-06 03:27 PM

    you hit the nail on its head.

    USCIS online processing for EAD and AP is delayed by 2 to 3 months compared to paper filing. Online filing was to make it transparent, expedite the process. It is working exactly opposite.

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  • sukhyani
    01-27 10:51 AM
    Birth Certificate didnt have my name and my stupid lawyer had not submitted the employment letter. We then submitted my parents' affidavit, school records and employment letter.

    Later on my case was transferred to National Benefits Center and now this interview.

    07-27 01:33 PM
    Heard back from the attorney - filing after Aug. 17th.

    I have already filed my I-140 and 485 in May 2007 and my extension is due in Sept this year. Am I eligible for 3 yr extension or not and secondly my wife and daughter are using their AP so are they required H-4 extension or not


    08-01 08:38 PM
    ... would be to outsource the mundane clerical work to a more efficient *on-shore* processing firm, and web-enable most services, remove repetitive submission of same documents with every single application, and provide customer access to his/her immigration profile & docs online (so we don't have to carry around the history of our lives on paper.... wherever we move... ).


    It would probably be OK... but as you've rightly guessed, and given the fact that USCIS hasn't really outlined any plans to demonstrate how the extra money will be spent and whether it will guarantee better and faster service measured by a dramatic reduction in processing times, this money is probably going towards enforcement.

    It's probably DHS getting the money (not USCIS directly - the checks I wrote were for DHS, iirc).


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