Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • sameer2730
    06-03 12:42 PM
    Anyone used this to inform CIS of their AC-21 case since it was announced?
    Any experiences??? I had sent this to my attorney for his inputs but got no response

    Do you know if you can do this yourself or do you need you attorney to send this email on your behalf?

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  • j751
    10-24 01:41 PM
    BTW what does Murthy charge?

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  • acecupid
    08-15 10:35 AM
    The article is not very clear. It sounds like this will cause more trouble than benefit us. The 485 filing will be based on PD after pre-registration is cleared, so people who were originally eligible to apply for 485, EAD and AP when PD is current will lose the EAD/AP benefits during pre-registration process.

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  • bikram_das_in
    03-04 04:53 PM
    Congrats bro. You deserve every bit of the green.


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  • ivgclive
    02-25 10:13 AM
    Still it can not beat the MAGIC "82" vs New Zealand, Auckland in 1993/94, that cranked up the run machine "SACHIN"

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  • jsb
    12-31 11:31 AM
    Once again Thanks, Bestin.

    I am married long enough and I do not want to get into marriage again with a GORI ladki. Once bitten twice shy :rolleyes:. Enough is enough.

    I spoke to my manager who had agreed to do the needful. However, he had put another spoke now by writing in the approval email that it is my responsibility to keep the EAD current.

    I do not understand this part- I am working on H1-B, why should I keep my EAD current, by paying my own fees?

    Why you need to keep your EAD current? If you are working on H1, you don't even need an EAD, and don't even need to renew it. You can reapply when you are about to go out of your H1. If your wife wants to work, then, of course, both of you have to be on EAD.


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  • rkat
    02-06 01:27 PM
    Thanks again for all answers - Another Q that i had is - i am applying for a extension of my H1 Visa. My current validity is till June 2008. My 6 years will be completed in August 2009. I have a approved I-140!

    My Q is - can i apply for a 3 year extension right now based on my 140 approval.? That is - can i extend H1 from July 2008 till June 2011..?? OR do i have to wait to complete all 6 years till i can use the benefit of the 140 approval for H1 extension?

    Thank you!

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  • ArkBird
    12-04 02:33 PM
    Unlikely considering how economy is doing.


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  • loveNpeace
    07-31 08:51 PM
    Hello All,
    I am here in Australia on a short visit with a recently approved United States Conditional GC.Before my interview for GC in July09,I had already received my visit visa ,Single entry to Australia with restrictions on entry and exit dates..(I couldnot enter Australia after Aug1st and I have to return to US before Oct23'09)/..
    Now ,my concern is if I can travel to India and back to Australia .Does the single entry restrcition still apply for me ..even with a GC?....(at the Sydney airport,the IO stamped on my visit visa' Not valid for Further travel'..does that mean I cannot travel outside Australia and return?..I need to visit India..in Sept.but I am worried how ?

    please advsie..
    thank you

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  • ChainReaction
    04-24 07:04 AM
    I just got my wife's h4 approval letter today but the I-94 does not have any validity period on it, its blank?? Moreover, We received two more i539 approval notices sames as my wifes without any validity period under my wife's name (Applicant)... beneficiary were for two kids age 9,11 totally different last names/Nationality :confused: Are the CSC processing people smoking something:eek:

    I will call them tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone else also had this experience, do we have to travel outside the country to get I-94 stamped? my H1B approval has not arrived yet but the status online says approved. Our old I-94 on the passport have already expired, will that be a problem?


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  • hianupam
    11-16 01:56 PM
    Does anybody have any recent experience?Which office to go, what documents to take. I currently have an out of state license that is going to expire in Dec...

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  • fromnaija
    10-26 11:35 AM
    EAD is specifically authorization to work in the US. So in your situation, the answer is NO, you cannot use EAD for employment outside the USA. To work in another country and keep your green card process going, you will have to change your application from AOS to consular processing.


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  • willgetgc2005
    03-30 06:07 PM

    Congrats and great job. However, I disagree with the salary part you
    mentioned in your interview. You had mentioned that the salary used to
    be 1/10 or even 1/20 of the US salary when you moved back to India. Do you
    think this is correct ? I dont think that is a correct ratio

    At times, unconsciously, we exagerate how bad it is in India while it is not.

    Just my 2 cents. Again, this is not to find fault. Great job.


    I was interviewed by National Public Radio(NPR) recently abt the whole immigration stuff. This can be heard on the following link

    My 2 cents worth of thought, that has reached the National Audience. Getting Media Attention is pretty important with this fight.

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  • roseball
    07-27 12:43 AM
    I am on 9th Year H1 extension and my H1 will expire in end of September 2009.My Labor got approved in 2007 So, I filed I140 and I-485 concurrently. But My I-140 got denied which filed with concurrent then Lawyer appealed as Motion to Reopen the I-140 which got denied and lawyer filed another I-140 as a brand new.

    So there are 2 I-140's with the USCIS.

    Recently I got intended to Deny like ability to pay query with the Second I-140 case, then lawyer answered the query and filed in premium this one got denied after a week.

    Again, First I-140 which lawyer did Motion to Reopen this one also denied from the USCIS but the lawyer appealed this one.

    Infact I recently travelled to india and came back on Advance Parole before all this denial happend.

    Now, I filed my H1B extension , What will happen to the H1 extension ?

    and What is my status now?

    Can I tranfer my H1 and file the labor entirely new with the new company eventhough I am in the 9th year extension?

    Any help would appreciate


    Though you entered US on AP, since you are continuing working for the same employer on H1, you are still considered to be maintaining H1 status. Your H1 extension will probably get approved (assuming you submitted all supporting docs required for H1) for 1 yr based on your pending I-140 appeal. Your H1 extension will still be valid for its duration even if your appeal gets rejected after you get the H1 approval. So you can continue working for the same employer till H1 expires.

    Regarding moving to a new employer and starting the GC process from scratch..You will have to find a new employer and transfer your H1 while your I-140 appeal is still in process. You will get the extension for 1 yr. Then you will have to get your PERM and I-140 approved before your H1 from the new employer expires, so you can get it extended for 3 yrs based on I-140 approval....You should consult an experienced attorney on your plan of action as time is critical for you..Good luck.


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  • nikh
    11-30 03:58 PM
    i guess it doesn't count ppl who are waiting. The no of ppl who are not able to file 485 is huge.

    You are right, there are thousands of people who are waiting to file as soon as PD becomes current. But, those new fileres wont compete immediately (or for current fiscal year) becoz they had to go through the standard processing times before approval (document verification, name check, finger printing etc). By the time they are peadjudicated, it is likely that fiscal year 2011 will be ended.

    My point is there are enough visas available (40040 for fiscal year 2011) for the preadjudicated filers plus the filers who are close to preadjudication (total of 33850). SO, USCIS has to move dates drastically at least 6 months prior to end of fiscal year 2011 in order to help those who are waiting to file in EB2 category. If that does not happen visas will be either wasted or made available for EB3 filers.

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  • axp817
    04-11 07:20 PM
    got my 2yr EAD on Apr 1 and now a soft LUD on my 485 on 4/10.........and my date is nowhere close.....its feb 07....not sure whts going on.....I discussed it with an attorney in worse cum worse case I will be exploring the self employment clause onyou EAD......

    Anyways if they issue an RFE isn't it generally mentioned there....in my case its not stating any status change........just a soft LUD


    It is very common to see soft LUDs on the 485/140 when your EAD/AP get approved, especially if the 485/140 and the EAD/AP were filed at the same service center.

    And yes, an RFE is almost always accompanied by a status change/hard LUD, reason I say 'almost' is because of the recent issues with the TSC computer system.

    If you end up going the self employment route, please do keep us posted, I am sure many here would like to understand how that works and possibly explore it themselves.

    Good luck.


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  • mattresscoil
    11-05 02:29 PM
    I find it difficult to digest that parents ship their infant children to someone else to raise.

    Circumstances my friend...Circumstances
    1. Either you dont have kids to understand
    2. Or you are blessed/lucky enough to have great circumstances to raise your kids personally.

    You have expressed your feeling that it is difficult to digest and I respect it. Thanks for voicing your opinion which BTW did not give me any information on what documents are required. Others have responded, Thanks to the responders and you too Shantanup!

    It helps the situation when one asks for a question and one is able to answer instead of voicing ones own personal problem/opinion. Anyways I wish all well to you and hope you never have to ship your kids!!

    Best Wishes, Mattresscoil!!

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  • vxg
    03-26 12:38 PM
    I filed last week using USPS. I added the service where in the mailed you a signed receipt that it was received basically you fill a pre paid postcard with your address for the receiver to sign and send back to you. I received that back from TSC it is signed by some one with a TSC stamp. USPS delivered it in two days and only cost about $6 ( I used priority mail).

    Need advise - bumping this up...

    Many of you must have filed for their AP - can you please share with me what is the best and the safest way to get my application to USCIS?

    I was looking for some tracking to know the app got delivered and do it overnight so it gets there in a day.

    Wasn't sure if UPS/fed-ex delivers to PO box addresses or should I just stick to USPS?

    Also, whether some kind of delivery tracking can be done on PO box addresses?

    Please advise folks... Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • krishnam70
    05-06 04:29 PM
    Hi Morchu,

    Thanks for you reply.

    Yes you replied to my question in other Thread... but you thought I did't exhausted my 6 years...

    But Iam already in 7th year. Based on my situation I want to make sure whether Iam eligible or not for applying one more H1 while other (H1 appeal is pending). So I posted my request here too.

    Thanks again Morchu for your responses.

    Morchu's suggestion is a very good one. You file for a premium H1 with all the documentation and new approved I140. Can you share why your previous 485 was rejected?


    05-24 01:16 PM
    Yesterday I signed up for recurring payment of $50 per month. I already donated about $300. Will someone tell me it is being used for the common good to make me feel good ?


    Kudos!... go ahead and update your signature.... and inspire others as well!

    09-17 06:21 PM
    I think you did a great job keeping the focus on the rally instead of sundry topics.
    Go rock DC!

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