Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday

  • insbaby
    09-02 11:15 PM
    I got 2 red dots for this .....Crazy people


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  • mbawa2574
    06-30 10:44 AM
    How can some one with a damn 2 years experience get ahead of someone who is waiting for a while. I am going to report all the desi 2 people :mad: employers to USCIS trying to sell LC. Shut their shops and everything would be normal after that.:mad:

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  • Pink Friday Nicki Minaj

  • The7zen
    03-24 05:54 PM
    H1 transfer will bring you back on status...

    do you mean to say goto any employer whoever gets job?
    i doubt you have any other better options.....

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  • immi_2006
    02-15 03:09 PM
    Try You can book tickets from India and pay in USD. If the airline you selected still issues paper tickets instead of e-tickets then orbitz mails the tickets to your US address.


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  • saint_2010
    09-17 04:41 PM
    although some of us could not make it to DC...we do acknowledge your's and other members of IV's efforts in making this rally a success in progress....

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  • Nicki-minaj-barbie-pink-friday

  • waiting for GC2010
    11-16 02:35 PM
    I heard this from one of my friends
    one couple husband on H1b(7th year i think) and wife is using EAD to work.They went India for vacation and while coming back the officer there asked the guy that
    Being a primary applicant of green card you are on H1b,then how would your wife use EAD instead of being on H4?
    So,the guy also changed to EAD.

    But ofcourse this might not be the case with everyone.
    never knows everything depends on our fate.


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  • Nicki Minaj Pink Friday

  • snathan
    02-09 02:39 PM
    Guys Please contribute...Thats the need of hour.

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  • YesWeWillGet
    09-09 10:55 AM
    Hello All,

    I was in H4 status but currently in AOS Pending Status. Is it possible to request for filing F1 thru my current school while the candidate is in AOS Pending / I-485 Pending Status. I would like to obtain the F1 thru school even though my I-485 is in pending status. Firstly, Is it possible to change the status from AOS Pending to F1. Secondly, what would be the process to obtiant the same.

    I would really appreciate your feedback / inputs on this regard.

    Thank you,


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  • Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

  • WaitingForMyGC
    03-04 09:49 AM
    We guys were discussing proposal for 485 adjudication during retrogession and these guys(USCIS) are moving backwards. Man..when this will end?

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  • leoindiano
    08-13 09:42 AM
    All those who wanna dance the K K Menon style with both palms spread out and shaking with each movement - from the movie Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd - raise your hand!

    The song is - Sajnaji Vaari Vaari Jaaunji Main...Tuhi to mera sarkar hai... aisa mera pyaar hai ... - I can imagine us singing this to the GREEN CARD ... :D :D

    KK menon, that song is hilarious.....


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-22 04:55 PM

    Since you mentioned that your PERM was approved in August 2007, I am not sure why you did not file your I-485 with your I-140.

    Anyway since you have an approved I-140, you can get a 3 year H-1B with a new employer.
    But you need to start the GC process all over again. IF your I-485 was pending, you could have used AC 21 provisions to port over without starting all over again.

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  • smartboy75
    07-17 07:25 PM
    Hi All

    As the dates become current, I see a lot of people asking the same questions again and again....why can't people do a little search on the forumn before posting repeated questions already asked before ..For eg: Filling i-485 and presence in US or filling without the help of lawyers....

    I mean come on guys..we call ourselves highly skilled labours and don't even have the skill to find out answers to common questions by searching the forumns???? I am really begining to doubt the IQ of some cause if not how do u explain it...



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  • raj3078
    08-21 10:32 AM
    Mine was transferred to Denver where I live now .....It happened on Aug 11th...No movement on it since....PD in Aug 2005....EB2 following is the reason given....I am tired of waiting and I am having Infopass tomorrow.....Will update you guys....

    Current Status: This case has been sent to another office for processing because it has jurisdiction over the case.

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  • Shivani
    02-23 11:36 AM

    Thanks for the response.

    One quick clarification:

    a) COS from H4 to H1 B status, does'nt need me to go through the quota/lottery system etc. Am I right?, because I did hear this from some folks that I would *not* have to go through the quota since I originally had a H1 B visa with validity date. ?

    b) In case of my finding an opening with new employer & shifting COS back to H1 from H4, what time frame would it take?

    c) further addition to point b) what kinds of documents would I need to submit to INS for COS back to H1? any idea?

    Again thanks guys! Have a great day...



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  • laborchic
    01-20 02:33 PM
    Superb new look... IV gets a facelift along with the nation..

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  • raydhan
    01-01 02:22 PM
    Absolutley interested in getting this movement going. Having been looking for this type of vehicle. Happy to see some Oklahoma interest.
    The ability of filing I485 even without PD's current is my prime goal at this time, want to fight for all round reform.

    Dear Ananth Prasad,
    If you are sincerely interested in joining this intiative, please email me at

    Happy New Year.


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  • ragz4u
    02-24 12:27 PM
    Thanks to gc_check for posting this info here (

    The pdf doc is here ( and the main stuff starts after page 181

    This is a really long document...but a few things that I glanced through are

    1) Advanced degree in STEM + 3 years work ex = no numerical limit
    2) Total EB category visa bumped up to 290,000
    3) Dependents not to be included in numerical cap

    All of this is good, but lets not get too happy so soon. Remember S.1932? We need to make sure that we keep the pressure on the lawmakers (who are pro-immigrants) not to budge this time in the conference committee. At the same time, we need to try and educate the anti-immigrant lawmakers that we are not ILLEGALs.

    Do your bit: Recruit friends to join IV, volunteer by contacting lawmakers etc and contribute. Together we can win!

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  • dontcareanymore
    05-12 12:51 PM
    Does frankfurt require transit visa if some one is traveling to India if:

    A) While going to india and have H1/H4 valid until 2011, but stamping expired.

    B) while coming back to USA if I am planning on coming on Advance Parole ?

    How long does the airport visa take ? I traveled through FF in 2005, but I had valid H1 stamp. It is expired since and perhaps wont get stamped before coming back, but use AP.

    <edit> This is what I found on the site

    "Indian, Turkish, Nigerian and Ghanaian airport transit travelers who

    - are holding a valid visa or other residence permit for the USA (this includes advance paroles, but not approval notices), Canada or Switzerland and travel to the country which issued that visa or residence permit

    or- after a legal stay in the USA (this includes holders of valid approval notices), Canada or Switzerland- return to the country whose citizenship they hold"


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  • anurakt
    12-27 11:11 AM
    anurakt, thanks for the update.

    There is no information or caption on our home page that clearly states that this site/group is for highly skilled immigrants. We should come up with a caption that would convey this and also convey that its for all countries. We can add this beside the immigration voice logo.

    The caption should be catchy and should convey the info....some thing like "by the people and for the people".

    update: there is info about highly skilled immigrants on the home page but not sure if some people would have time to read these (especially those who just come in from other websites and might think this site is one of those immigration sites)

    I think there is an article on front page. Also I am personnaly right now more interested in grass root state chapter person to person campaigning rather tha online campaigning. I think time has come to show the faces and numbers to each other. I appreciate your comments and my intention here is to just give an update. I am sure somebody from core is reading this and will take action if they like the idea....

    Thanks once again.

    03-08 02:38 PM
    another one bites the card.

    09-27 10:43 AM
    Thanks once again for the reply.

    When you say I can retain the priority date, how does that work? Do I have to file the PERM again? Isn't the PERM what gives us the priority date? And then will I have to file the I-140 or is it that I need to file the I-140 only?



    Sailing in exact same boat. Surely will appreciate replies from Raj.

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