Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • willwin
    05-21 10:00 AM
    The reason why they are not talking about EB is there is nothing to talk.

    The solution is straight and simple. to recapture and has been discussed enough. I am positive that should CIR happen EB reform will happen too.

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  • coopheal
    12-01 07:20 PM
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  • cheg
    07-19 11:47 PM
    Just want to let you know though that if you file on or after July 30th, the fee for application of I-140 will be the new one. It's only for I-485, I-131 and I-765 that will be honored for the old filing fee until the 17th of August. :)

    As per the last revised visa bulletin, the extension period for filling I-485 is Aug 17. But it talks about only I485 and not about I-140.

    So can anyone confirm, if one can file I-140 and I-485 concurrently from Aug 1 to Aug 17.

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  • pappu
    09-19 07:12 AM
    If you are referring to my earlier mail about NIH, it is not a university but an umbrella term for 12 + National Institutes of Health. The institutions are completely funded by and part of the federal government. If there are immigrant investigators working there as staff members, they should at least have GC already. But, postdocs and other 'glorified' staff positions require either J1, H1, EAD from NIH or employed in such visas by contracting staffing companies.
    Thanks gg_ny for the tips and mails. we will be contacting you for help.

    We are also looking for professors in universities that are retrogressed. This is one section that has not been covered much in the media.


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  • immiadvise
    12-30 08:03 PM

    thanks for the reply. If its going to be a problem , i will shift to a different company. what is your suggestion to me ?
    If i get a chance to move to a different company ,, do you want me to leave the current company?

    waiting for your reply..

    once again thanks for the response...


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-03 02:03 PM

    I have used a similar copy myself when meeting the staff of Congressman Michael Fitzpatric, with great results. However we were told that we were waiting for the lobby firms to give us their input. My guess was, if they are going to provide some really good insight, then we might as well wait a little and add that b4 meeting the Congressmen/Senators.

    If you guys are decided on the presentation, then i can go ahead and book the appointment.


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  • desi3933
    03-19 01:21 PM
    .... once your 6 years cap is over and AOS is denied you cannot get extensions. ...


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  • krustycat
    10-24 10:40 AM
    I called uscis twice. The IO said they cannot raise a "Service Request" because they don't have enough evidence that the application was received properly and accepted for processing. They don't accept the tracking number as evidence. :confused:
    The IO asked me for the receipt #, or evidence of checks cashed because I'm not in the system yet. :mad:
    On July 9 my application was received in NSC and was signed for by F HEINAUER.
    107 days and counting... :(


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  • chanduv23
    08-03 11:10 PM
    Please navigate to the following threads and do the action items

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  • life99f
    05-25 09:23 AM
    Sorry, I read the one in Washington post and I DONT think it is against us. It points out some US people don't like legal immigrate but it also shows why US companies need foreign high-skilled workers.


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  • meridiani.planum
    06-29 03:27 PM

    I have been trying hard to get an answer for this question without any luck. My corporate attorney doesn't seem to have the slightest inclination on this subject. I would really appreciate responses.

    My case details:

    Visa on the passport up until Feb 2009
    6 year term ending on Feb 2010
    Date on I94 in passport is Feb 2010

    I140/I485 concurrently applied on July 07

    Currently have EB3 I-140 filed based on Substitute Labor at NSC.

    Questions -
    1. If my I-140 case gets picked up AFTER Feb 2009 (less than 365 days of H1 6 year term ending) and is denied (God forbid!), will I be eligible to file for a post 6 year H1 extension? Since this is Labor Sub, the labor doesn't have my name on it.

    No. once the I-140 goes, its the end of that GC process, you will need to restart from LC stage. The LC would also be effectively gone at that point.

    2. If yes for (1), will I be eligible for 1 year or 3 years H1 extension?

    If its denied, you can file an MTR/appeal and file for an H1 extension. File the extension in premium processing, and the extension will come through before your MTR is processed and will be for one year. you need to be at the stage where you can file the extension (within 6 months of expiry of current H1)

    3. Can I file for a new PERM at that time and get an extension based on that?

    Your PERM PD will need to be 365 days old. Meaning you will need to start the PERM process atleast 16-14 months before the end of your H1. The other hope is that before Feb 2010 your PERM comes through and also your I-140 gets approved (so you can get 3 year extensions if your are from a retrogressed country and 1 if you are not)

    4. Do I need to refile I-485?

    If that I-140 is denied, the I-485 automatically goes. So you'll need to restart from PERM, I-140, then file a I-485; its a complete restart of the GC. Your PD will be the new date, you cant recapture the old one if your I-140 is not approved.

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  • kiran24
    06-23 04:48 PM
    somebody please reply


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  • saurav_4096
    03-28 10:56 AM
    Thanks everyone for reply, I feel much better now.

    I had posted query to my attorney and looks like they sat on this and never replied.



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  • H1Girl
    04-09 12:59 AM
    Could anyone help please? Mysituation is not unique or complicated..Working on EAD while waiting for GC is most common scenario...


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  • sameerkhan7860
    07-02 11:22 PM
    I wrote to highlighting the plight of us aspiring "legal" immigrants, if cnn won't cover it, I am planning to write to Lou Dobbs, if I am given the opportunity to be come a naturalized citizen, he is definitely going to listen to me :)

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  • buehler
    01-14 07:13 PM
    My wife received the FP notice 3 weeks ago and her FP is tomorrow. I never received it even though I am the primary applicant. I do see updates on my I-485 application but no FP notice. The USCIS center is quite far away from my home. Can I try to go there with my wife and see if they can do my FP also tomorrow or is that a lost cause?


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  • GCnew
    06-13 03:30 PM
    I may be wrong but I think the 180 day rule does not work anymore. USCIS has published a timeline for name check (for e.g., if you name check has been pending for say 1 year, it will be clearde by a certain date).

    My understanding is that USCIS is no longer approving cases if the name check has not clearesd. So you might have to wait for new timeline before it gets approved.

    Processing time has passed my RD nearly 4 months back. My PD has been current throughout this one year(except those two months in 2008)

    Name check is not cleared. With this new 180 rule, i think i should not worry about that. When i talked to IO, they told me that my case has been pre adjudicated and other than NC everything looks good.

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  • sukhyani
    03-05 12:32 PM
    Rest of the World.

    The interview didn't last more than 10 minutes. She asked for copies of current employment letter and a copy of future employment offer letter. She kept my original (first) I-94 and attached it to the file she already had.

    We were asked standard questions and additional proof of our relationship. We submitted copies of apartment lease, tax returns for 2006 (filed jointly).

    'Have a nice day' is what she said to signal that the interview was over. On our way out I asked her if we are not supposed to get a decision today. She said she had to review a couple of things and that there's 'nothing to worry about' and we should receive written decision within 4 weeks. She did mention about 'a couple of security checks being pending'. I asked 'like name check and stuff', she said yes. I didn't say anything about that new memo regarding Name Check Pending for more than 180 days and just walked out quietly, because she didnt seem like she was going to take any more questions :)

    Now I dont know what to do next? Any idea whats gonna happen? My PD, RD and ND all are current at this time.

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  • ilikekilo
    07-18 10:43 AM

    with all due respect, I really doubt if this is the bet way to get people to donate. Calling people cheap is not a nice thing and generally not recommended.

    I know your intentions are good and ...

    interpret nepa's message as people who did not contribute at all but yet expect a lot or whatever from IV can be categorized as cheap...

    lets help ourselves...

    11-10 10:54 AM
    USCIS sends out three copies of the approval notice Form I797 A: Sent to the attorney on record, Form I797 B sent to the Petitioner and Form I797C sent to the beneficiary. Check the lower right hand corner of the notice you received for the form number. The B and C versions are courtesy copies. That is why if you look at the "documents needed" section for stamping of H1B in any of the Consulates or VFS sites they typically mention "original Form I797A"

    Hope this helps.
    Thks for the Info..I am aware only I-797 has two parts..

    02-25 01:00 PM
    She doesn't have to go for H4 Visa stamping, as she already has a valid H4 Visa stamping valid until Aug 2009. (I think). I'm more worried about Port of Entry, if she will have any problems..

    You are wrong. Since she is currently on an H1B, her previous H4 stamp is invalid. She will need to get it restamped. When she returns, at the port of entry, unless she gets her H4 restamped, her status will be H1B and she will not be let in on her old H4 stamp.

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