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  • arnet
    09-12 02:17 PM
    i think, not sure, if you are in US then for renewal in same visa category (or) to transfer from one visa category to another (like F to H visa, etc.), you can goto canada or mexico or india for visa revalidation.

    But for new first time H1 visa, i think you should get it from india based on your home state jurisdication. you can check regd this there might be threads related to this...

    Disclaimer: I'm nt an immigration attroney.
    Please check with one on this issue.

    Hi Guys,

    I am from India. Can I go to US Embassy in Canada for H1 stamping ?
    How to do that. Please someone enlighten me.. last time I heared you
    have to go back to your country of origin for H1 stamping. am I wrong.


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  • The7zen
    03-24 02:23 PM
    ...looks like you are in a tough situation...try to get a H1B transfer ASAP, i know its gonna be tough in this market, but don't loose hope and keep trying...Good luck.

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  • baleraosreedhar
    11-09 05:20 PM
    Hi all,
    Thanks a lot for ur responses
    I got the courtesy copy ,i will contact my wifes employer again to send me the copy of i797 the attorney received.

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  • senram
    01-20 05:06 PM
    I am speculating this. Elite people in USA predicted this situation in early 90s and they put Country quota. We all knew that countries like UK, Germany, France are Staunch Allies of USA for many decades. So USA did not want those country persons to wait years . India was least favored country in past due to many political reasons. Though it is changing now still USA may like to give preference to many of their close Allies. Canada had TN Visa but India does not have similar thing. If this is a speculation then it is possible to change Country Quota. I strongly believe that it is easier to increase GC quota or recapture bill than removing country quota.

    At this rate...after couple of years the GC backlog will only be restricted to EB-India


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  • Edison99
    06-02 08:40 AM
    Hi Edison99,
    I requested for interfiling by sending an email to


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  • Rajwaitingon140
    11-21 12:43 PM
    Yes mine processing date is 21st DEC and EB3 and also LUD is JAN'8'2007

    if I don't see any update on my case I will wait for one more processing time update and then I can ask my Attorney to proceed for SR.

    Thank you guys this is great help.

    Thank you


    SR can be opened by company HR or lawyer if the service center processing time exceeds your receipt date by more than 30 days.

    As sunny said, when NSC moves their processing time to more than 21st Jan 2007 ( I assume ur RD is 21st DEC and EB3)...your lawyer can call the normal 1800...number and raise a SR.

    it's a simple process and lawyer should be knowing how to handle this.

    I see people getting decisions within 30-45 days after SR.

    Mine came in about 27 days.

    let me know if you have any questions.



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  • ruchigup
    08-22 03:08 PM
    I changed address on pending I-485 and I-765(EAD) on 8/20 and 8/20 evening I received Card production order email for EAD. When I called the 800 number to make sure they have the correct address they said they don't have access to personal information. Upon asking to connect to second level CSR/IO they said they can't forward my call there. They asked me to take InfoPass for this.

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  • eb3India
    04-19 11:46 AM


    yes you can file, infact USCIS made procedures very simple and they have opened drive-ins 485 filing in aliance with McDonalds, just take all your papers tommorrow to drive-in window and don't forget get your fries

    I am amazed by ignorance of these people, google, read do some research before typing anything stupid


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  • permfiling
    09-07 11:49 PM
    I have an approved EB3 140 (PD Aug 2004) and have filed my 485 using it with Employer A.
    With Employer B, I have an approved EB2 140, but the priority date is in 2007.
    What is the process of porting the EB3 date to the EB2 140 and to change the 485 to the EB2 queue? Do I need to refile the 485 application?

    I would not advise you to port, stick with eb3 as you are working with company A right ? if not then stick with eb2 PD.

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  • wanaparthy
    03-24 10:30 PM


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  • jay
    05-19 08:22 PM
    Sec 520(e) of the Cornyn Amendment SA 4005 requires that all backlogs be eliminated in six monts. If we are not behind this amendment, perhaps we should try to copy this provision into Brownback's?

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  • santa123
    06-21 12:41 AM
    What did the employer ad state? give more details.
    Also, why did you combine education and work exp on your ed eval? where did you get your eval done?


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  • flyfishertoo
    June 24th, 2006, 05:02 PM
    Sounds to me like it might be dust on the sensor. Look at your manual to see if it describes how to clean the sensor.

    I have had my D50 for 4 weeks now. I've just been on holiday and discovered that I'm getting a black circular spot near the top left of my pictures. The spot IS NOT visible through the viewfinder, only after I have taken the picture. With the aperture wide open, the spot is less defined, but if I close down to around F22 or similar, it becomes sharper & more pronounced. Also, it's not a lens problem, as I have tried both my lenses at ALL zoom focal lengths and it's still there. I have used a blower on the mirror but not sure what or where the problem is. Any ideas ?
    Thanks !

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  • sweet_jungle
    11-04 04:30 PM
    Hi Khris,
    Do you also have 2 PDs in same EB2 category?

    I have submitted ombudsman case sheet by mail.

    My lawyer also sent request through AILA liason. She asked me to wait 6 weeks before enquiring again.

    NSC responded to my lawyer's request. They do have the correct older PD in their system and will be adjudicating my case according to that.
    Ombudsman response was an error.


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  • lelica32
    08-06 06:15 PM
    140 LUD on 7/27/2008 Sunday

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  • windycloud
    07-28 12:18 PM
    Senator Charles E. Schumer (
    __________________________________________________ ________

    Ah never mind, I didn't realize it's old news.


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  • santosh_3000
    07-18 12:11 PM
    I applied I-140 using substituted labor(13th July 2007, receipt no yet to come) on future employment basis ..

    Since, USCIS has allowed filing for I-485, I wanted to file my I485, with my future employer but he is not ready to file I485 until I come to his payroll.

    I need your valuable suggestions to make my decision, my questions are:

    1. If I want to join on his payroll, I have to leave my existing company/Client, so that I485 can be filed ... Should I agree for this? what's your opinion???

    2.How safe do you think, idea of leaving my current established long term client and finding new client through him , for filing i485 purpose ?

    3. Also, I am not sure about how/when my labor substitution will be approved? And in worst case, if it gets rejected, where I am going to be( I completed 3.5 years on my H1 visa which means I have 2.5 years remaining in my 6 year)???

    5.What are the benefits (and in what timeframe) I can expect if I decide to file I485 now ?

    Many Thanks in Advance!!

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  • imv116
    03-02 02:13 PM
    Yes, just as InTheMoment has said H1 option does exist, but chances are more with EAD.

    It�s not like we switching jobs. Good univ, good program and good place go a long way in there career. To spend 3-5 years in a residency and another 2 years in a fellowship program, I think one has to be serious about what they choose.

    Note like we got a rank and have to take-up what ever is offered.

    EAD for H4 would have been the best things to happen, at least in light providing the same for L1.

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  • rmutyala
    07-13 01:15 AM
    in hindsight, should have added that, and also a none-of-the-above. But hey its late and I am sleepy :)
    and 'All of the Above' too ;)

    04-05 07:42 PM
    Does anyone have recommendation for a tax consultant in northern VA?

    12-27 03:05 PM
    I have visited India with old Employer Vis a Stamp. We just need to show the new I797 approval notice. They will update I-94 with the new date.

    But if your visa expired, then you need to stamp. otherwise should be fine...

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