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japan tsunami and earthquake

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  • skillet
    05-24 01:57 PM

    For the last two days, the Senate floor focused on the procedural motions as to whether the Senate should take up and continue S. 1348 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. People know that this is the bill which the Senate passed last year and was killed in the House. S. 1348 is this bill which was reintroduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. By agreeing to proceed and go into debate, the Senate floor at least overcame the opposition by a few anti-immigration Senators.
    On May 21, 2007, the Senator Reid introduced, for himself, Senator Kennedy and Senator Specter, a motion to substitute the text of the S.1348 by the bi-partisan compromise which was produced by a bi-partisan group of Senators and White House during the weekend. Accordingly, there was no serious debate about the controversial issues in the compromise during last two days other than Senator Dorgan's motion to amend the Senator's Reid's amendment to substitute S. 1348 to kill temporary worker program. The floor rejected his motion and his motion was defeated yesterday.
    The debates on controversial issues in the compromise bill are expected to be heated up from today after the Senate floor passes the Senator Reid's motion to substitute the S. 1348. A series of amendments to the substituted bill are expected to be introduced from today on. This means that those who oppose the controversial poisonous elements in the compromise bill must mobilize their forces to pressure the Senate to amend these poisonous proposals in the compromise. This is the most important time for people to arise and act!
    It appears that the restrictionist Republicans opposed the CIR last year on the issues of relief of illegal immigrants including temporary guest worker program and legalization of 12 million illegal aliens in the country. Since then, as affected by the pressures from in and outside of the country, including the swift of position in the Christian forces, Hispanic forces, White House, and other forces, these core groups of restrictionist Republicans shifted their strategies in such a way that they give concession to the issues relating to the illegal aliens including guest worker program and legalization of illegal aliens, and instead focus on strategy to overhaul immigration system to achieve control and reduction of the number of immigrants allowed to come into this country and more importantly to control the types of immigrants allowed to immigrate to this country in terms of the ethnic and racial backgrounds, and immigrants from non-English speaking countries. Underlying the point systems, concept of control of chain of immigrants, and removal of certain family-based immigrant categories are the hidden agenda of the restrictivonist and right wing Republican forces to control immigrants and more importantly immigrants from certain part of the world. This hidden agenda is disguised in the name of the country's need for immigrants who can contribute to the nation's economy. The center of development of this concept and proposal was the Heritage Foundation, the think-tank of the conservative Republicans. This agenda has been pushed forward for the last few years through its arms in various communities, including some immigration groups. They penetrated into some immigrant groups, particularly employment-based immigrant groups, to divide the immigrant community and their supporters.
    By now, people have learnt the hidden agenda of the conservative and restrictionist group, and the opposition to the poinonous agenda that are conceived in the compromise is growing fast. It is clear that the country and the immigrant community have to pass a comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year. The way to achieve this goal is to contact with the legislators en masse to remove the poinonous segments in the bill and the hidden agenda of the restrictionists and pass the bill. Accordingly, the amendment process is extremely important to achieve the overall goals of passing the CIR and passing the CIR without poisons. This is achievable since this is the Democrat Congress. This reporter assures the readers that should the Senate fail to pass such workable bill, there will be no, repeat no, CIR legislation enacted this year and in the next few years.
    Please copy and send this message to any one or any organizations via email or web posting or fax as quickly as possible!

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  • PDOCT05
    10-29 03:55 PM
    Hi PDCOT05,

    You should be OK, I am aware of same situation and they accepted the refiling.

    Mine was reject due to "missing or incorrect fee" refiled on Oct 12, waiting. Strange part is we dont have any evidence of the original check. That makes it complicated..
    Thanks for your info..and I wish you good luck. By any chance are you aware whether i need to send new fees or old fees? As a precaution I am going to sending the diff amount in a separate check.

    japan tsunami and earthquake. japan tsunami and earthquake.
  • japan tsunami and earthquake.

  • alparsons
    January 1st, 2005, 02:22 PM
    Hi Gary,
    As you discovered strobe is hard to work with for tricky product shots, and glassware can be tricky. I would switch to a floodlight bounced off the ceiling as a starting point. Possibly tinkering with the reflectors to get a little more sparkle in the front would improve it somewhat, as would placing hidden pieces of something to have the transmitted portion of the glass brightened a little. To soften the edge of the highlights try opening the lens to a wider aperature so the reflections are out of focus (gets a little tricky as it probably needs to be stoped down enough to maintain the sharpness of the glass itself.

    You probably don't need to spend much on equipment (maybe $5 each for a couple hardware store flood reflectors or a couple bucks for a little more poster board. Maybe 50 cents for a pack of 3x5 cards to cut up to hide behind the glassware , or maybe the gray side of scraps of duct tape might look better)

    The basic approach that works best when it must look superb is usualy to lock everything down, shoot it, evaluate, make incremental changes, and reshoot. and sometimes repeat.

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  • sukhyani
    03-05 02:04 PM
    copy of current employment letter and future job offer...Does this has to be with same company...OR...

    Can Current letter be from new Co.(u switced to using AC21) and Future Employment offer leeter has to be from teh Orig Spnsoring Employer???

    My I140 sponsor is not my current employer. That's why I had to furnish both current employment letter and future employment offer letter. I have not changed employer as yet though.

    If you invoked AC21, I believe you are right, you would have to furnish employment letter from your current employer and offer letter from the orig sponsoring petitioner.


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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 01:04 AM
    Quetion 11 on the EAD form 765 asks:
    Have you ever before applied for EAD from USCIS: Yes
    "Which USCIS Office?" : ??????????????

    how can i find out which USCIS office my prev (first) EAD application was sent to? I'm a July filer, when i applied for 485 and EAD i lived in NJ and my employer was in NJ as well. The receipt notice of EAD application came from California Service Center. and there is nothing on the EAD card about which office it was approved by. The 485/EAD/AP all was filed by my employer's attorney, they will not respond to my questions anymore. i don't think i have copy of the EAD application send last year july. Anybody got older version of I-765, older than "7/30/07" edition?

    What to write? folks, please respond ASAP, i plan to file on Monday(6/30) morning.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • a_yaja
    03-07 03:34 PM
    My current H1 stamp is for company A.

    Based on what you wrote, would you advise me to get the stamp of company C if I have plans to change to C eventually? I know that when I will be reentering USA, I will be on the payroll for company C.
    Yes, you should get H1B stamp with Company C's annotation. Roseball's comments seems to suggest that it is not necessary to get a new visa as long as you H1B has not expired. However, that is not what I was told by my attorney when I changed employer and had to visit India. Also, during my interview in Chennai, the officer told me "I see that your application is for change of employer". I just said yes. I think it is best that you get in touch with an attorney and seek attorney's opinion. They are the experts and will have the correct information.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    03-05 01:23 PM
    copy of current employment letter and future job offer...Does this has to be with same company...OR...

    Can Current letter be from new Co.(u switced to using AC21) and Future Employment offer leeter has to be from teh Orig Spnsoring Employer???

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  • swo
    08-03 07:46 PM
    Yet more people trying to find a way to jump the queue, adding to the number of applications that need to be processed.

    It never ends.


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  • ivgclive
    05-10 10:22 AM
    VB will come today.

    I am going to ask my lawyer why it is late. It is is generally on Fridays in the first week on the month.

    We should hope for a good VB as it is delayed. If it was copy paste, it would have come out sooner.

    What do you say?

    You nailed it my friend.

    I have been thinking of it for years.

    It has to be discussed very seriously.

    Note: Give me your lawyer email id. I will ask him to charge every question you ask, so he does not have to have any clients except you for his living.

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  • mars
    08-17 02:49 PM

    When we apply for H1 Extension we need to get an approval from DOL before posting( Earlier it used be online and from july 1 2009 this cannot be approved online).

    It seems as per the new DOL Requirements two notices has to be posted at two locations ( One at Employers office and one at the client location. U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)
    regulations requires that a Posting Notice be posted within your organization in two conspicuous locations for 10 consecutive business days)

    As this H1-B posting info might contain the salary details etc. What happens if the client policies doesn't allow posting such notices ?? so what other options are available in such a case..

    could some one please provide more details reg this...



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  • kabeer_g
    08-10 02:05 PM
    Well we had Hindu marriage in May. We have our marriage card, pictures, witnesses etc. So I was under the impression that I would be able to get certificate from registrar. Here is info I got
    Under the Hindu Marriage Act:

    Parties to the marriage have to apply to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction the marriage is solemnised or to the Registrar in whose jurisdiction either party to the marriage has been residing at least for six months immediately preceding the date of marriage. Both the parties have to appear before the Registrar along with their parents or guardians or other witnesses within one month from the date of marriage. There is a provision for condonation of delay up to 5 years, by the Registrar, and thereafter by the District Registrar concerned."

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  • MrWaitingGC
    12-13 12:51 PM
    All that matters for the french is your stamping, if your passport stamping is valid(even if you are not on that visa anymore), you dont need. If your stamping expired, you need a transit visa, and you need to go in person for the french transit visa, which is not needed for german and british transit visa.

    Recently my parents went back to India via Fankfurt in Lufthansa.
    There they asked is your visa expired if so you should have transit visa.
    Since my parents had valid visa it was ok.


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  • joshNJ
    06-29 12:06 PM
    if an A# is present in the I-140 receipt should that be used to fill the 485/EAD forms ?


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  • go_getter007
    01-17 03:19 AM
    I relocated 2 years ago after spending more than a decade in the US. My choice was my hometown (not a Metro) due to a number of reasons - one of them was availability of jobs in my area of interest/expertise (which is business/management).

    From a quality of life (decent personal life beyond work, imho) perspective, tier B cities make sense. However, real estate prices are soaring everywhere. So, it is advisable to buy while you are still earning in Dollars - it worked out well in my case since I knew where I was going to settle.

    As far as education is concerned, you also have schools with IB curriculum in addition to CBSE, ICSE and State boards - even in tier B cities. Pre-K is costly but again not out of reach for most. If kids are still young, they will be able to adjust much faster. IB is perceived to be less rigorous than other boards - but I believe kids should be able to cope up with whatever board you choose.

    Overall, reality on the ground here much better than what we imagine sitting there.

    Hope it helps. Good luck.


    Folks, there is thought that keeps coming to mind about where to go back in India when we finally plan to...

    When we came in 2002 we did think that we will go back in a couple of years at the most....but it's been longer...we definately love it hear but think that should settle down in India rather for multiple reasons (mostly personal reasons)

    I am from a small town in India and it is definately not a IT hub, my wife is from Mumbai and we think it is now too crowded (as always -:) or say to hectiv a life in Mumbai....

    so then which is the best place to go ...Pune ? I hear that even that is very crowded and not to mention the sky rocketing real estate....

    We have 2 kids...one 6 years and the younger one ...one year....
    How is schooling back home ? I hear that the studies for the school there are much more difficult compared to here ? I mean can kids going from here cope up there in schools ?

    I also hear that there are foreign schools....for which I might have to continue working here to pay the fees -;)

    Thoughts friends ?

    I am in the software industry (Business Inteligence)


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  • smc
    08-01 06:22 PM
    This guy has a new immigration bill on the anvil; may be worth asking him what he has in store for EB immigrants.

    Will Hold Open House Town Meetings throughout the Commonwealth

    Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, the longest-serving senator from Pennsylvania, will visit all regions of Pennsylvania during the U.S. Senate�s August recess. His visits will include Open House Town Meetings in which constituents are invited to discuss issues important to the region, the state, and the nation. Senator Specter will address the audience briefly and devote the remainder of the hour to responding to residents� questions and concerns.

    Members of the media are invited to attend the events listed below, including the open house town meetings. Following the events, Senator Specter will be available to field questions from the media on a variety of topics.

    Below is list of the Senator�s public August events:

    Monday, Aug. 6
    9:00 am Address the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
    York Expo Center, York

    10:15 am Open House Town Meeting
    Gettysburg College, Gettysburg

    2:15 pm Open House Town Meeting
    Wilson College, Chambersburg

    5:55 pm Huntingdon County Fair
    Fairgrounds Access Road, Huntingdon

    Tuesday, Aug. 7
    7:30 am Breakfast with Rotary, Kiwanis, and Chamber of Commerce
    Lewistown Community Center, Lewistown

    9:45 am Open House Town Meeting
    Susquehanna University, Selingsgrove

    1:30 pm Receive award from Geisinger Health Systems
    Geisinger Medical Center, Danville

    3:20 pm Open House Town Meeting
    Lock Haven University, Lock Haven

    Wednesday, Aug. 8
    8:00 am Open House Town Meeting
    Courtyard Family Restaurant, Smethport

    10:30 am Open House Town Meeting
    Antlers Inn, Gaines

    1:30 pm Open House Town Meeting
    FWM Volunteer Fire Company, Mehoopany

    3:45 pm Open House Town Meeting
    Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale

    Thursday, Aug. 9
    8:30 am Open House Town Meeting
    Monroe County Administration Bldg., Stroudsburg

    10:30 am Open House Town Meeting
    Forks Township Community Center, Easton

    Monday, Aug. 13
    11:15 am Open House Town Meeting
    The Harmony Museum, Harmony

    3:00 pm Open House Town Meeting
    Thiel College, Greenville

    Tuesday, Aug. 14
    8:00 am Eggs and Issues with Manufacturers� Assoc. of NW PA
    2171 W. 38th St., Erie

    11:00 am Open House Town Meeting
    U. of Pittsburgh � Titusville Campus, Titusville

    3:20 pm Open House Town Meeting
    New Bethlehem Fire Hall, New Bethlehem

    Wednesday, Aug. 15
    8:30 am Open House Town Meeting
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana

    11:40 am Ag Progress Days

    2:00 pm Open House Town Meeting
    Devorris Downtown Center, Altoona

    3:45 pm Open House Town Meeting
    St. Francis University, Loretto

    Thursday, Aug. 16

    11:00 am Open House Town Meeting
    Seton Hill University, Greensburg

    2:15 pm Open House Town Meeting
    California University, California

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  • The7zen
    03-24 05:54 PM
    H1 transfer will bring you back on status...

    do you mean to say goto any employer whoever gets job?
    i doubt you have any other better options.....


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  • paulkurni
    06-17 05:33 PM
    paulkurni, please join your state chapter. Even before Obama's mention in the Cairo speech, IV Core has been trying to do whatever you have mentioned.

    We need members to collectively participate in their state chapters which can provide the thrust needed to perform a collective action country-wide as mentioned by you.

    Please excuse my ignorance as I joined IV recently. Please tell me how do I join state chapter. I reside in DC metro suburbs.

    I am glad that we are at least thinking in this direction. Please let me know how can I contribute. Have we formed any regional leaders who can perhaps guide us. If so, I would like to get in touch with the ones in my area. Any other information I need to know.

    girlfriend a tsunami and earthquake japan tsunami and earthquake. 8.9 Japan Earthquake, Tsunami
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  • ayaskant
    01-31 11:08 PM
    I came to US on h1b in 2007.
    I got my labor substituted in 2007 in EB3. My priority date is December 2004.
    I got my 140 approved in january 2008. Its been 2 yrs since.
    I dont have EAD.
    I dont know when the date will be current. But the problem is,
    My client wants me to join their company. Can I leave my current company and still maintain my priority date. Do h1b companies normally cancel the i140 if employees leave.
    if i join the new company I am planning to start GC in EB2 again. Is it wise to do so. Can I port my Priority date. Or should I stick onto my existing employer.
    How much time its taking now a days to get the Labor and 140 in EB2.
    ANy help and advice in this regards will be very much appreciated

    hairstyles Impact of Japan tsunami and japan tsunami and earthquake. of the earthquake, tsunami
  • of the earthquake, tsunami

  • royjonny
    06-19 12:35 PM
    I am on my 7th year H1B. I got a 3yr extension from my current employer based on approved I140. I have the I140 receipt number but do not have a copy of 140 (my employer refuses to give it).
    I also do not have the LCA for Perm filing.
    My 485 has been filed more than 6 months ago.

    I do have the new I797 (till 2010) for my H1B extension from my current company.

    1. Is it possible for a new company to do my H1B transfer without a copy of I140 ?

    2. Is I140 required to do EAD extension ?

    3. What are the consequences of not having an actual I140 copy with new employer in future.?

    05-25 07:34 PM
    There was no provision for validating visas in the US, at least not in our Brownback amendment. I am not aware of that being a rider on any other amendment -- but I wouldnt' rule it out

    We will have to do a post-final-bill-with-amendments analysis.

    Please hold on till that becomes available.


    It was in Cornyn ammendment.

    09-03 10:13 PM
    My Fall classes are starting on Sep 8th, after that I am planning to meet International Student Association people. If the event is planned on eve then I will be able to attend

    Let me know

    Thanks for letting us know. It will most probably be an after lunch event stretching through evening, so I guess you can make it

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