Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • Kushal
    09-15 05:23 PM
    Will join...see you all in the chat room

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  • Anders �stberg
    April 10th, 2004, 10:34 AM
    We at "Bird-on-a-Stick" appologize for this and have taken the appropriate quality control measures to insure this does not happen again.

    The price of your meal will be fully refunded.

    Thanks for your patronage...

    (poor bird :( )

    On another note...I can't help but notice how much more attractive the seaguls are in Sweden then here in California


    Hows the traffic? :D

    Maddening! :p

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  • muthukmk
    08-03 04:39 PM

    I would like to understand more clearly what would happen for my EB3 485 case if it gets approved meanwhile and I'm still waiting for EB2 to becoming current to apply for 485. Will USCIS reject my Eb3 application saying I have a pending EB2 application for AOS.

    I will put a ficticious case.

    EB3 India PD March 2005
    I140 approved June 2007
    Applied for 485 on July 2nd 2007.

    Meanwhile say in Nov 2007 I file for a fresh EB2 case

    and USCIS sends me approval notice for already filed EB3 case in Nov 2007

    What will happen then.


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  • go_guy123
    02-02 08:19 PM
    You also have to apply for Photo GC which will only be mailed in Canada and someone have to fed ex it to U in US else you will have problem getting back to Canada in future.

    It might be better to post in the canada immigration newgroup in british
    Its interesting to see how times have changed in the last 10 years.
    US green card newsgroup is talking about canada immigration issues.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    08-01 08:38 PM
    ... would be to outsource the mundane clerical work to a more efficient *on-shore* processing firm, and web-enable most services, remove repetitive submission of same documents with every single application, and provide customer access to his/her immigration profile & docs online (so we don't have to carry around the history of our lives on paper.... wherever we move... ).


    It would probably be OK... but as you've rightly guessed, and given the fact that USCIS hasn't really outlined any plans to demonstrate how the extra money will be spent and whether it will guarantee better and faster service measured by a dramatic reduction in processing times, this money is probably going towards enforcement.

    It's probably DHS getting the money (not USCIS directly - the checks I wrote were for DHS, iirc).


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  • Bpositive
    03-05 01:22 PM
    DO they tell you to reschedule the appointment or just ask you to come with FP notice by doing walk-in after it heals. Also do they put a note in their system that you could not give the FP because of so and so reason. Also anyone knows what Boston ASC does , whether they permit walk-ins during the week.

    You said you went after a month, so I assume that they must have noted that you did appear for the FP but could not do it.

    Sorry if I am sounding a little desperate but I just want to get this over with the right way without any hassles.

    Yep..they just noted that I came for the initial appointment and asked to come after my finger heals..i had surgery on the finger and went back after the finger healed


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  • jonty_11
    07-17 10:56 AM
    Guys please do not think of this site as one from Rajiv Khanna (immiportal) or other Chat forums...this is a grassroots organization that consists of people like you and me who are devoting their time to work for the EB community causes.

    Do not let their efforts go to waste due to lack of funds. Contribute.

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  • GC Struggle
    04-10 11:49 AM
    Hi Guys -

    I have a question about EAD and related to it is a question of re entry in US.

    I am currently on h1b visa and have approved I 140 and was able to file for I-485 application along with EAD in July 07 fiasco. I got my EAD in Aug 2007 but never used it. I did not apply for AP.

    Currently I am working as a consultant for (say) Co. ABC but my h1b holder is a desi consulting firm (say) Co. XYZ.

    Now Co. ABC wants to hire me on EAD and I also want to take up this position. My current h1b expires in SEP 08 and my contract with Co. ABC expires May 2nd 2008.

    If I take up a FT job with Co. ABC on May3rd and then go to Canada on May 15th for 10 days and then come back on May 25th and enter on h1b, what could be the impacts???

    Once you use your EAD you will no option but to enter on AP. Using your EAD would automatically cancel your H1- B � This can be reactivated by filing an amendment with USCIS � by doing so you will get an H1 for a duration that you still have remaining as part of the 6 year period (in this case an H1 amendment would cost the same as a new H1)

    It is too late for me to apply and get the AP but I have to travel on May 15, at the same time I don�t want to lose this position and want to take up the FT job.

    An approval for an AP takes considerable amount of time.

    Any suggestion on what could be my options to consider. I know that as soon as you use your EAD you lose h1b status but how does USCIS comes to know? How much time it takes for them to actually know that you have moved from h1b to EAD?

    There is no way USCIS will be informed if you are using your EAD or H1. Why don�t you travel on your H1 and activate your EAD after you return from Canada

    Gurus - please help me here...........


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  • vali
    11-14 12:07 PM
    - The A0XX XXX XXX is the A number or alien number
    - Nothing good or bad. It is sometimes there on the 140 approval notice also. It is there on 485/765/131
    - No one knows when you will get your GC. Your PD is old so you may get lucky soon...

    Thanks for your prompt response.
    - still I feel that only because I received just now after 8 years this A#, seems to me that only at this time I'm registered as an immigrant?
    That is what alien number means in English ? Sorry.

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  • gchopes
    08-16 10:37 AM
    I just wanted to confirm that it is ok to travel on AP via Dubai from Emirates without H1B stamp. Has anyone done this recently and can you share your experience? Thanks.

    - gchopes


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  • actionAction
    07-07 01:35 PM
    I don't remember the exact implementation, but you have to read it into a structure and type cast to a char pointer (if I am not mistaken).

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  • bobby
    04-19 01:15 PM
    Yes, I can file for adj. of status 5/1
    PD 5/03 ROW EB3


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  • upuaut
    09-19 01:15 AM
    Painter 7 like Painter 6 should have come with a manual. The one I got with 6.0 is very extensive and well formated to teaching the programs finer aspects.

    if you bought it and didn't get a manual.. I'd complain. If you didn't buy it.. you'll probebly have to slug through it and learn as you discover stuff. Painter itself is not really a well documented programs as these things go. I've never seen a book that details it yet.

    I will be stopping by B&N in the next couple of days. I'll be sure to take a look on the shelf to see if there is anything around that might help you out.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. I do know what you mean about it being an extensive program. 6.0 has so many features I can rarely keep track of them all. I'm usually looking things up to see how I can do them.

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  • wait4ever
    09-22 11:15 AM
    You should not have any impact if you have the GC


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  • dixie
    12-01 02:11 AM
    The core team has alrady addressed this issue before : try doing a search. The summary goes something like this - First, EAD cards cannot be given out arbitrarily. Apparently, the law mandates very specific circumstances for which an work authorization (EAD) can be given out : for example, a student on OPT. We wouldn't meet this criteria before a visa number is available for adjustment of status to permanent resident - not unless the law is changed by congress. Secondly, EAD, as it stands now, is meant to be a strictly interim permit. The USCIS ombudsman's report has already objected strongly to the phenomenon of people who are ultimately found ineligible for permanent residence enjoying the benefits of an EAD for extended periods due to processing delays. In such circumstances, it is not realistic to expect that USCIS, on its own accord, will start doling out EADs like seasons' greetings cards.

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  • svdcpa
    06-05 03:39 PM
    hi katrina, where did you get that information? let us know please coz we don't know really how to get updates from DBEC



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  • howzatt
    07-18 10:56 AM
    Granted, its nto the best way. Now, can you suggest a way pls ? What is generally recommended ?
    Can you pls help 'convince' people to contribute...

    one suggestion, make it a paid site. Even a minimum of 5$ a month would add quite a bit to the revenues. Even if we assume only 5000 people will sign up, it is still a decent chunk of money. I am not sure if this goes against the principles of a non-profit organisation. The way I look at it, people are saving a lot of money by avoiding lawyers fees.

    Plus we have people who are willing to donate. How many of these 20,000 people you think are people who people who understand BEC and the long term effect of the surge of applications. It is important to make people understand the effects and the potential problems with retrogression. Let us take a poll for people to see how many of us are just happy to get EAD/AP. We might find some surprising answers!

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  • QuietFlowsTheDon
    06-03 01:36 AM
    Since i had to spend US $ 70 on passportport photos during july 2007 filing, i wrote my own app to format passport photos. some of my my friends and i used it for filing AP the last couple years. i can email it to any of you if you want it. just PM me.
    you would need .NET framework(minimum version 2.0) to run it.
    it supports indian passport photos too (3.5 cm by 4.5 cm) :)

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  • j751
    07-17 03:19 PM
    Karanp25 I know where you come from...and honestly seems like you've got a worm up your axx... You deserve to get laid on a block of ice and get your axx whipped....

    07-21 12:58 AM
    Well every website i've went to thats fully made in silverlight runs at a crawl in firefox, and plus it just seems like a flash copy minus the good parts, and tacking on some lame stuff that i don't like :)

    08-03 10:11 PM
    LIN -> Nebraska
    07 -> Year in 2 digits
    225 -> Number of working days since October 1 2006
    5 -> Default for all electronic data
    4234 -> Serial number for the receipts issued on that day starting with 0001.
    There you go...)

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