Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • chintu25
    12-02 11:45 AM
    I am at the risk of being laid off anytime but will not stop my contributions to IV

    I am convinced that this cause is far bigger that 1 job or one individual .

    To live with the insecurity of loosing status doubles the anxiety of loosing a job .

    I hope that this situation doesnt befall on anybody here on IV....

    We deserve better ...All of us here are educated and highly skilled and we deserved to be treated right .

    If you think I am right .....Contribute atleast USD 10 right NOW and post it here.

    God help us and Capre Diem ( Sieze the day ) to all of us

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  • GCapplicant
    07-11 10:22 AM
    Its nice to see EB2 I moving forward...but will this fail the recapture bill for retrogressed countries?

    what is the position for EB3 ?I know it must have become a dumb question but would like to know any help for us?

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  • sunny1000
    12-13 01:00 PM
    I am going thru the same thing...To answer your question, the travel agent told me that if my passport stamp had expired, I would need a transit visa for all European airports. I would not need a transit visa if I take a direct flight to middle-eastern airports (like Kuwait City, Dubai etc)..The transit visa might take a couple of weeks via mail.....

    Typical travel agent replies are: "if you have valid visa stamped, then no need for transit visa".

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-17 09:01 PM
    the problem is if it works

    Me too! But this can only happen in dreams :p


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  • drirshad
    06-22 05:46 AM
    Be fast u only got a month ....

    Get in touch with a good attorney, call and get an hour of consultation charges for u.

    Tell him the situation, give him the two options. He will point you in the right direction. Remember July is the only month you have a chance. August and retrogress can kick in for Indians.

    Let me add one more option to the above 2. Talk to your employers thru whom you got the approved I-140 and ask them to allow you file the I-485 since GC is for future employment u don't have to be working for them for filing I-485 now once 6 months are over with the 485 filed you can port it to ur current employer. Email me if u have questions

    Good luck & hurry ...

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  • redds777
    08-25 10:28 AM

    when he contacted senator and inturn they contacted USCIS, Senator got same reply as urs . his is also 2005 EB2 I PD. He is just waiting too.

    i wonder what that extensed security review means. looks like never ending. hope no one gets stuck in it.


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  • sasidhar79
    07-01 01:51 PM
    Now matter what , no other country has balls or guts to accept huge number of immigrants like US does, yes do you huge volume it is slow but the govt. is more aware of the fact that high skilled immigrants add to the benefit of their country compared to Canada (conservatives in liberal skin- because they have undocumented race based limitation), Britian(high skilled immigrants are usually colored therefore anything colored is considered not British) and Australia (how can a decent high skilled immigrant be accepted by bunch of outback thugs).

    Please observe all these countries' immigration policies in this day of economic downturn, all of them are actively shutting their doors except USA (comparatively). I think USA is more closer for me as a home after India, I got misled by Canada but after what happened in their Alberta Province's AINP program for H1b holders I realised that Canadian pasture is really not green it is just an illusion.

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  • coolgc
    05-08 08:48 PM
    Hello anu_t,
    I know that you are not jealous. But just for your information, I have a Ph.d degree. Just because my office attorney filed our GC under EB-2, I thought that should be fine. But now I changed my mind (after waiting for couple of years) and planning to file EB1. You have to do Ph.d plus some years of experience to file in EB-1 category.
    Hope that helps,


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  • h1bnogc
    08-28 10:52 PM
    When I went on a vacation to India, I had a valid H1B visa stamp that was valid for 30 more days. I also had an approved petition for extension.

    I could have gone for stamping, but I chose not to and when I came back I showed them my H1B visa which was valid for 10 more days and also my extension petition. I was sent to Secondary Inspection (you can also be sent here in case you have an AP, nothing to be worried about SI, it very common nowadays). In that, a senior IO looked at both and then stamped my I-94 till the end of the extension petition (Oct 2010).

    Though your situation is slightly different - you dont have a valid H1B stamp when you go to India, you can go to consulate and get it stamped with current H1B petition and while coming back you need to show the IO at counter both the VISA and the extension. Better yet, as some-one suggested, present both petitions to embassy in India and see how they handle it.

    Have a safe trip..

    sbay2006: Could you please share your experience during secondary inspection? thanks!

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  • GotGoose?
    04-10 10:52 PM
    Added the treasure trove.


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  • guchi472000
    03-24 10:07 AM
    Thanks much for your help. I daily pray that we all get green card and live happyly during this hard economy times.

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  • pt326bc
    09-28 09:03 AM
    It is possible that the employer may sue you. But since you would be finding a new job, you can always ask your new employer to give you a sign-on bonus which will be equal to or greater than the expenses demanded by your present employer.

    Thats my 2 cents worth.
    You say your employer is paying you very little. Is it the same as what is mentioned in Labor Cert or your H1 petition?
    If that is the case you could actually contact DOL/USCIS and report him for fraud. This also involved some risk on your part if your current pay is less than what is mentioned on H1 petition.
    Alternatively if you get better pay with your new employer then you could use that to pay your current employer (wouldn't be more than $5000 if you are paying him the going rate for GC). Would be a lot less hassle that way.
    Anyway most people pay for their green card procesing out of their own pocket. So don't think of the employer paying your GC as free lunch :)


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  • glus
    06-25 09:31 AM
    Generally speaking, you can dig out legal entry in most cases. First, get in touch with a consulate that issued your visa and ask for some kind of a confirmation that a visa was in fact issued to you. Second, you can try to get a replacement of lost departure/arrival record with USCIS. On the application you write a date when you arrived and place and all the details. If they find info in their computer, they will issue to you a "duplicate" of your original arrival I-94. To request replacement of record, you can use I-102.

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  • iviviv
    11-01 09:33 PM


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  • paskal
    06-02 10:28 AM
    Do not trust what the consulate website says

    In 2001 i had my passport renewed in NY
    they insisted...and were adamant...that it had to be 11 mnths to expiry not 12 makes no sense but they don't care.
    they also don't care what the web site says.
    i was told that if i wanted to travel i could get a temporary passport, since mine was full...and btw it was damaged (old, overused and beginning to come off at the sea...which is why i wanted a new one) so i would pay a large penalty, and a mnth later when i returned a could again apply for a new passport since it would be 11 mnths to expiring.

    make sense if you can!

    Chicago has similar idiosyncrancies. They don't provide all the services they list on the web site. They also do not care what the web site says. Call and you will be in an endless spiral of people saying different things and not really wanting to talk to you.

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  • crystal
    07-07 10:31 PM
    Why you are spamming all the thread with the same message. We already have two thread for this video Great job.. This is exactly what we need.. National coverage on this issue..


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  • gcseeker2002
    02-12 05:14 PM
    Is it possible to transfer H1 from company A to B after I-140 approval and H1- 3 year extension and continue the GC process (apply for I-485 when date becomes current) with company A provided company A has no objections?
    Continuiing GC process does not mean just filing I485 , you need to apply labor and when filing 140 apply to recapture old PD , and , then file 485 if dates are current.

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  • psaxena
    06-25 02:33 PM
    Please suggest the best time suitable for everyone for the conf call, today evening or tomorrow anytime.

    Excellent initiative ! Let's do it !

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  • member123
    09-17 10:10 AM
    Any idea what we are trying to achieve here?

    If you guys thing i am dumb, you are more then welcome to think that, but i am still confused about the thread.

    the reason is to see the processing date relation with LUD, i am sure like we all can see that USCIS has no standard pattern.

    many of them has LUD 08/05...i read here that someone applied in april end in tsc lud before 8/05 got approved, and someone who has filed before april at tsc and lud 8/05 no update yet.

    which is my case too, so was trying to see if any one in the same boat like me and has any other update.

    02-20 06:19 PM
    "The new company should first apply H1 for 3 years based your current approved I-140"

    Can someone pl clarify whether a "new company" can get a H1 extension for 3years based on an approved I-140 from "current company" (after 6 years completed on H1).

    It is clear that "current company" can get H1 extension for 3years based on an approved I-140 and a "new company" can transfer it, but is it possible for "new company” to get a 3 year H1 based on approved I-140?

    If yes, does the “new company" have to wait for H1 quota OR it doesn't come under H1 Quota?


    06-13 05:43 AM
    for the case mentioned in this thread, will the priority date be the date of filing of Labor cert or the 140 approval date after the candidate moves to a new employer after 140 approval? could someone please clarify this for me. will greatly appreciate it.
    PD is always LC filing date. He will still be able to use the old employer filed LC date as PD even if the employer cancels LC/I140. There might be a little risk if the old one he got was a sunstitued one.

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