Monday, June 13, 2011

dia del ni�o 2011

dia del ni�o 2011. el dia del nino mexico. el dia
  • el dia del nino mexico. el dia

  • JAT
    Mar 30, 10:01 AM
    I'm sorry but that my friend is bull $#hit. Not every migrant worker lives on the border. Here in Michigan our economy thrives on legals and illegals from Mexico picking blueberries and it's not by the hour. You get paid based on how much you pick. I did it when I was a kid for extra money and I'm a white American. You can make good money if you're fast but if you're lazy and slow you're not going to make much. It's not slave wages. The harder you work the more you make. A lot of those immagrants drive sport cars. I see a lot of people out there sitting on their A$$ getting their "check" from unemployment when they could be out there getting their hands dirty and making some money.
    You should watch the movie "A day without a Mexican".
    The fact is that if every migrant worker was deported our economy would completely collapse overnight because a lot of it depends on agriculture.
    Another fact is that you see a lot of whites working at American Eagle and Abercrombie but how many work out in the fields? At least a few days a week while they look for another job??
    Reading fail. Your first sentence says bs, but then you go on to agree with everything you quoted, and give better examples. :confused:

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  • dia del ni o manualidades.

  • karlrmac
    Nov 3, 04:32 PM
    I just ordered this on ebay from BUY and it cost 13.99 plus 8 bucks shipping, for new unopened unit. A great deal if you ask me. Its less than the other mounts you find and i think it will work great.

    *edit* I did a web search and found that Arkon sells a general purpose friction mount that could most likely be used with the Tom-Tom mount:

    They also sell a mount designed for the iPhone.

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  • ideas para el dia del ni o.

  • wildmac
    Aug 7, 04:53 PM
    A lot of these will be in a work environment where wireless networking would be a hinderance more than a help. If anything, they should bundle it with the same price and subtract 49$ if you take it off of BTO.

    Yep. Where I work, something where an iSight, bluetooth or Airport can't be removed doesn't come in the door.

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  • dia del ni o cristiano. del

  • tlinford
    May 8, 06:15 AM
    Mobileme is certainly worth more than free. Apple doesn't scrape your emails and other data to target adds at you a la Google.

    I could see Apple making some features of Mobileme free. I don't think they're just going kill a revenue stream but they could offer a basic free Mobileme account which gives you.

    A email address with 5 aliases.
    Sync features
    "Find my damn iDevice"
    Calendar, Contacts, Bookmark sync
    Web page

    Then roll out Mobileme Pro

    Make iDisk more like Drop Box.
    Enhance the sync
    Online Backup
    Cloud Music (Lala style) Pro (adds collaborative editing)
    Whatever other cool stuff they can deliver

    They don't ad but but they iAd-will! I wager ! (metaphorically speaking)

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  • imagenes del dia del ni o.

  • Eldiablojoe
    May 3, 10:46 PM
    I'm going to vote YES for Don't Panic, but NO for splitting up.

    Beatrice, Should we reveal that we are telepathic, or should we save that tidbit for when it is most needed?

    dia del ni�o 2011. el dia del nino mexico. el Día
  • el dia del nino mexico. el Día

  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 28, 09:50 AM
    My thinking too. If, by waiting another three months, Apple could release an LTE version of the iPhone, this might make more sense for them.

    Imagine what the holiday season would look like if more of their competitors were out with LTE phones and Apple was just standing pat with what amounted to a refresh of the iPhone 4. Instead, with an LTE iPhone out, they would avoid having tons of customers going over to Android.

    My thought exactly. They would also avoid pissing off 11 million Verizon iPhone customers.

    dia del ni�o 2011. imagenes del dia del ni o.
  • imagenes del dia del ni o.

  • JoshH
    Aug 7, 06:34 PM
    Also, if you hit the EJECT key on the keyboard while you have two optical drives installed, will they both open?

    Questions, questions...

    On my dual G4, the Eject key opens the top tray, and Option Eject opens the bottom. I suspect it is the same...

    dia del ni�o 2011. feliz dia del ni o. El Dia
  • feliz dia del ni o. El Dia

  • mackiwi
    Jul 30, 08:39 PM
    umm....that magazine add looks rather real to me. WTF?:eek:

    on another note, Vodafones 3G network here in NZ has video calls as standard on every phone they sell for the network. Its not revolutionary, they have had it since December last year. It doesnt cost any more than a regular mobile to mobile call. oh, and the person calling is the only one who pays (the fact that americans pay to answer a call is insane).:eek:

    They also have an itunes sized music library that you can browse and download to your phone ( its 3.50NZD per track, which is about $2 USD). Its quite popular seeing as Apple has chosen not to have an Itunes store in New Zealand. They have sold hundreds of thousands of ipods, but there is nowhere to download songs legally. stupid huh? :(

    We pay full retail for most phones, but we aren't locked into any sort of contract. And to the person who said txting should be banned from apples phone: why call someone for ten times the price of a SMS text when you dont need too?:confused:

    dia del ni�o 2011. Feliz día del Niño!
  • Feliz día del Niño!

  • PecanEater
    Apr 5, 01:03 PM
    Lame. You can be sure Toyota will capitulate to the Apple strong arm.

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  • k2k koos
    Nov 22, 05:51 PM
    I am very excited to see what Apple is going to make of a mobile phone (or whatever it will be). iChat integration would be great, but even greater still, is an EASY way to use iChat to communicate with the rest of the world. Not just MSN, but Yahoo and a host of other services, why don't they all sit down and either use all formats, or agree upon a common standard so that everyone can contact eachother, just like we can do by using a phone! Which is where we started this thread about. About that 'PC guy' remark, Apple is in the Mac business when it comes to computers. Not PC's. (Yes I know a Mac is a PC in a sense, but it's far more developed, and sexy, yes I said it, sexy!Macs are sexy, and they also work well for those who are not sensitive to that appeal)

    dia del ni�o 2011. el dia del nino. actividades
  • el dia del nino. actividades

  • iansilv
    May 7, 10:09 AM
    Honestly, I am about to not renew. It's just not that useful. The only thing I would keep it for is the online idisk, and with dropbox or novadrive coming up with better and cheaper alternatives, I see no reason to continue to use it. However, if Apple makes it free, then they can use that as another feature of their products in general. They could sell the idisk storage, or give away 5 gigs or something, like drop box does.

    dia del ni�o 2011. el dia del nino mexico. el Día
  • el dia del nino mexico. el Día

  • RalfTheDog
    Apr 23, 05:18 PM
    Wish Apple did something towards resolution independence and not make images bigger and bigger. :confused:

    Resolution independence will not stop images from getting bigger. Unless you are dealing with vector art, scaling an image up will decrease quality. Resolution independence will be a function of taking the biggest image that might be used and scaling it down.

    Even with vector art, you lose some image quality with scaling. You can't create new detail.

    dia del ni�o 2011. Día del Niño event.
  • Día del Niño event.

  • wintercs
    Mar 28, 10:40 AM
    I am a current VZW Blackberry Tour customer. I'm currently eligible to upgrade to iPhone 4 (Verizon has gone well out of its way to make me aware of this). My patience has truly been tested, as I've been assuming all along that iPhone 5 would be coming out in June.

    So what the hell do I do now? I'm not waiting until 2012.

    dia del ni�o 2011. dia del ni o. dia del ni o
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  • ChrisA
    Nov 26, 09:25 PM
    If the tablet had built-in Bluetooth and could use a wireless keyboard and mouse then it could replace a notebook computer. Maybe the keyboard snaps on and acts as a cover for the tablet screen. Maybe it's like a Macbook that come apart at the hingebut also you can write on the screen. You have to figure Apple is doing something different but yet this thing still runs the same Mac OS X Leopard as the other Macs.

    dia del ni�o 2011. dia del ni o cristiano. dia
  • dia del ni o cristiano. dia

  • Adam-
    Apr 20, 06:11 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone : Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I am happy for this, this means when my upgrade happens, iPhone 6 will be a HUGE one :-)

    Yeah Exaclty i was hoping that my iPhone4 wasn't going to become obsolete after only a few months of being on a 24 month contract! Apples good, but they do like to make my products feel slow and old :(
    Damn their marketing and business sense!

    dia del ni�o 2011. el dia del nino mexico. el dia
  • el dia del nino mexico. el dia

  • bodeh6
    Aug 7, 07:30 PM
    I still don't understand the people that complain about not having WiFi and Bluetooth standard. This is a Tower. You are not going to be moving it around too much so WiFi is pointless. Also Bluetooth can be had with a $20 USB Adapter if you are going to use it all the time.

    I dare somebody to find any other computer that even has WiFi and or Bluetooth standard.

    dia del ni�o 2011. imagenes del dia del ni o. El
  • imagenes del dia del ni o. El

  • bruinsrme
    Apr 9, 08:36 PM
    Spotlight is giving me 288.

    You are using an * in you formula, the original doesn't have an *

    dia del ni�o 2011. dia del ni o para colorear.
  • dia del ni o para colorear.

  • Bonte
    Aug 7, 03:20 PM
    wow, it took a full three (3) posts till somebody complains about the GPU. that seems to be the only constant thing that survived even the intel transition.:D

    Are these specific Mac GPU's with Mac roms or can we finally use a selection of PC GPU's? If so then the base GPU isn't an issue, just use it for the second screen.

    dia del ni�o 2011. dia del ni o para colorear.
  • dia del ni o para colorear.

  • Linito
    Dec 4, 01:33 PM
    salmon, you hit the nail on the head with that post. A device like that would be amazing, I could totally see myself using it in classes, etc. And though I'm not sure about the $300 price point, but I think its completely doable for under $1000.

    if they could make it sub $800 they would take the education market by storm:cool:

    Apr 10, 11:13 AM
    I wish there was a poll option of who is getting 288 and is say in a technical field such as engineering/stats/physics, etc

    My guess is that 288 is coming from people who use math extensively and 2 coming from those who may not...


    Apr 14, 12:17 PM
    Personally, I think we need to increase taxes across the board.

    Which is exactly what I said. But you couldn't help twisting the dagger a little bit by saying ...

    Democrats - "I am in favor of increasing government taxation, and I have the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is by voluntarily paying more taxes, but I am nonetheless not going to if other people don't."

    So are you, on your own, going to voluntarily give money to the government? Or do we get to lump you in with your description of Democrats?

    Aug 4, 06:46 PM
    Don't look now but the current Intel iMac has a laptop/SFF chip and chipset in it it. :eek:

    :O *faints*

    Dec 21, 11:16 AM
    Well looks Like it didn't come again :(

    Just confirmed it with BLT, there hasn't been a shipment come in.

    Apr 18, 05:04 PM
    Do you really think the Galaxy tab and iPhone 3g/3gs aer<sic> "identical"?

    The galaxy tab looks like a cheap knockoff of the 3G, look at the pics comparing them in the article. As I stated, at first look my mum thought the samsung was an iPhone. To the general public they look extremely similar, thus why this is happening.

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