Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daewoo Kalos

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  • summerof98
    09-04 12:42 PM
    See my signature, hope it helps. I got an LUD on my 485 on August 30th but I had no idea why, I guess it might have been the NameCheck and then this email this morning .... unf.. believable!

    Congratulations on your GC approval. Enjoy the freedom.

    Your approval gives us hope in a way that USCIS is approving I-485 cases even though the PD is not current. Am I right?

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  • sai
    07-09 11:37 PM
    I am in the same boat..
    If we have a gap between the expiry and new EAD card,
    we should not work thats for sure,
    but wont have any issues of going out of status during the gap?

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  • natrajs
    03-06 02:58 PM
    yes EB3 India. I think when I look back, its just a matter of luck. Once it was RFE, second time I got a second finger printing and third time they just did'nt pick it up. But USCIS has been very promptful in approving my EADs and AP. I could be very well one of the oldest processing case sitting in the TSC shelf.
    (1700 days)

    Since the Name check mess is cleared, You will get it soon

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  • sss9i
    07-21 01:35 AM
    What should I do now??

    Nope, USCIS requests USPS to not to forward but return to sender if not delivered.


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  • brentrh
    May 2nd, 2005, 02:34 PM
    Look great to me. Slowing the shutter speed and panning will give you illusion of motion but it is hit or miss be prepaired for a lot of misses.

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  • nikunj007
    03-11 01:48 AM
    applying for multiple petitions with multiple employers is, as of now, legal. Even if they can track those applications, they can not just reject on the basis of multiple petitions. But, it may be difficult to convince it during the interview..


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  • eb2_immigrant
    09-16 02:35 PM
    I would say go ahead with your plans, There is no risk at all. I got back from India 2 weeks ago,showed my AP (I was asked to join a seperate line for AP holders). Officer asked for my SSN# thats it.

    Do not wait for USCIS to make decisions.

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  • reverendflash
    10-28 10:29 PM
    OR do some pro-bono sites for people who will reach a lot of people (and help out some needful people at the same time)...

    such as churchs, community groups, that kind of thing... then place a subtle ad on each of these sites, and then of course on your portfolio...

    They never need know how old you are...

    I certainly don't tell them I'm 40... :P



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  • Eberth
    10-13 04:28 PM

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  • rockstart
    03-01 08:38 PM
    Hi Rocky,

    Thanks for your reply

    Ya I was on unpaid vacation and 2006 was my first year. I will discuss with my attorney also.

    If you have your leave application copies that can help


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  • yabadaba
    06-22 05:31 PM
    yes typically it is the Service center that has approved your 140

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  • yabadaba
    06-22 11:27 AM
    POLL: Where Will You File Your I-485


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  • gctoget
    10-02 07:24 PM
    Sorry, Socal IV members. I ahve been busy from ast few weeks and not been able to actively participate in SoCal IV Activities. This meeting must be a good brainstorming seesion for all new IV members!
    Cheers IV!!!

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  • dallasdude
    09-25 10:24 AM



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  • ssbaruah@yahoo.com
    06-01 02:24 PM
    Thank you for your immediate reply. I have 2 more questions as below :

    My H1B is valid till 2011. I came through “A” company and this is my second employer (“B”). After I joined “B” company, I never went out of USA. “B” Company’s name is not reflected in my H1B visa (in passport). Only I have the copy of I129 with “B” company’s name. Now, I am no more with “B” company.

    1. What is the process of re-enter to USA ? I mean, what type of documents I need to show to Immigration Dept ?

    3. My families also need to re-enter to USA at the same time ?

    Hopefully, I am able to explain my occurred situation correctly.

    I need your valuable suggestion pls.

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  • sam_hoosier
    03-11 04:50 PM
    I too work for my wife. Example of work, doing laundry, taking kid to his day care, grocery , cleaning etc... The specific answers are below

    1. Can "A" work for his wife and also get paid in check?
    - I get nothing, why should you?.
    2. Can "A" have a second job in his wife's company and retain his original job?
    - Come on man, her majesty's service has to be your first job.
    3. Can "A" have a different occupation anywhere else on EAD not related to his original job role? and then can "A" get paid in check?
    - No comments
    4. Can "A" work for his wife's company and instead wife gets the check or paid? Is that legal?
    - Every thing is legal, till you are caught. See Elliot Spitzer..
    5. Can "A"'s wife open a company on EAD and also keep working on her H1B?
    - Who is this "A" you are continously referring to. Remind me of Amitabh's song. Ek rahe A , ek rahe B, Ek rahe fateh, ek rahe hum.
    6. Can "A" and his wife after EAD work for 2 different jobs if the job description/roles are different?
    - No comments
    7. Can "A" work as volunteer in his wife's company?
    - Come on buddy, you volunteered for the service the day you got married.
    8. Can a software analyst working with a software company work as a trainer in a training institute on EAD with I-140 either pending or approved?
    -No comments



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  • ss1026
    12-06 11:21 AM
    hello all,

    i attended for visa stamping on dec 1st at Hyderabad consulate so i got 221g yellow form but he retained passport with him. he told to submit all the documents that are mentioned on the yellow form. did any body got same thing. usually how many days they will take for processing after submiting the documents


    Hi Praveen

    I recently went for my 10 year H-1B stamping in hyderabad in august end. I got the 221g slip and as in your case, the officer retained my passport. They requested info about my company which I duly provided in a weeks time. I got my visa approved and passport in my hands in early november so it took about 70 days. Obviously every case is different so I cannot say how long your case would be pending but my brother had to wait about 60 days for his visa stamping.

    My company was ok with me staying back for the stamping. Though I have AP/EAD (July 2007 filer) I used the opportunity to spend time with my family. I came back last week with no issues at the POE. Good luck with your case

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  • rockstart
    10-23 01:56 PM
    Glad to see this law. Also this law gives me hope for recapture. No one knew about this law was in transit and without any hitches this one passed all the way. So for those who feel that recapture cannot pass can rethink their position based on this new fact.

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  • belmontboy
    05-23 03:36 PM
    I am on H1 since 2005 and renewed last year and it is valid till april 2010.

    Last year i joined directly to the client and they are processing my GC.

    When they hired me they gave me list of projects and future plans for more then 5 years but this work is not IT driven and manufacutring in having late back attitude so my fear is if there are not projects in the future i may loose the job then at that point i will have very little time to get my labour approves abd re start the process...
    So as back up i want to have a labour approve based on future employment and if possible have 140 processed.

    guide me if this is not the correct thing to do...


    you surely can have two GC app's in process.

    01-26 12:09 PM
    Who deleted it?

    05-10 07:39 AM
    since there are so many threads discussing what we can and should do ..I thought that I would open this thread ..my red dots should send a signal that this is a serious issue. if USCIS were to act like this next year too ..then EB3 will become unavailable in march 2010 and EB2 will retrogress in june 2010 ..in other words HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF ..so lets do something now (in addtion to helping IV) !!!

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