Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • wanaparthy
    03-24 12:39 PM

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  • mpillai
    05-08 09:40 PM
    Many qualified for EB1 need not necessarily be already in EB1.
    Possible reasons are:
    1. Unawareness at the time of filing (just followed what attorney said).
    2. Was not in a hurry for GC, so just followed attorney.
    3. Thought that EB1 might be a complicated case (even though genuinely eligible), and just filed EB2, never thought it will retrogress that bad.
    4. The job requirement at that time didn't need an EB1-qualification.

    You will be surprised to see how many PhD and MS candidates and researchers are in EB3.

    just wondering
    How gaining so much experience or education is possible in such a short amount of time?
    No , I'm not jelous or anything. Please don't misunderstand.
    EB1 requires very high education. Right?
    just wondering. I 'm ready to work hard. Just need direction?
    How people do it. Do they take a MBA/PHD?

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  • gapala
    02-04 04:56 PM
    This sounds like volunteering opportunity to me. May be other senior members on the forum will also throw some light on this scenario.
    As far as I know, you can volunteer in any area as long as you do not get paid for those services.

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  • vin13
    01-08 12:59 PM

    My wife had only EAD and no other status and she was able to get the license in PA upto the validity of EAD.


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  • itsokgc
    08-10 05:14 PM
    I am in the same boat. However, I have issue with my I-140, where there is typo in the Priority Date.

    I have infopass appointment tomorrow. Hope dates will not retrogress behind Feb 2006.

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  • indyanguy
    06-07 07:32 PM
    any help?


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  • colors
    09-04 11:47 PM
    I received RFEs from my attorney and mine is on BC and my wife's is on Marriage Certificate + marriage photo and USCIS requested me to submit non avialability ceritifcate. I do have a BC with all the details but registered date is oct,2007 (That's when i applied for BC) instead of old date.

    Is it a problem ? Do i have to submit anything more

    Please advise

    Thanks in advance

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  • fromnaija
    07-10 12:08 PM
    This being your first post on this forum, I'd like to advise that you include URL in your post otherwise one might think you are making this up.

    Why AILA not suing State Dept. or USCIS for other issues... read a letter posted by someone in a forum


    I appreciate your effort in filing lawsuit on behalf of July I-485 filers.

    There are several critics on your July I-485 lawsuit. They criticize that you are doing for the benefit of your members (AILA). Definitely, your members will be benefited by huge amount of legal fees. Also, the critic says it is waste of time.

    Even one of your reputed member (Rajiv Khanna @ posted in his website that chance of winning the law suit is very minimum.

    He posted in his website as follows: "Please note folks, I don�t think this class will be easily approved by courts. CIS could argue a lot of things against it, which I don�t wish to publish in an open forum."

    Why you cannot sue for the people who struck at Consulate due to administrative process without probable cause.

    Several of them working in U.S (they have proof of employment, pay stubs, worked in the U.S on H1B visa for many years) just went to their home country for short vacation and applied for visa; they have rented house in the U.S and unable to break the lease; unable to pay car dues; their U.S citizen children also held overseas; they are loosing their jobs. State department is holding these visa application for more than a year in several cases.

    What steps AILA has taken in this issue. If not, why you are not aware of this issue or why you are not giving importance. Do you think this issue will not bring such a huge legal fee like I-485 lawsuit?


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  • santa123
    09-10 08:02 AM


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  • loveiv
    06-18 05:11 PM
    someone please explain me how complete agreement works. I am working for the client through the main vendor who has a noncompete agreement with my employer (This is signed by my employer, not me). Now I am planning to leave my employer but the client is interested keeping me in the project through another vendor. Can someone explain me if it is possible?

    Since the Noncompete is between my employer and the vendor, how am I responsible since I didn't sign anything? Don't laugh, may be I am ignorant

    This is exactly what I did in the past and my desi employer could not do anything because I never signed anywhere, it was between him and the vendor.
    I think you should be fine.


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  • lostinbeta
    10-05 03:05 AM
    Thank you Syko:)

    I love Photoshop. It is the only art program I have. I wish I could afford 3dsmax and/or Adobe Illustrator, but I dont think that is going to be happening anytime soon:(

    The Flash in the center is actually an easy effect to come up with without 3dsmax :P

    PS: Nice Sig :)

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    07-19 08:43 AM
    Hi Leoindiano:

    What is meant by Pre-Adjudication and how do we know that, our case is Pre-Adjudicated. Sorry to ask you this qn. specifically, as I amnot seeing any LUDs on my case, and my para-legal says, dont worry.

    my case details are PD10/05 EB2 I, RD 07/02/07 and ND 08/30/07 at TSC.

    Can you enlighten us little bit more.

    From , it appears that most people got their GC's without any LUD's. May be most cases are preadjucated and there will be only one final status change.


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  • veni001
    11-04 07:25 PM
    Hi Experts,

    Need inputs on following scenarios.

    I have approved I-140 with Company A. I am on H1 currently, 7th year. My extension is due on April 2011.

    Scenario 1: If H1 extension gets denied, can I move to H4 (my wife is on h1) and then search for a job and convert from H4 to H1 using approved I-140 from company A?

    Ans: Only if approved I-140 is not revoked by sponsoring employer.

    Scenario 2: If I move to Company B, and do not start GC there, after 3 years, can I get 3 years extension based on approved I-140 from company A?

    Ans: Only if approved I-140 is not revoked by sponsoring employer.

    Scenario 3: If I move to Company B, after some time, can I move to company C using I-140 from company A?

    Ans: Only if approved I-140 is not revoked by sponsoring employer.

    Given the uncertainty of h1 approvals these days, please suggest favorable scenarios in the cases above.


    The way current administration scrutinizing immigrant/non-immigrant case i doubt any employer dare not to revoke I-140 once employee leaves:o

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  • vinayh
    11-18 09:30 PM
    I recently booked visa appointment at Chennai.
    1. Use IE. I had issues with firefox
    2. You will be allowed to pick the appointment date at the very end. In fact that is the last step of the online visa appointment booking process.


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  • venram
    01-03 01:16 PM
    Can someone clarify the situation of 485 being approved while one is outside of USA. In such a case, if one does not have AP to return to US, then is it considered that the 485 petition is abandoned and one cannot use the approved 485?

    I vaguely remember seeing that even if one has valid H1B (or get renewal stamping outside USA), travelling like above situation is risky without AP.


    If that is the case she should NOT travel without advanced parole in hand. If she chooses to do so she has NO valid immigration status on which to re enter the United States and will have abandoned her adjustment of status application.

    If she needs to travel for urgent family medical reasons if you can obtain medical notes etc you can go to your local office on an infopass appointment and try to expedite the process.

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  • waitin_toolong
    09-22 12:46 PM
    Yes, You Green Card would evaporate after 3 months. Do not take 50% cut!

    what do you base this on


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  • gumpena
    08-03 10:16 PM
    USCIS press release states that it has issued I-485 receipts upto July 11 2007
    and for Texas upto June 26, 2007

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  • xlr8r
    09-28 09:31 AM
    I had filed an FOIA for a copy of my COMPLETE ALIEN file. I found my I-140 approval as part of those documents.

    It might not be a bad idea to file FOIA again to request the entire Alien file and not just the I-485 file. That is likely to give you the results you're looking for.

    Recently I filed FOIA for the complete set of documents on my I-485, becaz my employer didnt share any documents with me.
    Now I got my I-140 application and Receipt Notice and all the documents submitted for I-485, but there is no I-140 approval notice, is anyone out there filed FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice? or should I file I-824 to get the I-140 approval notice?

    Contributed $200 towards advocacy.

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  • gclabor07
    02-13 11:33 AM
    Thank you everyone who responded to my post. I'll take the lifetime learning credit. No point in giving money to uncle Sam.

    08-11 10:41 AM
    i dont see a poll :) Are you expecting every one to post on this thread ?

    Check now!

    08-13 03:46 PM

    Do you know if USCIS is still waiting for NC to be cleared before approving the 485 application? Are they following the memo ( >180 days doen't matter) or not?


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