Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • eb3retro
    07-11 05:16 PM
    Hello All,

    Just received in mail - 2 Year EAD card for me and my wife. Valid till July 2010. I have e-filed myself for both of us. Still waiting for AP docs.

    hi saint, nothing against you, i wonder what is the freakin logic USCIS uses to decide on 2 year EAD approval, here i am with pd not being current for atleast next 2-3 years (given the halt of eb3-I), 2nd ead extn, in my 8th year of h1b, i got a one year EAD extn, where as a eb2 person gets a 1 year validity...i only wish we can know whats going in the minds of these decision makers..

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-04 09:27 AM
    Didn't work for me. May be down !

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  • rockstart
    08-11 09:25 AM
    EB2 I PD 02/27/2006
    I 140 Approved Nov 2006
    RD for I 485: 08/10/2007

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  • wenxue
    08-13 10:03 AM
    I am Chinese. I am bad dancer. But I like the music and the spirit in this thread. Bring it on, ha ha.


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  • alexmat01
    01-13 04:36 AM
    I had applied for a visa back in 2007 and the initial approval was for 3 years till 2010 Oct.I have 9 years of IT exp and I have been in US before on a H1B visa through a top Indian IT firm for 2 years. The visa that I applied in 2007 is through a small but well functioning IT consulting firm. I lived in India then but now I am working in Toronto in Canada.
    Because of the recession and bad market I couldnt make a move and I didnt get the visa stamped on my passport too after the approval

    Since the market is getting better, I plan to get it stamped the coming year as and when I get a job opportunity. Since the initial approval was till 2010 and I never got it stamped, can I still schedule for stamping now or should I go for an entirely new one now. As the visa runs for 6 years, would I be able to use it only till 2013 (6 years from 2007) or once I get it stamped this year (2010) , I can use it till 2016 ?
    I heard that embassies scrutinize each case for fraud (although mine is based on real skills and job opportunities) I just want to avoid any issue with the stamping. I rather then go for a new visa if such a risk exists ( to avoid such an investigation or enquiry shadowing future prospects)

    If it comes to me applying for a new visa, would I be subject to cap again or am I cap free as I have been counted earlier in 2007 ?

    Thanks a ton for your service and pls help me out.

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  • eb3retro
    02-20 05:53 PM
    There are 2 kinds of people in the world -

    one who think that others (other people or government) is responsible for their current state and others are the ones who are willing to introspect, make appropriate changes and then succeed. Even a dumb (read "") can figure where they belong to.

    An itchy dog needs to get himself rubbed against all possible objects so as to keep that itch in control. These websites are such places where these people go to satisfy their itch. Even the owners of these itchy dogs desert them (read "their god-father politicians") when they start doing this. Do you think, people like us, who are busy with their daily interesting work, family have time to look at them?

    Look, the option is with us which is NOT to look at these stupid websites. None is forcing you to see these websites. So no point in complaining about them. First amendment rights for stupid is like a cigar in the hand of drunk monkey in california jungles (and we keep searching where these wild fires come from?).. so better neglect them and focus on our goal.

    We are surely going to reach our goal, no matter what these stupid people say... if you think hard then you will realize then the life's goal is much beyond simply getting EB GC...

    lovely comment ..well said.


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  • amoschid
    07-18 04:01 PM
    thanks for the answer buddy

    1) Yes, 140K includes primary applicant,spouse and minor children.

    woaaah.. that's a very little number.... :p

    2) It means India or any other country can be alloted upto 9800 green card per Fiscal Year, again this number includes spouse and children.

    i see... thanks for the explanation,
    this part still confused me though:

    if i divide 140000 / 9800 = 14.28

    that's only 14 countries, how was that suppose to work ?

    also... let's use Japan & India again for example:

    - suppose that India already used up to 9800 GC, and Japan only use 1500,
    the 8300 GC (9800-1500) will remain unused ?

    thanks again for the answer :D

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  • LostInGCProcess
    02-04 05:28 PM
    I have a close friend who has floated a company to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.
    My husband is currently working in US and has filed for GC (140 approved status). I have an EAD and am working in a company very close to where I am staying.

    My friend has requested me to help market clients for the product that they are developing.. Is it ok for me to approach companies, as a representative of my friend's company and try selling the product(strictly non-compensational)? Or will there be legal hassles in doing this? Please enlighten me with your thoughts..

    Appreciate your help in advance.

    Since you are on EAD, and I presume you are the dependent applicant, there is no limit on the number of jobs that you can have....Definitely there is no legal hassle...and I wonder why you want to just volunteer? If its fear of legal implication then, change your mind and get paid !!! :)


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  • maheshf
    10-10 02:09 PM
    Don�t worry. You will be in a good shape if you had your AP. I just came back from France and Switzerland. Both countries gave me Visa on AP, employment letter. The process was lot smoother than I expected. I will recommend that go ahead and apply..notthing to loose.

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  • Aah_GC
    05-03 07:20 PM
    Hi my father lost his passport at the airport today and with it his I94 and US B1 visa. We do have scanned copies of his US Visa and Passport. I would appreciate any pointers on the following question -

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. I figured from browsing few sites that he needs to apply for I94 - does any one know of any vague ETA there?
    3. Would he have to go through his visa stamping again?

    Much apprecaite your reply.



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  • WaitingForMyGC
    03-04 09:49 AM
    We guys were discussing proposal for 485 adjudication during retrogession and these guys(USCIS) are moving backwards. Man..when this will end?

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  • sapota
    07-16 04:43 PM
    That could explain why NSC never got the memo. Remember only EB I-485 is in question.


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  • gbof
    05-01 07:42 AM
    One of my friend who applied for an EAD renewal got it approved. But it went back to USCIS as undeliverable by post office. So he calls USCIS and opens an SR, and the rep says that his PR card application has been approved and will be remailed to him. Which means, they initially sent the GC instead of EAD. Can this happen? His PD is not current, he is from india with a PD of 2004.

    Also, after he opened an SR for this, he received a notice from USCIS via postal mail that an SR was created and that they are remailing the PR card and if he does not receive it within 60 days, he needs to call them.

    I told him that they are mistaking PR card for an EAD card and its the EAD card thats coming back to him. Anyone here had such an experience?? And defenitely my friend is just not excited too as he knows USCIS does not even know to put the correct card name in the notice.

    most likely, they are talking abt EAD.
    BTW: Did you receive your EAD yet? If so was it 1yr / 2 yr duration?. Your's is an interesting case of being approved within 1-week (altough filed before 120 days of expiration and mailed at the wrong center)

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  • yagw
    03-30 12:25 PM
    According to current visa bulletttin, EB2 -INDIA is 15 FEB 04.

    Your profile shows your PD DEC. 2005.
    How you got the GC, when the PD is not current?
    If my mistake, you need to contact USCIS, otherwise they can find out the mistake and revoke any time.

    Not necessarily. USCIS works in a magical way. They might allot a number when the dates were current and work on the application leisurely and approve it after a while.
    (btw, this is purely based on info from different forums and I don't have any clue (neither USCIS :) of how they work)


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  • fromnaija
    02-17 05:19 PM
    I was wondering the same thing. On other hand, I don't remember exactly where, read that as USCIS has updated their software, hence, FP's will not be required again. I may be wrong here, I myself, am interested to know if I need to follow up with USCIS after my jul-07 filing.


    That is the Biometric Storage System. I have posted some information about this a while back. You may read more here:

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  • theMan
    02-26 08:21 AM
    Aristotle, I think as a Non Resident, you are not eligible for Standard deduction. Again, OP you questions will be addressed better in the forum mentioned in my previous post.


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  • lkapildev
    03-20 05:34 PM
    I heard one guy dies because of Kidney failure in Newdelhi on fasting infront of LoakShaba. He was remembered for few minutes. He got senseless and theytook him to nearby Hospital.

    The reason is he was fasting even if without water.

    You can do fasting with water & juice. Still some American say you are diating for me you are kind of fasting.

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  • naidu
    12-09 09:37 AM
    Anybody knows, if the visa recapture included in the dream act?

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-07 05:37 PM
    sorry my friends; 'm not understanding;when i viewed immigration voice last time you were all supporting it now you are against it. i'm quite confused:confused: :confused: :confused:

    03-18 09:37 AM
    thanks everyone for their suggestions.I know the clock is ticking and I am gonna decide today itself. I have all documents prepared from last year and I missed the quota.

    Did any one used for their H1B filing.

    I am waiting for some reference from any of senior membere here who have used their service


    I did. And I think they were proficient and fast.
    They sent me forms and a list of the documents they needed, i mailed to them and it was done in a few days.

    11-05 01:07 PM
    They want to see you...They want to hear it from you..
    So become a verified member today, and help us in making it LOUD and CLEAR, that YES, there are thousands in your constituency who are suffering. And will no longer be silent.

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