Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • dan19
    11-07 12:34 PM

    Can you all post the names of good consulting companies to work for. Let's create a list here.


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  • mmeshref
    12-02 08:25 PM
    Even if I used AP for re-entry to US?

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  • bp333
    10-29 03:38 PM
    Thanks much for all your suggestions..i will inform lawyer about this.,

    Hi PDCOT05,

    You should be OK, I am aware of same situation and they accepted the refiling.

    Mine was reject due to "missing or incorrect fee" refiled on Oct 12, waiting. Strange part is we dont have any evidence of the original check. That makes it complicated..

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  • wellwishergc
    03-08 12:31 PM
    I will be posting the 'IV' brochure at two grocery stores in my town. I have also made some contacts with Chinese and Indian students at a university here. I would check with them if they can post our brochures

    I got 3 emails this morning. Need more volunteers to work on this...Please email me on,

    I promise I wont spam your mailbox. Just want to send you a pdf document to get your started on helping with this. we want to broaden our base otherwise the same group of people will have to keep contributing repeatedly while thousands are unaware of immigration voice.



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  • xela
    11-12 09:25 AM
    The question is who has the answer, other than the people at uscis that dont want us to know?

    I dont understand any of the EB3 not moving it is the beginning of the fiscal year, they should be moving forward not be stuck....
    Are we going to have another July 2007 fiasco?

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  • gcdesirer
    10-12 05:59 PM
    My sister is currently working abroad as a Nurse and is looking to work in US. I have done some asking around and figured that Nurses are not welcomed in US as they used to be.

    My question is: Is it possible for my sister to come and work in the country on an H1 visa, since she cannot come in with GC anyways. If yes, how do I explore this avenue.

    I am raising this query through IV forum to get more clarity on her options. I am being told that there are specialist nurses who are coming in, on H1 to US. Only I can't validate it with anyone.

    Any help would be appreciated as always.

    Look forward to hearing from you all..


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  • dealsnet
    04-06 02:11 PM
    You can see many denials for 3 year degree people in various forums including IV.

    I have one copy of the denial of my friend in hand. (AAO appeal in progress)
    It is 3+1+2=6, still they denied for EB2.

    Before 3 year degree people go with some notorious evaluators (you know who) and get evaluated with professor letter (pay $500 to $1000). What they will do is 'find and replace' option in microsoft word file template to change the candidates name and issue a 200 page opinion letter. (all candidates will get same letter, only change in name and university).
    Now this is not flying with USCIS.
    So we can see increase in the denials.

    Could you please share source/link for your assertion?


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  • lostinbeta
    10-05 03:05 AM
    Thank you Syko:)

    I love Photoshop. It is the only art program I have. I wish I could afford 3dsmax and/or Adobe Illustrator, but I dont think that is going to be happening anytime soon:(

    The Flash in the center is actually an easy effect to come up with without 3dsmax :P

    PS: Nice Sig :)


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  • bobzibub
    10-15 11:32 AM
    AILA has asked USCIS that question 6 months ago.
    USCIS has not answered the question.
    That is why some lawyers say yes, some say no. They don't know what USCIS will say.

    I've emailed the ombudsman to get USCIS to answer and give a legal basis for their answer too.

    We deserve to know.

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  • snathan
    08-16 11:56 AM

    I am currently holding L1 and B1 visa from a company A. Now some company B has applied for my H1 Visa. If I get H1b visa, does both L1 and B1 get cancelled.


    Yes...When you go for stamping H1...other visas will be cancelled.


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  • sbdol
    07-20 10:47 AM

    IV core has thought about this specific proposal before and it is already on our radar. Thanks for suggesting though.
    Thanks indio0617.
    As I said I was sure the idea is not new simply beause it is too obvious.
    Did you try to persuade members of Congress/Senate to submit such proposal ?

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  • hydboy77
    11-17 06:51 PM
    As a student who came here myself and understand the huge investment they have to make to come here to study in US, I fell sorry for these students and there parents. With the draconian restrictions imposed by uscis and certain senators many of these kids will not have an oportunity to work in US. I am not sure how they will be able to repay the huge loans they are taking to pay the fees to US universities


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  • khris49
    10-21 11:56 AM
    I have 2 approved I-140s from same company with which I am currently working. One PD is end 2004 and another is end 2005.
    My I-485 was filed last July with PD end 2004 (I-140 was approved way back in 2006).
    Recently, an ombudsman inquiry revealed my PD to be end 2005 and not end 2004. The 140 with PD end 2005 was never used to file 485.
    Anybody with similar experience?
    How do I get this corrected?
    My category is EB2 India.

    Sweet_jungle, I am in a similar situation. My attorney sent a request to TSC 3 months back to fix the PD but no response yet. What did you do to open the obmudsman inquiry? Did you send him an email or did you send him a letter in the email

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  • snaidu
    02-12 01:29 PM
    How do cases get assigned to NSC or Texas?

    Is it possible to file 140 at a particular center? or is it based on jurisdiction etc?


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  • aachoo
    03-24 09:56 AM

    I dont know whether its a good sign or bad sign. I scanned and send this letter to my company and attorney.GURUS and EXPERTS pls help me!!!!!

    Request for Evidence

    The office is unable to complete the processing of your application without further information. Please read and comply with the request below, then submit the evidence to above address. Include the copy of this letter and place the gold sheet on the top of your documents.

    Submit the letter of your employment attesting to your offer of proposed employment. This letter should be written on the company’s official letterhead, citing the date you began working; if the position is permanent and full time; what the position is; the position that you currently hold for the company(if any) ; and the salary offered.

    You must submit this request in 30 days from the date of this letter. Failure to do so may result in the denial of your application.

    Officer # 11**

    Take it easy. There are lots of people getting RFEs for employment letter. The attorney should be able to get most info from you and HR and send a response. Look at some of the other threads (some of my previous posts) where all the different RFEs are being discussed. Bottomline, no you're not special and being singled out.

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  • pappu
    01-09 11:56 AM
    Come on fellas, I need your input.

    Could you update your profile please. Your profile says you are from Afghanistan and other details are missing.

    The delays you pointed out are actually being discussed by IV core at this time (part of our 2009 plan if members want to) and we are thinking of making a case for it. In order to do that we will need statistics on our site to prove how many people (our members) are affected. We can use that % dataset to determine the similarity with overall similar cases. We can also use the statistics to make a case for all cases that are current for a long time and still waiting. We will need community's help if you all want to use the stats and graphs for our presentation on this advocacy effort. This effort will be successful if we get help from all members EB1, EB2 ROW and others in all categories that are current for I485 or are outside their application processing times for their other immigration applications. This may become one of our 2009 push and we can work on it.

    Writing letters is good. But they need to be backed by a campaign and IV name needs to be behind it to make it a national campaign. Not sure how much individual letters may help as we have learnt from past experiences.

    Good you posted this thread. Let us have a discussion what EB1, EB2ROW and others that are current want? And also what people whose I140 etc is stuck and are outside processing time want? Are they willing to support such campaign? Can these people get all such folks together on this platform to run this campaign?


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  • YesWeWillGet
    09-11 01:40 PM
    gc_check and a_yaja - I really appreciate your feedback and thank you.

    I was thinking that I can get the F1 > Opt > H1 > File 485 thru EB2 Since my spouse's 485 is stuck in mud with priority dated 2003 EB3 category. So, I was wondering that can I have file my own 485 EB2 parallel to my spouse EB3. I would really appreciate if you could provide guidence or alternative approach. Once again, thank you for your thoughts.


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  • seahawks
    07-25 02:01 AM
    I'm a new comer... I would like to contribute if I could...but what's IV?

    sorry that I was away the past weekend, thus the late reply
    IV stands for a forum where we are all writing, sharing our thoughts and helping in whatever ways we can on helping the confused often lengthy process of getting an employment based green card. Check out the home page and you will get all the information on all the wonderful founders, core members, volunteers and ofcourse all the members in whatever way are trying to help raise awareness on the employment immigration problems that we face and to see if we can get the honorable members of the house and senate understand our pain and bring some bill that will make us see light at the end of the legal line of aliens forever waiting for Green Card:)

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  • coolpal
    03-30 12:28 PM
    I thought the OP was making a case for getting his question answered.. that doesn't mean the case is necessarily true now.

    And I think if you read further down, the op himself said he didn't get his GC yet, but his question was "what if?"...... guys read before you post ;)

    pal :)

    05-25 06:51 PM
    What about validating the visas in the US? I think it was some where in Brownback amnd.

    Some of the salient points concerning legal immigrants in the CIR bill in its current form:

    1. Bingaman amendment caps the EB green cards at 650,000 which includes derivatives like spouses.
    Comments: Previously we had 290,000 for EB green cards, but we also did not have the increased number of H1Bs and the new guest worker category H2C which is around 200,000 every year and soon they will be eligible to apply for the EB green cards which essentially increases the number of people eligible to file every year. not sure when H2C workers are eligible to file for green cards. I think H2C applicants for green cards are exempt from cap till 2009 (Pls correct me if I am wrong). Can expect a significant relief from STEM applicants. Don't know about the cap for Family based applicants

    2. STEM applicants exempt from cap even if they have not been working in exactly the same discipline as their STEM master�s degree.
    Comments: It is VERY essential that this part of the bill be preserved in the upcoming debates for the final version since one significant relief from derivatives being exempted has been removed thanks to Sen. Bingaman. Don't know how the derivatives of STEM applicants are going to be considered.

    3. No hard limit on countries. Soft cap protects visa numbers from being wasted by their downward flow.
    Comments: This is definitely going in the right direction but I still feel the exemption of derivatives and STEM provided the biggest break for EB based applicants

    4. File I 485 even if priority date is not current.
    Comments: Provides relief where spouses can't work and can start using AC21 provisions.

    Looking at the above provisions point #2 is very important to all EB categories because this is the one that provides most relief from the cap of 650,000. If anyone would like to add to these comments pls do so.... I might have analyzed certain provisions incorrectly.

    And finally congratulations to all volunteers and contributors to IV for a job well done!

    06-07 11:44 PM
    I had sent my 485 app to Nebraska. However, the receipt number starts with WAC.

    Should I send the EAD renewal to NSC or CSC??

    Please let me know.

    RN starting from WAC. But I filled EAD in NSC. Also have RN for EAD. It does not matter. You have to file EAD based on state you live. Because of July fiasco they had sent 485 cases everywhere so those RNs are from all over.
    But for EAD it does not matter where 485 was filed only thing that matters in where you live.

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