Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • gregspirited
    03-24 11:42 AM
    I have a quick question related to my approved I-140 and my spouse's visa status. My wife got into a medical residency and the hospital that she plans to join will sponsor only J1 visa for her. I was wondering if the J1 visa for her will be affected by the fact that my I-140 is approved. My law firm says that they had to include my spouse's name in I-140 application as a requirement.

    My concern is since I-140 is a petition to immigrate to US what are the risks involved with my wife's J1 visa. Can she go to India to get her J1 visa stamping? Will the approved I-140 negatively affect her chances of entering back US at the port of entry?

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  • a_yaja
    10-07 01:47 PM
    My H1B expire on 9/30 as well as my I-94 also expires 9/30. Some how I miss my H1B extenction. I have EAD that is valid until next year mid. I am working right now what is my current status? Is they any way still i can extend my H1B.

    My employer is saying there is no way to extend H1B after crossing the last date. You have to work on EAD.

    But my question my I94 is expired on 9/30 then what is my current staus.

    thanks in advance.

    You need to file a new I-9 with EAD as condition of employment ASAP. Otherwise you are working without authorization as your H1B has expired. As far as status is concerned, you are good as you are on AOS, but file the new I-9 (with HR dept. of your employer) quickly to avoid possible complications in your GC process.

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  • krish_krish
    01-05 12:27 PM
    Is anyone has done adjustment of status from B2 to H1.

    My friend is in US with 10 yrs multiple entry visa, and he likes to do adjustment of status. Any advice.


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  • supender
    09-21 03:16 PM
    I highly appreciate your advice. It sads that you had to go throught GC process so many times. In fact this is my third I-140 too. The first two never got approved due to silly administartive errors on employers part ( old check and job notice at wrong site) and I had to abandon them.

    One of the other fix I have is : if I should leave my present job or not , as my fear of loosing job might just be in mind. I am wondering, if worse comes to worse and if I loose job with an approved I-140, will I be able to secure job with another employer and use this I-140 to get an extension. I am a Physical Therapist and EB-2 positions are hard to come by in the state I am in. I want to take the risk to stay with this employer and take my chances. But I also want to have a back plan ( premium processing I-140).I dont know if it can work. Please share your thoughts.


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  • McLuvin
    03-04 05:10 PM
    I received my card production ordered email today. All thanks God for making all this possible. I came to the US in Jan 1995 on F1 to begin my undergrad, switched to H1 in 1998, had a GC PD of 2002, and now 14 years and a countless visa's later, I was greened today.

    I would not have made it through this journey without the expert advice on this forum to all the questions I asked - and just seeing everyone's contributions whether +ve or -ve to remind me that I am not in this thing alone.

    For those that are still on the journey - just hang in there and your time surely will come!

    Congrats !!! I think u should party hard for a long time...

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  • abhi_jais
    12-03 11:35 PM
    I don't think consulate ask details of all employees if size is 5k or more. Further more you can tell officer that it is impossible to get wage details of all employee. I hear some time some desi companies gives w2 of all employees etc.. would consular officer show his/her w2 ? but since our desi companies feeding what they need , they ask what ever...

    In this case they did ask for the details of all the employees of the company, probably they want to make sure that the employer has hired some US citizens as well. The company size is about 500-1000 employees. Since they have asked for the employee detail the employer has to provide that information otherwise the employee would not be able to get the visa stamped.

    Let's see hoping for the best.


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-07 09:56 PM

    I-140 Approved : OCT 2004
    I140/I485 concurrently filled : APR 2004

    Currently have EAD and AP

    Status : Married : Adjustment of Status Pending for Both

    Did any body get their green cards because of the recent movement of eb3 dates.


    i see lot of approvals on

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  • sledge_hammer
    07-05 09:03 PM
    I think you and many more members here are simply paranoid!

    Do you think that after announcing that all applications will be rejected, USICS will just keep those applications indefinitely? Come on, we are dealing with a federal government agency here, not some mafia.

    I have just thought of something (don't know that anyone discussed this in our forum), what if USCIS do not reject the cases filed for July and keep the packages back for few months or years, just saying...

    a) Need to record each application that they have received
    b) Need to make sure that there are no concurrent I-140 filings
    c) Need to differentiate the packages received in June and July
    d) Etc
    e) Etc

    What will happen to AILA' Plaintiffs? Can they sue just having FedEx/UPS tracking number and the updated visa bulletin?

    What will happen to the folks applied on 1st July? They are not going to have AP and EAD in the future. Few of their visas may need renewal soon. How can the travel outside USA? I know there are lots more problems than this.....

    What will happen, if Oct Visa Bulletin is moved to up to 2005 for all the EB categories and the people who have filed in July not received the packages back in the meantime?

    Moreover, who knows, USCIS may not send the packages back for several weeks to avoid lawsuit. What will happen to the people who applied on 07/02?


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  • number30
    03-17 11:25 AM
    Add you wife , 2 weeks before she comes, IE if she is coming on 16th may add her on 1st may.
    pay some extra premium.

    wouldn't that be common sense....

    You cannot add before she comes here. She can bring some insurence from country of origin.

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  • Saralayar
    08-07 10:42 AM
    Relax guys...sorry ..

    do you need to use these kind of words for posting a thread which I did by mistake?
    Check the threads in the forum and then create a new thread if necessary.


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  • GCchakravyuh
    07-17 12:53 AM
    Thanks to Business week for well presenting the facts...

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  • rahulpaper
    06-19 06:32 PM
    Does that mean application progresses normally without RFE or Wait if immunizations are still not complete?


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  • for_gc
    08-13 01:03 PM
    Hi Funny,

    When were your respective I140s approved ? Were they with the same or different employer ?

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  • pani_6
    07-03 12:06 PM
    OK if I go the convert to Eb2 route..when do Ihave to shift to the new employer..after the new PERM is approved or after the I-14o is approved??.


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  • gaz
    09-02 06:47 PM
    not a red-dotter - but i do believe we should leave the forums open to talk not just about immigration but also immigrant related issues.

    this will help draw more people towards IV who can then contribute to IV core agenda in any way feasible for them.

    also will motivate people to hang around IV even once they get their GCs or Citizenship.

    I got 2 red dots for this .....Crazy people

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 06:53 PM
    If we turn up in lower numbers - media will ignore. Rallies happen everyday in DC - and media wont bother unless numbers are huge or there is a fight or something.

    Remember - they key for success is numbers.



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  • rjgleason
    June 2nd, 2004, 01:30 PM
    A little update; I was asked to send some of these pictures to Sveriges Ornitologiska F�rening (main ornithological society), and the pics are now on their home page ( with a short story ( . No biggie, they accept user contributions, but flattering just the same. I can now sort of say I've been published! :) Maybe the link to my home page can lead to something (uhh, no pun intended).

    You HAVE been published!!! Congratulations!!! And, I noticed that for all the pics on the home page, yours is ...BY FAR....THE BEST!

    You just moved up a notch (or two) on that mountain you are climbing. Great Anders!

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  • gcbikari
    01-07 03:29 PM
    i see the estimate tool is showing
    max weekly is $415
    max benifits is $10k

    I thought it was like 1/2 of your salary.
    It will be much less considering taxes and deductions like child support etc.. :D

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  • stucklabor
    03-16 12:38 PM
    I am confused stucklabor. I thought that labor decided ur job qualifications etc. I mean when i applied for my I-140 (i did not file concurrently btw). I was asked more info regarding my company and all of the company documents. I wasnt being sarcastic or anything i am just trying to understand what is going on.

    Eb3_nepa, you should probably read the "Green Card process and problems" FAQ.

    In addition, when in my post I said "you" I didn't mean you personally. It was a general "you". And that was an example, not directed at your situation personally since I have no idea about your situation.

    In labor cert, the company only advertises for an American for the job that is being proposed to be given to the foreigner. It also does include the foreigner's resume to a certain degree, but in general, the foreign worker's qualifications only get examined at I140. So a labor cert could be filed that is very tailored so that the chances of an American being qualified for the job is 0.01%. Then the foreign worker has to prove that he/she is qualified for the job. I140 also is the stage where USCIS also satisfies itself that the job is a standard job, not a made up job that will exclude most Americans. So all this happens at the 140 stage. Meanwhile, someone who wants to file a 485 can do it concurrently and get EAD and AP. They can even file a second labor cert at their own time and do things the right way. So the possibilities of fraud exist. USCIS has to balance quick processing vs diligent processing.

    So anyway, read the report. The report doesn't say anything about mismanagement or corruption at USCIS.

    05-17 04:59 PM
    Thanks Nathan for quick response.

    But what do i need to do? Do i have to change my place of birth in my indian passport? Can i have "Nepal" as place of birth in my indian passport? Do i still remain indian citizen or would it be considered a fraud? I think, my parents put india as birth place, so i dont face any difficulty in india. what does Indian constitution say about citizenzip?

    Are there more people like me here? who were born outside of india, but are Indian citizens?

    Thank you for help

    08-25 08:36 PM
    Thanks, crystal. But what would happen if I wait now and just say, hypothetically, my I-140 is denied?

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