Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • eb3India
    04-09 03:58 PM
    Bush and the others were sure to have a bill by the end of the year 2006, did you see any bill (beside the Bill wall) ?
    No, so don`t worry...nothing will happen.

    well they tried it did'nt happen because of Republican controled house, we now have Democratic controled house who favor more towards CIR, I think Bush working with Republican senators to get approval for his bill

    atleast this is the only issue where president and democrats come close to agreeing on,

    Question, does Democrats puts politics ahead by not giving credit to Bush for resolving immigration is the real issue

    I do see more chances this year ofcourse this will be do or die situation for many immigration hopefuls

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  • mallu
    10-22 11:14 PM

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  • sreeanne
    01-02 06:37 PM
    I have few questions on filling AP document.

    1) What could be the best reason to write on 131 document. USCIS says it should be family emergency or business. I am going on family visit. If i write "Family visit" will it be a problem ie RFE from USCIS saying that reason for travel is not good or something else.

    2) I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Should i send 131 to texas service center or california. All my 485 & 140 were with TSC. Coz when i goes to USCIS website, Arizona state is not covered by TSC.

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance

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  • shar533
    04-29 02:29 PM
    Yesterday I came back from Vancouver after 4 day visit, using 30 day rule. My visa was expired but I-94 was still valid. CBP officer at Vancouver airport didnt create any problem. He looked at my expired visa on my old passport , my new passport and current I-94 date on I-797. Thats it. He even wandered why my old I-94 was still attached with old passport which no1 bothered to take out while I was going out of USA. So he took out old I-94 from expired passport and put a new I-94 on new passport. Thats all. He didnt bothered to ask my job letter, work details , company name etc.


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-22 06:47 AM
    Anyone still waiting for approval whose PD is within October 2003 EB2?

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  • up_guy
    01-07 09:01 PM
    Memphis TN..
    Please add me in local chapter


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  • ihateh1
    02-25 04:21 PM
    Since your wife has a valid H4 she dosent need to get the stamping if the H4 is filed through your employer. couple of my friends have the same situation. one of them moved to H4 and her employer told if anybody asks then she can say she never joined the company...another friend of mine is running payroll for his wife by paying money from his own pocket...

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  • rsayed
    04-26 06:50 PM
    Be careful with what you post on this thread.

    Assume that all such threads that have lawmakers name in title may be read by someone in their staff so BE VERY CAREFUL in posting stuff that is a comment on any lawmaker.

    Restrain would be a good idea.

    I agree...


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  • forgerator
    05-20 10:15 PM
    Here are my thoughts about this so called Conversation:

    the topic of discussion will be - how to get illegals a greencard in a quick/fair manner. Any discussion of legal non-immigrants and pains they have to go through in the current EB2/EB3/Visa stamp topics will be considered taboo.

    It's sad but inevitable. Illegals are potentially in a better position to get greencard than legals like us.

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  • new2H1&GC
    11-08 12:39 PM
    Hi all,
    This year I got my H1B approved with start date Oct 1st 2007 through a consultancy. I had also applied for GC in July (as derivative) and got my EAD October last week.

    The consultancy hasn't placed me on project so far (it's been more than a month) , and I am concerned , if this period of "no pay" will affect my GC process in anyway.:(

    The consultancy wants me to get an SSN now, because a couple of their clients want to know the SSN number before considering for projects.

    Would getting an ssn number based on the H1B effect me in anyway later case it takes longer for the consultancy to assign me a project?:confused:

    In the mean time I have been looking for jobs in my area , and if I find one before the consultancy assigns a project, I have decided to go ahead and use my EAD card.. and get SSN based on EAD.

    Could someone please please let me know if there is any effect on GC if I get an SSN on H1B...or if I use EAD to get an SSN would it invalidate my H1B?:confused:

    I would much rather be safe than sorry.

    Thank you all for ur replies...


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  • plreddy
    08-11 09:59 AM
    One More from 2006.

    PD 30 Mar 2006.
    RD 07/03/07
    ND 09/05/07.

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  • saxx
    07-21 12:58 AM
    Well every website i've went to thats fully made in silverlight runs at a crawl in firefox, and plus it just seems like a flash copy minus the good parts, and tacking on some lame stuff that i don't like :)


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  • uma001
    06-23 09:10 AM
    Although I filed the Labor Certification Application (regular filing) in mid 2004, I couldn�t apply for I-485 in July/Aug 2007 because my LC was still pending at that time. Later in 2007 I got the Labor Certification and in 2009 I received the I-140 approval.

    While may case was stuck in a DOL backlog elimination center, many people who started their permanent residency process in 2005, 2006 and 2007 were able to take advantage of the I-485 filing window because of RIR and PERM filings.

    I am wondering if I could request USCIS to extend to me the same EAD Card benefit that applicants with a later priority date are enjoying. Is it something I can appeal to an immigration board or to an immigration court? I have been working in H1B since 1999. Would 11 years in H1B (and 3 years in F1 prior to that) carry any humanitarian consideration in a court of appeal?

    Could someone please advice?

    Thank you.

    I feel sorry for you. I came to US on H1 in 1998.Did not file green card and left US in 2004 came back again in 2006 on H1. Still have not filed green card.

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  • walker15
    04-06 06:38 PM
    Hi tabletpc,
    Sorry to hear that your father is admitted in hospital. Hope everything will be fine.
    As a returning H1B employee you are eligible for emergency appt. Eventhough you don't see vacant spots, you should keep logging frequently to grab cancellations(vacant) appts.
    FYI: I just browsed and saw many appts available for the month of April for WORKING IN THE USA OPTION.

    Good luck


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  • hibworker
    03-17 12:15 PM
    Any recent experiences please.
    How easy or difficult is it.

    Is it any different in Chennai or in Hyd.

    I heard different things like some employer memo or something. Is it related to stamping.
    If it is, please share your receent stamping experiences.

    Is Canada better.,

    Thank you

    If your documents are in order then there is really no need to worry. The employer memo you are talking about is about employer - employee relationship. If a worker on H1 visa is working at a client site where his / her employer do not directly control the day to day activity then that person will be denied H1.

    In plain terms if you are on staff augmentation project and report to a client manager who controls your day to day assignment and your H1 employer only runs your payroll then there will be issues when you go for stamping with a possibility of your visa getting denied.

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  • roseball
    12-27 06:17 PM
    I have a valid H-1B valid till 18th feb 2011 for employment with my previous employer. I had changed employment and now have I797C for the new employer valid till Nov 2011. I plan to go to India and be back in 1 week, my employer would issue me a leave approval letter. My present employer is a big hospital-non profit and I am a health professional.

    Can some one tell if would need to get a new visa stamped if I come back by 15th January 2011. What documents should I carry. Should I talk to a lawyer before I leave. My mom is stable now but I am afraid If dont go now, I might not be able to gor a long time as I dont want to get re-stamping done.

    Please advice

    You do NOT need a new VISA stamp as long as you have a valid/unexpired VISA stamp from your previous employer. However, you should carry the original H1 approval along with recent paystubs and make sure to tell the officer that you have changed employers and show the IO the new approved I797C before he stamps and gives you the new I-94. If you do not show the approved I797C from the current employer, then you will be treated as working illegally for your new/current employer because the IO will issue you an I-94 with Old employer information filled in the system. Your new I-94 should be valid till the validity of your new I797C.


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  • GCBoy786
    07-05 08:00 PM;_ylt=Ajatybf8w57Zhcm Lg8h8JH1Quk0A

    Congress will not realize the importance of EB immigration until all of the s/w jobs are outsourced as manufacturing jobs...

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  • SertTurk
    07-19 05:10 PM
    Yes, we have to go to Turkey for cosular processing since I accepted illegal employment and paid taxes for one year when we first came here.

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  • julsun
    01-03 09:15 AM
    Hi All,

    My wife was on H1b till few months back. She left her job and is currently on AdjustmentOfStatus. We have received the filing receipts for her Adjustment of Status Application, and her approved EAD as well.

    But yet to get back anything on her Advance Parole Application, though we have the filing receipts. She now needs to travel to India due to some family reasons. Is it safe for her to travel without approved Advance Parole?

    I have an approved H1b till early 2009 and plan to use same for my travel.

    Any pointers on this one?


    01-05 03:56 PM
    Hi there,

    I need your advise - have an issue with travel back to the US.

    My wife is in India, her AP is expired and she needs to travel back to the US. I am working on an EAD, changed employers and could not transfer my old H-1 (H1 was valid until 06/09 - she has a H4 stamp in her passport valid until the same time). Given there is no H1/H4 or AP available to her now, how can one go about getting either AP reinstated (I know it says one cannot apply for AP when out of the country) or some other status for being able to travel back. We do have a child (US citizen) also in India with her.

    I am trying to get advise from an immigration attorney as well but would like to hear from folks here if they have had to deal with this issue and if so what is the best way to deal with it.

    Before someone shoots me for asking this question let me make it clear that I have been aware that she should have come back before her AP expired and one cannot renew AP while out of the country and this puts her GC application at risk (abandonement) - there were some factors involved here that were not in my control and therefore we have landed up in this messy situation.

    I would really appreaciate any advise you can provide to my query. Thanks!

    10-02 06:45 PM
    Could not believe this thread was not on the first page. The lack of response so far is not going to shake my belief that ultimately most of you will contribute. Maybe you have not cashed your check yet?

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