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  • MatsP
    November 9th, 2004, 07:37 AM
    Hi Mandy, and welcome to Dphoto.

    The choice of DSLR's is not an easy one.

    By all accounts, the Digital Rebel/300D is an excellent camera.

    So is the Olympus, as far as I know.

    The Canon will give you a greater selection of lenses.

    There's also another great choice in the Nikon D70.

    Why would one be better than the other? Depends on what you want, really. All of them take good photos.

    Canon probably have THE best selection of lenses, all the way from cheap-n-cheerful to expen$ive professional level where a single lens will break your budget several times over. There's also a good selection of other accessories, such as a number of flash-guns, and other bits and pieces.

    At $779.95 (after rebate) from B&H Photo (this is not an endorsement), it leaves you with a small lump of money to extend the kit, or spare cash for your trip.

    The big advantage on the Nikon D70 compared to Canon would be it's ability to take more fast shots in a row. That would be useful if you're after snapping sports/action shots, but if you just want to take a few shots of beutiful land/streetscapes, your friends/family and the odd young one having a go at baseball, it's not really an advantage as such. There may be some other features that I don't know about, but I would think those differences are minor. On the other hand, it's a little bit out of your budget.

    The big advantage on Olympus side is the smaller form-factor for the lenses. I'm pretty sure that Olympus would want it to stay, and it's very unlikely to disappear in the next few years. If anything, it's most likely a forward path, but who knows... I'm pretty sure both Canon and Nikon are watching carefully.

    I own the EOS 10D, because I wanted the sports ability, which is slightly better on the 10D compared to the Digital Rebel. But I was locked into Canon from owning a fair amount of lenses that would cost MUCH more than the cost of the camera body to replace. I've been "collecting" those lenses for some time. And to sell used lenses to buy similar ones from another brand gets pretty expensive, so once you've selected a brand, you need a much bigger advantage from another brand to switch.

    That doesn't apply when the photographer gets paid for the pictures taken, especially since the equipment in this case often gets quite a bit of (accidental) abuse, and needs replacing with much shorter intervals than the amateurs would anyway. This is why Canon pretty much won overnight on the transition to Autofocus. Canon had a better solution than Nikon, but they also "forced" a change of lenses. The professionals jumped on the Canon system because it gave them a small advantage of getting a better shot, even if they used to have a Nikon before they changed over].

    Anyway, I'm not sure this is much help, but perhaps gives you a few pointers in the right direction.

    Also, I would advice that you get the camera at least a few weeks before you go on vacation, so that you can get used to the camera.


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  • sw33t
    11-04 11:52 PM
    Alright folks:

    I need your help. We have 87 registered members in the Texas State Chapter and we have decided to shoot for 100 by the end of this week.

    If you are from Texas or know someone living in Texas, I request you to urge them to sign-up with the Texas State Chapter.

    We have some exciting events coming up and please use this opportunity to get notified of local events, critical updates and action items.

    Existing texas members, please keep this thread alive!

    GO OPERATION 100!!!!

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  • pappu
    02-09 01:39 PM
    Call up AILA and ask them what are your options. Do not tell them the lawyer name yet.

    Contact the state bar of this lawyer. Each lawyer is licensed to practice in his state. call them up and ask for your options.

    pls post your answers on this thread so that everyone can know how to deal with such lawyers and what rights (clients) have.

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  • gcwanter
    07-02 10:01 AM
    All of a sudden since last week there has been an increase.. in these kind of people who "suddenly" pop up ; make their first time posts challenging IV and its mission.

    I think the best treatment they deserve is IGNORANCE. we probably shouldnt even reply to such ridiculous posts of people who are not even aware what the CIR contains for us legals..

    please ignore such people..or else these threads keep lingering on top..which they dont deserve


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  • check_name
    07-26 07:05 PM
    wow, thanks a lot for the reply!
    I will come back often to update and do my share of contribution.
    seriously, I feel the green card process is getting worse and worse.
    my friends told me that things were not that bad prior to 2002.
    starting 2002, it went downhill like a free fall. I have friends who haven't got their labor (turned in late 2002) done. some of them got laid off recently, and they have to go from zero again. they're seriously considering leaving the States.

    Green card is like a rope on the neck.

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  • chics
    06-04 12:37 AM

    My I-485 priority dat is current ( EB3 - INDAI, priority date mid July 2002 ). I have filed I-485 in JUly 2003. I called customer service for status enquiry on 5/15/2007, today i got letter in that they mensioned that "Your application is under additional review" due to this processing is getting delayed. If you don't receive response in 180 days, call customer service.

    Do any one got this kind of reply?

    Previously i called customer service for status enquiry in Nov 2006 and got email that "Your application is awaiting for officer review", Service waiting for visa availability.After this message, why i got the new message like above.


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  • texanmom
    11-05 10:14 AM
    I know you are all out there....there was a stampede at the temple this Saturday during the Diwali mela and this Sunday at the Sugarland Diwali Festival....please join IV with just as much enthusiasm and we can work wonders!

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  • snram4
    01-23 12:37 AM
    If you are out of status you may have to go India to get Visa. Canada and Mexico may not give Visa You were out of status for couple of months. So it should not be an issue in getting Visa

    I work as a full time employee (h1b) for a company abc in CA. In Oct 09 they laid off a couple of people and the attorney instead of revoking a laid off persons h1b sent a note to USCIS to revoke my h1b while im still employed. They informed USCIS to ignore the note they sent but USCIS ignored and cancelled my H1. In the meantime attorney files another h1b and got h1b approval (without i94 stub)

    I was getting paystub till now and today they called me and said I was out of status due to the mistake they did. They didn't inform me about the out of status from Nov 07 2009. They basically wanted to cover their mistakes. Now yhey are asking me to go to Canada or Mexico to get H1B stamped. Here are my concerns

    1) What will be implication in the embassy for such situations where I'm totally unaware of our of status situation
    2) Is there chances of my H1B getting rejected in Canada or mexico due to out of status and would they ask me to go to India from Canada/Mexico ( i don't mind going to india but I have 5 month old baby and woudn't want to risk the travel from US to Canada/mexico to India)
    3) Or is it advisable to go to india and get it stamped

    My company has given a letter stating that it was their error to USICS and agreed to bear all the expenses for travel.

    I need your urgent help and all of your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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  • VSS2007
    05-28 06:19 PM
    I got my renewal EAD from TSC last week. It starts from the expiry of my current EAD.

    Thanks so much!

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  • roseball
    04-25 02:29 PM
    Yes, PR visa is not extendable....Also, you dont have to apply for any PR card when you go to Canada. When you enter Canada, you will automatically be a PR starting that day and the PR will be mailed to the Canadian address you provide at the airport....Its your choice to apply for a SIN card (US equivalent of SSN card)...For this you will have to go to the nearest office to do so. Usually the landing procedure takes 2 to 3 hrs...You can return the same day...PR card is issued for 5 yrs from the date of your landing and you can stay 3 yrs out of Canada...To maintain PR status, you will have to be physically present in Canada for atleast 2 yrs..Hope it works out for you.....


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  • validIV
    03-24 12:51 PM
    Technically if you lose employment in H-1 you are out of status, although there is an informal grace period that everyone here interprets differently.

    How long have you been unemployed?

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  • senram
    01-20 05:06 PM
    I am speculating this. Elite people in USA predicted this situation in early 90s and they put Country quota. We all knew that countries like UK, Germany, France are Staunch Allies of USA for many decades. So USA did not want those country persons to wait years . India was least favored country in past due to many political reasons. Though it is changing now still USA may like to give preference to many of their close Allies. Canada had TN Visa but India does not have similar thing. If this is a speculation then it is possible to change Country Quota. I strongly believe that it is easier to increase GC quota or recapture bill than removing country quota.

    At this rate...after couple of years the GC backlog will only be restricted to EB-India


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  • waitnwatch
    07-16 02:38 PM
    Wondering whether you would take a decision just based on what we amateurs have to say. At least ask this question on the "free question to attorney thread" if you are looking for an answer you can trust.

    Ultimately I guess "same and similar" is a totally gray area. I donot know whether there are some guidelines for the adjudicators but that phrase can be as broadly or narrowly interpreted as the IO wants it to be.

    I am currently working as a Programmer Analyst on EB3 and Using my EAD through 485.

    I plan to convert to a new postition that of Senior Applications Developer where the job duties will be atleast 50% different from my existing position

    But here is the problem If i am using my EAd obtained from Eb3 program Analyst position then can I work on another position which is 50% different from my existing position as per AC21 rules

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  • indianabacklog
    01-03 01:04 PM
    Yes she not current visa status :-( Thats why I am worried about her travel plan.

    If that is the case she should NOT travel without advanced parole in hand. If she chooses to do so she has NO valid immigration status on which to re enter the United States and will have abandoned her adjustment of status application.

    If she needs to travel for urgent family medical reasons if you can obtain medical notes etc you can go to your local office on an infopass appointment and try to expedite the process.


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  • waitin_toolong
    11-08 02:04 PM
    show your H1 documents as well as EAD at SSN office.
    it does not matter how you get SSN.

    even if you get SSn based on H1 only you will be fine.

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  • boreal
    06-07 01:40 AM
    I will keep you posted.

    I am not really sure about the chances of such bills passing. Having an upper limit of 20k per year, similar to the quota for Master's in H1-B, might have relatively better chances of passing. Otherwise, all the anti-immigrant nuts from alipac and numbersusa will derail everything even before anything hits the discussion level...

    btw, i read that the alipac founder was called lots of names in a NC newspaper...(details on their web-site)..that sounded like sweet nectar to me...he deserves all of it and more....the way he and all his honchos in their forum ban and bully everyone (not just illegal, but legal would-be immigrants)...just desserts!!!


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  • axp817
    05-15 04:25 PM
    yes, he lucked out when his file/case/name/application got picked last Aug/Sept when that PD was current for a brief while.

    I could be wrong, but don't the dependents also need their PDs to be current in order for their 485 to be approved?

    The wife wasn't as lucky and her application wasn't picked while the window lasted, which is why she is still waiting. No?

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  • nixone
    05-10 09:58 PM
    I would like to know the answer too, but my research tells me that only in few cases, you can use I-140 premium processing. In my case, I am not able to use it as my H1B started on Oct 07 (it is not expiring anytime soon).

    More can be found here: D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • nviren
    02-24 01:51 PM

    In the draft, the countrywise cap is set to 10% of the quota. That's still a big stumbling block for Chinese and Indians.
    We should push for getting rid of this countrywise cap.

    Another, just a thought. Once they increase the cap and all those changes, so many people will be eligible and apply for 140 & 485. They will become eligible for EAD and AC21. The USCIS will drown in I140 and I485 applications and recurring appls for EADs resulting in huge administrative delays. So the spead gained by legislative action will get lost by backlog due to administrative actions. Classic case of give by one hand and take away by another.

    Any thoughts?


    11-14 11:36 AM
    our case was recvd by uscis on July 23. we got our EAD card, FP notices , 485 receipts already. But 485 status is not online yet. I really dont need to worry about it, but was wondering if anyone is similar situation..


    06-11 06:11 PM

    Why we starting new thred for anything.. members should do more active things rather then just creating new thred...

    Pappu asked us 100... times not to create but we won't listen to him.

    Mistake..............Now i am not able to change the title-sorry guys.

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