Tuesday, June 14, 2011

us map of 1803

images And this was only 207 years us map of 1803. hairstyles The USA map below shows a red us map of 1803.
  • hairstyles The USA map below shows a red us map of 1803.

  • pthoko
    07-05 03:15 PM
    Thanks, I've not been able to do any work today after this thing got into my mind. I got my labor approved and I-140 is pending...

    wallpaper hairstyles The USA map below shows a red us map of 1803. us map of 1803. map of 1803 united states.
  • map of 1803 united states.

  • neerajkandhari
    11-14 03:04 PM
    I saw two lud on my i-485(yesterday and today) What does that mean?
    I have completed my biometrics, received EAD and approval notice for AP has been sent.

    Can somebody clarify on this please??

    what is ur PD

    us map of 1803. TN, 37921, us Map It!
  • TN, 37921, us Map It!

  • dpp
    08-18 12:09 PM
    that was expected. 300K * 1.7(average family size according to USCIS) = Approx. 500K

    They clearly said estimated 300K received. This 300K estimate includes all I-485 petitions, do not confuse and speculate incorrect info.

    2011 map of 1803 united states. us map of 1803. Harding County, NM map
  • Harding County, NM map

  • bobsmith
    07-30 05:00 PM
    Any comment?

    Specter has new immigration package
    By Elana Schor
    July 27, 2007
    The Senate Judiciary Committee�s senior Republican said on Thursday that he is on the verge of offering a new immigration reform package, making significant changes that could win over recalcitrant members from both parties.

    Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), who accompanied President Bush Thursday on his visit to Pennsylvania, said he has spoken to Bush and the two Cabinet members who have led immigration talks about his new bill. Specter also told reporters that he has spoken to most senators involved in this spring�s failed �grand bargain,� outlining his plan and appealing for a restart to the arduous immigration debate.

    �I�m ready to unveil it now,� Specter said. �I�ve got letters to the 100 senators on my desk.�

    Specter explained the new measure would omit the controversial �Z visa� program, which would have given the nation�s 12 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Removing the Z visa would offer conservatives less opening to tag the bill as �amnesty.� But he would leave intact the family reunification standard that this spring�s defunct immigration bill partially replaced with a skills-based system.

    The lone change in the status of the 12 million, Specter said, would be removing their status as fugitives from justice, an attempt to diminish their incentive to remain outside the system and in fear of deportation.

    Specter added that he already has met with �stakeholders� from outside groups involved in the complex immigration debate, and he plans to hold more sit-downs next week. Offering green cards to immigrants seeking employment in the high-tech industry is under consideration, he said.


    us map of 1803. Map detailing the FL peninsula
  • Map detailing the FL peninsula

  • ita
    08-22 09:20 PM

    I just thought of sharing some good news. I spoke this afternoon with USCIS office about my pending EAD(renewal), at the same time I asked the lady to check my I485 (PD: 11/08/2005), she forwarded my call to Level 2 support guys. He said FP,NC,Back ground check everything is cleared and also case is assigned to IO.

    Just a small suggestion/clue to my friends,
    when ever they ask "when did u file the application(I485) tell them your PD not the date that we all recently applied(if you have applied recently, I mean last year Jul/Aug)". Also don't call them on Mon-Wed, call them on Thursday or Friday (I recommend), so they will answer you guys politely. Complement for every say of them. Just a good word or humble will pay us back. I am sure about that.

    Please don't take me wrong.


    Would you please let us know what #(extensions) did you call? Was the person who initially answered your call IO or National CS? What did you ask the person who initially answered your call upon which she forwarded you to second level support? Appreciate your answers. Thank you.

    us map of 1803. Map of the Mississippi RIver
  • Map of the Mississippi RIver

  • dealsnet
    01-05 11:41 AM
    First year or 10th year of H1B, the law is same.

    Can I use AVR even if I am on my 8th year of H1B (because of an approved I140, waiting for I485 to become current)?


    us map of 1803. A transitional map of New
  • A transitional map of New

  • 485Question
    11-14 03:03 PM

    Please update your signature, so that we will know your dates.


    2010 TN, 37921, us Map It! us map of 1803. And this was only 207 years
  • And this was only 207 years

  • skd
    07-05 02:19 PM
    I know friends who are on L1 and there companies and they themselves are contributing to 401 K.


    us map of 1803. us map of 1803. 1803 map of united states. Relief shown by shading,
  • us map of 1803. 1803 map of united states. Relief shown by shading,

  • pappu
    11-02 04:10 PM
    I had written 2 long posts in the past detailing my own views on how to hire an attorney and how to deal with them when you hire them. You may want to go through them in the threads. If someone can dig them we can try to create a thread dedicated on 'advice when you hire an attorney'. I have myself seen enough bad attorneys (both big and small firrms) and the posts were written based on my experiences and experiences of my friends.

    hair Harding County, NM map us map of 1803. map of 1803 united states. 1803 map of North America
  • map of 1803 united states. 1803 map of North America

  • pan123
    11-04 04:14 PM

    Your help/guidance is needed on this strange situation.

    I am still in India and I have got my H1B1 approved thru one employer. I am waiting on few documents from my employer who is in US. I am still waiting for these documents so that I can go for Visa stamping.

    Apparantly, this employer is causing some issues in giving me all my supporting documents.

    My question: can I find some other employer and transfer my H1B1 and then go for stamping thru this new employer?

    You experience, knowledge will be appreciated.



    us map of 1803. United States Map Of 1803.
  • United States Map Of 1803.

  • FredG
    June 25th, 2006, 08:25 AM
    First option is always to try to blow it out. Next, in my mind, is an arctic butterfly (a bush that works on the principle of static cling, and no chance of leaving a residue). The lens pen was originally developed for lenses, but has recently come into vogue for sensors. Finally, a wet solution applied with a pad. A variety of blowers is here (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?ci=1&sb=ps&pn=1&sq=desc&InitialSearch=yes&O=productlist.jsp&A=search&Q=*&bhs=t&shs=air+blower&image.x=0&image.y=0). Visible dust (http://www.visibledust.com/) has a variety of wet and dry offerings, including the butterfly. Lens pen is found here (http://www.lenspen.com/402/152/), along with instructions. I consider a wet method the last resort, due to experience with streaking (No, I don't streak, it's from the fluid. Oh, I guess y'all figured that out. :) )

    hot Map detailing the FL peninsula us map of 1803. An enlargeable map of the
  • An enlargeable map of the

  • jax999
    01-29 05:18 PM
    Anybody Travelled with only Advance Payrole through Frankfurt recently please post ?

    where they will check for transit visa in usa while boarding or in frankfurt or in india while return ?

    My nationality is Indian. Presently i am residing in USA . I have " Advance Payrole Document " . I am planning to travel in this February 2011 from " Atlanta -> Frankfurt -> India(Hyderabad) " and return is in May 2011 from " India(Hyderabad) -> Frankfurt -> Atlanta " in lufthansa airways.

    So shall i go for this round trip with a valid " Advance Payrole Document " only ? or i need to have " Air Transit Visa ? If i need Air transit Visa could you please let me know how to apply and what documents i need to submit .

    While pending i-485 if i applied for German airport transit visa is there any negative concerns because of that ?

    Please reply soon . I really appriciate you . Thank You.


    house Map Illustrating the Naval us map of 1803. Groveton, Virginia map
  • Groveton, Virginia map

  • glus
    11-13 11:22 AM
    I emailed DOS yesterday and asked why EB3 ROW did not move. This morning I received a response:

    Dear Mr. XXXXX:

    The E3 cut-off date has not moved because USCIS has already requested nearly as many E3 numbers as may be allocated for the first quarter, and there are no unused E1 and E2 numbers to fall down to E3.
    The data which CIS posted can be misleading because it was probably a month old when it was published, it does not take into account demand at our overseas posts, that being processed at CIS District Offices, etc. The INA imposes limits on the amount of visa numbers which may be used in each of the first three quarters, and without moving most of the Employment cut-off dates we are approaching the first quarter limit.

    Legal Net
    Visa Office
    Department of State

    tattoo Map of the Mississippi RIver us map of 1803. Cherokee, Kansas map
  • Cherokee, Kansas map

  • baleraosreedhar
    11-09 02:50 PM
    Hi All

    My wife received her H1 document approval notice yesterday, but her approval notice does not contain I 94.

    Employer says they will receive I 94 document seperately and they will mail it.

    My question is, Is Employer saying TRUTH
    Usually I94 is part of H1 Approval notice, ie bottom part, Do USCIS send out both these documents seperately.

    If my wife does not get her I 94 what are her Options

    your Response is truly appreciated


    pictures A transitional map of New us map of 1803. hair MD, United States (MAP)
  • hair MD, United States (MAP)

  • waitnwatch
    07-22 12:27 PM
    I did notice the exchange on the "free advice from lawyers" thread. You had asked a question and posted a follow up urging the attorney to answer. Pappu just informed all posters that the attorney chooses which questions to answer. The attorney in this case may have decided not to answer your question and Pappu had nothing to do with that.

    The only thing I can request you is to please choose your words judiciously....the same thing can be said in multiple ways.

    Would you like some green dots - I can surely give you a few.:)


    Why cant you just remove the feature of red/green dot completely. just ban the person directly if he/she is misusing this forum..

    See after ten twenty minutes I will have RED DOT.

    here if you say anything which moderator does not want to hear, you will get red dot or may be just banned.

    for example last week i just asked my question in Free Q/A , did not got answer but i had to say sorry to Pappu just to stay in this forum.

    I know man you can ban me from this forum anytime.

    Just my views.

    Please delete it if you dont like post.....sorry.


    dresses An enlargeable map of the us map of 1803. In 1803, the U.S. purchased
  • In 1803, the U.S. purchased

  • tinamatthew
    07-23 10:45 AM
    If you read the rules closely, the employer is attesting to the fact that the job will be readily available at a future date. So as long as the employer issues a letter attesting to this, there is no issue. AC21 is very specific = 180 days not less. So even with a letter from the employer, IF i-485 has not been pending 180 days, you cannot induce AC21 If you do indeed move prior to the six months, make sure you amend your H1B for the necessary changes (eg location)

    Confirm with the co lawyer also. Yes, you are right. Always confirm advice with a lawyer

    Hope this helps


    makeup us map of 1803. 1803 map of united states. Relief shown by shading, us map of 1803. Map Illustrating the Naval
  • Map Illustrating the Naval

  • number30
    03-17 11:25 AM
    Add you wife , 2 weeks before she comes, IE if she is coming on 16th may add her on 1st may.
    pay some extra premium.

    wouldn't that be common sense....

    You cannot add before she comes here. She can bring some insurence from country of origin.

    girlfriend Cherokee, Kansas map us map of 1803. Map of Hampton Inn And Suites
  • Map of Hampton Inn And Suites

  • greyhair
    05-19 07:46 AM
    Another way to look at this - Someone in Eb-3 China is filing lawsuit to take away green card numbers from India.

    I am very interested in reading the contents of this lawsuit because I suspect it argues that less visa numbers are allocated to China which means the lawsuit is saying more visa numbers are allocated to another country, which is most likely India. So the lawsuit is saying stop allocating as much visas to India.

    People in this forum are blinded by their bias towards USCIS. Anytime anyone says or does anything against USCIS, this group tends to have a predictable reaction applauding the act. People running immigration businesses are very clever. Some of them have figured this out. That is why specific lawyers send out newsletters which literally belittle everything USCIS. Everyone here go estatic jumping with joy to see this lawyer berate USCIS in newsletters. All that he is doing is pandering to his customer base, even when behind the scene he is actually licking the boots of USCIS.

    My take is - it is not a good idea to jump the gun every time USCIS is sued because last time someone said "Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai", it did not turn out well for Indians.

    hairstyles United States Map Of 1803. us map of 1803. map of 1803 united states. 1839 Map of United States of
  • map of 1803 united states. 1839 Map of United States of

  • vallabhu
    06-14 06:47 PM
    Should the passport be valid for more than 6 months for applying I 485.

    If somebody can answer that would begreat

    I called my attorney this morning he confirmed passport need not be valid for more than 6 months.he mentioned that I can apply for passport renewal at a later date

    10-09 02:00 PM
    I had to travel to Switzerland recently and was in a similar situation. I explained to the visa officer that my H1B stamp had expired and was planning on using AP for travel. She was fine with it, mentioned that AP supersedes H1B stamp anyway and issued the Swiss visa.

    06-19 12:35 PM
    I am on my 7th year H1B. I got a 3yr extension from my current employer based on approved I140. I have the I140 receipt number but do not have a copy of 140 (my employer refuses to give it).
    I also do not have the LCA for Perm filing.
    My 485 has been filed more than 6 months ago.

    I do have the new I797 (till 2010) for my H1B extension from my current company.

    1. Is it possible for a new company to do my H1B transfer without a copy of I140 ?

    2. Is I140 required to do EAD extension ?

    3. What are the consequences of not having an actual I140 copy with new employer in future.?

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