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  • zuhail
    05-28 10:33 AM
    All Employment-Based I-485 Inventory pending at the Service Centers as of March 08,2010.

    From Murthy Law Firm : U.S. Immigration Law (

    1. USCIS Update on Pending Employment-Based I-485s
    The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated charts of pending employment-based (EB) adjustment of status (I-485) cases. These charts provide precise details of the numbers of I-485 cases currently filed and pending with the USCIS by year and month of priority date, and country of chargeability. They provide a helpful picture of the pending demand for the limited immigrant visa numbers in each EB category. They also can be compared to earlier charts to gain insights into visa number usage.

    Background on USCIS Charts on EB I-485s
    The USCIS started providing the pending EB I-485 charts after the overhaul of the USCIS WebSite. The first set of these charts was reported to MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers in our article, USCIS Shares Useful Info in Pending I-485 Charts (30.Oct.2009). As before, there are six separate charts with details of pending EB I-485 cases.

    Current USCIS I-485 Charts and Usage of Immigrant Visas
    The most recent charts (PDF 450KB), with data as of March 8, 2010, are available on the USCIS WebSite. The real insight that can be gleaned from these charts relates to the demand for immigrant visa numbers. In order for an I-485 to be approved, and for an applicant to become a permanent resident, there must be an immigrant visa number available. The immigrant visa numbers represent the annual limit on the number of foreign nationals permitted to become U.S. permanent residents in each fiscal year.

    Visa number availability is reflected in the U.S. Department of State (DOS) Visa Bulletin issued each month. The Visa Bulletin cutoff dates are established by the DOS based upon estimates of demand for immigrant visa numbers.

    The USCIS charts provide a picture of that demand and, for some, a clearer explanation of why the cutoff dates in the Visa Bulletin move so slowly or stagnate. MurthyDotCom and MurthyBulletin readers who are unfamiliar with the concept of priority dates, visa numbers, and the Visa Bulletin may find some of the articles on these topics helpful. They are posted regularly on MurthyDotCom, and available by using our search feature.

    EB2 Analysis and Backlogs for India and China
    In the EB2 category, historically, only India and China regularly experience cutoff dates in the Visa Bulletin. This is reflected in the volume of pending cases in EB2 for all countries other than India and China. There are enough visa numbers available to meet demand and, thus, there is not a large volume of pending cases. These cases can be routinely processed without delays due to visa number issues. Thus, there are only slightly more than 3,300 EB2 I-485s from countries other than India, China, Mexico, and the Philippines. Most of these cases have priority dates between 2005 to 2010.

    This contrasts sharply with the volume of cases pending in EB2 for nationals of India and China. China has 16,630 pending EB2 cases, most having priority dates between 2005 and 2007. India has more than twice as many as China, with slightly more than 39,000 cases pending. Of these, most have priority dates that fall between 2005 and 2007.

    When the current pending cases for EB2 India are compared to the chart provided in our October 2009 article, there is a noticeable change. The older charts show more than 6,000 pending EB2 India cases with priority dates in 2004. The newer charts reflect only about 300 such cases, and fewer than 300 with priority dates of earlier than 2004.

    Thousands of LC Filings in March 2005

    The Visa Bulletin cutoff date for EB2 India has been stagnant for four months as of this writing, with a cutoff date of February 1, 2005. The likelihood of forward movement increases, as the cases with earlier priority dates are processed to completion. However, one important reason for the stagnation in February becomes evident when reviewing the number of pending cases with a March 2005 priority date. The chart reflects more than 3,000 cases pending in EB2 India, with a March 2005 priority date. This is due to a large volume of labor certification cases filed prior to the shift to the mandatory PERM process in labor certification procedures, which occurred at the end of March 2005.

    EB3 Analysis and Maximum Pending EB3s for Indians
    The EB3 category has a demand for visa numbers that exceeds the supply for all countries of chargeability. The USCIS reports that, as of March 8, 2010, there were almost 136,000 pending EB3 I-485s. The vast majority - almost 60,000 - were filed by Indian nationals.

    There continues to be a large number of EB3 cases with priority dates as early as 2001 and 2002. There are even larger numbers of pending cases with priority dates between 2003 and 2007. When compared to the charts from our October 2009 article, there is a noticeable reduction - over 5,000 - in the number of cases with 2001 priority dates.

    These USCIS charts provide, for some, a rather grim picture of the wait time for visa numbers in their categories. For others, it may offer some hope that they are likely to be next in line. We believe that it is helpful to have a realistic picture and an understanding of why certain cases must wait for years for the I-485 approval under the current system. We appreciate the willingness of the USCIS to share these helpful updates so that individuals and their families can plan their lives.

    Copyright � 2010, MURTHY LAW FIRM. All Rights Reserved

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  • STAmisha
    11-17 07:28 AM
    Please share your experiences with this conversion?

    what is the procedure?

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  • haider420
    02-22 03:47 PM
    I just got my I-140 approval and my priority date is 02/2008. I fall in the "All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed" EB3 and the March bulletin PD is 01MAY05. My lawyer is telling me I cant apply yet and since I am 2 semesters away from completing my Master's I should finish the course and just apply in the EB2 class. I dont have the funds to apply for this whole damn thing all over again. Can someone please help!? I've honestly turned suicidal dealing with this BS..

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  • yogeshmanohar
    09-14 11:56 PM
    A very smooth experience..! wife , Son and I came back on last Sunday on AP. No issues whatsoever. Had to go through secondary inspection but was through in 35-40 mins.


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  • logiclife
    07-23 11:11 AM
    I am moving/transfer to another state within the same company in same position within US. My 140 is approved and 485 filed on July 2nd, 2007 My question:

    Would my transfer affect my 485 processing. If yes, is there a solution?

    GUYS: Do not advise if you dont know AC21 portability for sure.

    To CanadianIndian:

    No. Nothing will be impacted. You can move to a new location.

    During the first 180 days:
    You can move to any location or to a new employer. The only thing is that during first 180 days, your current GC sponsor employer can revoke your 140 and make your GC petition junk. However, since you are not doing it and only changing location you should be fine. You need to stick to the same job description.

    After 180 days of filing:
    You can move to any location or to a new employer. However after 180 days of 485 filing, you dont need your employer's co-operation because the employer cannot revoke your 140. Also, he cannot do anything about your pending greencard. You still do need to stay within the same job description at new location and new employer.

    If you 485 is approved in less than 180 days:
    This is very unlikely to happen to candidates from India and China. Mostly this happens to ROW applicants. However, if your 485 is approved in less than 180 days from filing, then you do not have the option of invoking your AC21 portability options. Therefore, you MUST go back to the location for which your GC was filed and work there atleast for 6-8 weeks. (The location mentioned in your labor cert.). In some cases, in consulting, the labor cert mentions a vague location such as "Unanticipated locations across US" -- in that case, you may not have to go back anywhere but please check with your lawyer if that is the case on your labor cert.

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  • sam_hoosier
    11-27 10:03 AM
    My lawyer has told me that the 180 days is from the receipt date i.e. August 3rd in your case.


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  • arnet
    10-23 07:21 PM
    My EAD card (renewal) has data entry error, it is USCIS mistake, so called them and they asked me to file new EAD application and send with this card to the center where it got approved. they asked me to send new EAD application with card (but no filing fee) and if it is not their problem and if it mine, then they will ask for the filing fee.

    Did anyone had this experience before? please let me know the procedure, thanks.

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  • gcmaya
    10-30 08:46 AM
    Hi all

    When I checked my email on Saturday I got 10 emails from USCIS.
    5 of them for my 485, 5 of them for EAD I applied in 2004.

    My 485 status before email was something like this: We responded to the additional info you requested on so and so date, if you not received by 14 days contact us. (This status got changed when I did address change in 2005)

    Now it says about my FP which I gave in 2003. I gave FP again some time in 2004 end.
    On May 20, 2003, the results of your fingerprint review for your I485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status were received, and processing has resumed on your case. We will mail you a notice if further action is needed, or when a decision is made.

    I am not sure why LUD got changed for 2004 EAD now, after that I applied EAD�s 2005 and then 2006.

    I understand if LUD changed means, some one touched our file to update some thing, but I am wondering why 485 Status changed to my First FP message.

    Any one got similar emails......


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  • glus
    03-28 08:36 AM
    That happened to me too. My new I94 was valid from the approval date, and not the one we asked for. No, you were not out of status as your H1 extension was pending. You should not have issues with it.

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  • burnt
    03-08 10:37 PM
    Same for me... I went to India...I followed the process while boarding and gave the passport to Airlines guy. But Somehow noticed after boarding the plane that he had not stamped my passport. So that I-94 came back with me when I reentered USA, But I did not say anything to the Immigration Officer at the POE, and got a new I-94. Will this effect my I-485?


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  • laborinbacklog
    09-21 11:20 AM
    I think it is a good idea but it is the job requirement and not the persons experience that defines the EB category.

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  • rsayed
    08-20 09:16 PM
    only word for this is RIDICULOUS.....

    Pathetic - Back in India (and the Indian Consulates here in the US) - they play with our paper-work - right from when I remember - it's been one story after's really frustrating.

    By the time we finally get our GCs', the drive, focus and amibition - all of it will be gone...


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  • kumarc123
    12-05 02:42 PM
    with the job loss report announced this morning (over 500k lost last month, and 1.9million lost overall) its unlikely this will come through. Too hot button an issue. Even if teh quota is increased, like in 2002/2003 its unlikely it will be filled.

    I am skeptical about H1B increase, (taking in to market conditions), I believe Obama administration will push for more number of green cards.

    What do you guys think?

    Are you joining the IV DC Rally? Please do, this our chance.

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  • dealsnet
    02-23 03:13 PM
    She can't renew her H1B after 6 years. She can work using EAD or choose not to work. No need for H4 also. If you want a cover for you, she need to file PERM for her to start a process for her. No other way for cover. If you work for sponsoring employer, your H1B is still valid, eventhough you enter with AP.


    1. I have my I-140 approved, applied for I-485 and have EAD/AP
    2. Spouse has her own H1-B, and applied for I-485, based on my I-140, and has EAD/AP
    3. Both have 6 years of H1-B expiring later this year (both from different companies)

    I can extend my H1-B based on pending applications.
    QUESTION 1: Can my wife extend her H1-B (beyond 6th year) based on her pending I-485?

    My present H1-B expires in November, but I will probably get my new H1-B renewed by June. I intend to travel in September. I don't intend to go for visa stamping and not use my AP. This is because I have a valid stamp until November.

    Question: When I am at the port of entry, I will have my old H1-B valid for 2 more months and also the visa stamp valid for 2 more months, but a new H1-B I-797 is already approved. Will this cause a problem?



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  • gcformeornot
    02-24 07:14 AM

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  • grupak
    08-29 11:43 AM
    We have a wealth of information from A to Z on US Immigration, why dont we ourselves write articles and editorials and get them published in the News Papers, Journals, etc?

    Why are we waiting for some one to come to us and take information to write articles on us. Does Newspapers check the background of authors to verify if they are citizens/non-citizens/green card holders/ H1B's. What all matters to them is quality and authenticity of the articles.

    Do you folks think this a good option to pursue?

    Lets put it to work.


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  • spbpsg
    08-07 10:27 AM
    This thread brought me same laughter as what I had yesterday after reading Lion-Monkey visa joke is another thread 'Lighthen up'. When this thread owner is accepting his mistake then there is no need to embarrass him more.

    Guys take is light...

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  • siddar
    11-09 04:38 PM
    So hypothetically:
    person has approved 140 from comp-A but moves to comp-B
    A revokes the H-visa and 140.
    The person can still extend for 3 years, through B using the approved 140 (from A).
    This can continue till the day the persons PD becomes current?

    It makes sence because once the 140 is approved and 485 is not yet applied for, there is essentially "no application pending" for this person on which they can issue and RFE, right?

    However, when he tries to extend using the older (comp-A) 140, cant the CIS issue and RFE for evidence from comp A that they still intend to hire this person in future??

    If the company cancels the I-140, that means the company is not supporting your GC, plain and simple. I-140 should be in good standing and approvable for extending the H1b status.

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  • linuxra
    09-28 07:54 PM
    Before i present my RFE I will explaing My GC:
    I did masters and worked on OPT for sometime with Company A and they applied H1B,
    still working for Company A as H1B as Senoir Programmer ANalyst.
    At one point CompanyB filed GC process and I-140 approved as a IT Manager in EB2
    PD=jan 2006
    Still working with H1B from COmpany A
    I never worked for Company B and it no longer exists...
    Company A recently merged with ANother Company X
    I recently got an RFE How do i respond PLease help me:
    Below are the details

    Please submit a properly completcd Form G-325A, Biographic Information Sheet, for yourself. Your original
    signature is required on the Form G-325A. Photocopied signatures are not acceptable. Blank immigration forms
    and information are available online from the official Service website: USCIS Home Page ( You may also ordcr
    immigration forms by phone at 1-800-870-3676.

    Submit documentary evidencc to establish your employmcnt history listcd on Form G-325A. Such evidence
    should include, but is not limited to:

    Clear copies ofIRS Form W -2 wage and tax statcmcnts;
    Pay vouchers;

    Complete copies of properly filcd Federal Individual Income Tax Returns (IRS Form 1040);

    Any additional documentation which confirms your employment history.
    You must submit a currcntly dated letter from your intended permanent employer dcseribing your present job
    duties and position in the organization, your proffered position, if different from your current position, the date
    you began employment and the offered salary or wage. This letter must be in the original and signed by an
    executive or officer of the organization who is authorized to make or confirm an offer of permanent
    employment. The letter must also indicate whether the terms and conditions of your employment-based visa
    petition or labor certification continue to exist.
    If you have changed employers since filing your application for adjustment of status, please submit a statement
    which lists the names and locations of all employers you have had in the US and the beginning and end dates of
    each position unless these have been included on Form G-325A.

    04-28 02:10 PM
    DOL Proposed Legislation for Labor Certification

    In an attempt to clamp down on fraud in the labor certification application process, the Department of Labor (�DOL�) has proposed regulations, which would impact both pre-PERM and PERM filings. The proposal includes requiring employers to pay for all costs and fees associated with a labor certification application. The penalties for violating this proposal include denial of the labor certification, revocation, debarment, or any combination. Debarment means an employer can not file a labor certification application for up to three years.

    A labor certification application would also have a limited validity period. Currently a labor certification application is valid without limitation unless it is revoked or withdrawn. Under the proposed regulations, an employer must file an immigrant petition with the CIS within 45 days of the labor certification application approval. For applications which have already been certified, an employer must file within 45 days of the enactment of final rule implementing the regulations. If the labor certification application is not filed within this timeframe, it will expire and can not be used to support an immigrant petition.

    The proposed regulations also prohibit substitution. Substitution occurs when an employer has an approved labor certification application, but the individual that was originally listed in the labor certification application is no longer being sponsored. An employer could �substitute� a new employee into the labor certification application if the new employee met the minimum requirements listed in the labor certification application at the time the application was initially filed. Concerned that substitution encouraged fraud, DOL proposes to eliminate substitution.

    Finally, the proposed rule prohibits a labor certification application to be sold, bartered or purchased. If an individual or entity is found to have engaged in this kind of transaction, the labor certification application can be denied, revoked, debarment, or any combination.

    08-07 12:03 PM
    initially I was mad, becasue I remembered the revised July 2007 visa bulletin that came out declaring a reversal. Since NSC is going slow, I thought that DOS has once again pulled back on the dates. Later on I realized that its a mistake by the thread owner and got pissed off, and finally all I can do is laugh on the entire brohaha. Can't decide if we should give red dots OR green dots to the thread owner

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