Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • raysaikat
    08-28 05:09 AM

    I am currently under H1-B status, and have received a visa stamp at the embassy in my home country. But my H1B visa is going to expire on September 30, 2007 and I have taken a long break for my health problem from my "current" employer since last year December. Now I am in my home country. Recently a US law firm wants me to work for them and starts to line up an interview for me. What's possible result of my H1B status and what's your suggestion? Thank you very much~~

    You need to get another H1-B from the new employer. You will not be subjected to quota. Otherwise there is no issue since you are in your home country.

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  • gc_chahiye
    12-18 04:24 PM
    What do you mean? An approved I-140 suddenly got reversed decision and was denied? Haven't heard of such cases. Can you please show me the link? thanks!

    this was posted on IV recently:
    Approved I-140 revoked after 2.5 yrs

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  • gc_lover
    07-02 09:52 AM
    I see people not supporting the CIR which was suppose to be a pro Immigration bill, no matter which part of the society it was supporting. My question is Are you guys out here a Pro or an anti immigration forum?
    Or are you guys out here are to fulfill their selfish dreams, stand on others to reach the top.
    Can anyone answer me? I really doubt the people out here.

    Door opens both ways in and OUT!

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  • pkv
    06-07 01:59 PM
    is there nobody with info/experience on this????


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  • krogot
    02-15 06:35 PM

    I currently have my PERM for EB3 approved and the company lawyers are about to file I-140. But the priority date for filing I-485 is still 2002, which is not very exciting :( So I'm thinking about switching to EB2.
    I have BS degree and 51 month of work experience prior joining the current company, so I'm short on 9 month for qualifying for "BS+5". I've been with company for 2 years now and recently was promoted from "Software Engineer" to "Software Architect". I've read that I can use my current employer experience if the new position is more than 50% different from the previous one.

    Does it make sense for me to ask my employer to restart my GC process and show that my current position is more than 50% different? Does it make sense for me to start looking for another job, because the experience I gained with the current company qualifies me for "BS+5"?

    I really like working in the company, so if it's possible I'd prefer to stay there, but waiting for 8 years to apply for I-485 really worries me...

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  • jayram123
    08-13 02:19 PM
    I filed on my own and I actually flew to Nebraska Svc Center and had it delivered through a messenger at 8.05 am. No updates so far. Checks have not been cashed. I haven't called USCIS since I did not want to burden them.

    Your question has been answered numerous times already but to answer your question, if your lawyer filed the app on your behalf then he would get the notice (based on form G28). If not, you would get it.


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  • vali
    11-15 11:01 AM

    USCIS assigns Unique A# for each individual, who files I485 , some people recieves A# even in I140 too.

    When your adjustment of status application(I485) approves then you will be registered as Permanent Resident.

    thank you very much, I understand now exactly what that means.
    thank you all for your time and patience.
    Good luck to all of you,

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  • sweet_jungle
    11-25 02:30 AM
    Sweet_jungle, I am in a similar situation. My attorney sent a request to TSC 3 months back to fix the PD but no response yet. What did you do to open the obmudsman inquiry? Did you send him an email or did you send him a letter in the email

    Ombudsman responded saying that my PD is the older PD. Looks like the earlier response was an error.
    NSC AILA liason has also confirmed it.


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  • extofu
    03-07 09:02 AM
    Here is my situation

    Studied in US on F1 and directly started working for company A from 2002. Got a H1 stamp when out of country in 2003.
    Since then moved to company B (in 2005) and H1 visa is now on the second three year term (valid till 2008) . Am on the verge of moving to company C. Will be out of the country all of april and had a few questions

    1) Do I need to have stamp on my passport when I switch between F1 and H1only or do I need the stamp even if I have switched firms since the last time I got my passport stamped

    2) What happens if I get the stamp say on H1 on 1st April (while on payroll of company B), quit company B (while outside US) and join company C and then return to US in last week of April without getting another stamp. Will I face any issues when reentering USA (given that the stamp is for company B even though I don't work for it anymore) or do I need the accurate stamp when coming to USA?

    Your help will be deeply appreciated


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  • conchshell
    06-13 02:02 PM
    One more state chapter .... go ahead guys .....


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  • Gator
    04-09 11:38 PM
    On Dec 14, 2007, I received an I-140 RFE for "ability to pay the offered wage".

    According to the attorney, the RFE was responded to with necessary evidence.

    On Apr 07, 2007 I received a I-140 denial notice stating that the RFE reply wasn't received on time. As a result it caused an automatic I-485 denial as well.

    Now, I am not sure what my options are. Is it possible to ask USCIS to reconsider the case. Can i appeal?

    Please advise.


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  • raithedavion
    07-07 01:46 PM
    Thanks for your help. I'm not quite sure what you mean by reading it into a structure and then type cast it to a character pointer...Do you mean read in those bytes into an array or?? Any and all help would be appreciated!


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  • RDB
    12-02 08:24 PM
    Don't get excited too soon :)

    I saw the following message when I logged into the USCIS case tracking system.

    * Note on "Last Updated" date:
    Your case may have a new "Last Updated" date and you may receive an Email Notification of your case being updated, without the status of the case changing. This is due to internal USCIS processing being performed on your Case. This will be reflected in the "Last Updated" date, but may not result in a different status message.

    I saw LUDs for both me and my wife's 485 on 11/22(Sat) and 11/24.

    This LUD was after more than a year. Hope Jan bulletin brings some movement.

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  • dilbert_cal
    02-09 02:01 AM
    I have a question to concerning my employment status. My manager recently told me that I should look out for a new job within company or outside. I am assuming he is saying that a layoff is looming out for me. I am currently on H-1B/EAD and my wife is also working on EAD.
    I can inquire about the prsopects of getting leave of absence which will help me in getting through the immigration process since my priority date is Feb. 18,2005 EB2 India. So I am almost there.
    But I am not sure what happens if there is a RFE asking for paystubs.In that case I may not be able to produce paystubs from my company since I am on LOA. And not from any other company since I have an H-1B, I cannot be working for any other company also.

    So which is better, LOA or termination of job? Hard choice..

    I doubt you will be allowed to take LOA. The company still has obligations on you when you take LOA - like employee insurance, medical premium, etc. How big the company is also matters. If the company is small and you have the right connections, this may possibly work but I doubt so still.

    Your best bet will be to look for another job and take the AC21 route.


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  • spgtopper
    02-03 09:09 AM
    Seems like a step in the right direction....


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  • GCBy3000
    09-07 06:53 PM
    This poll should also collect the year of PD and whether they have any dependents.


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  • rajsand
    09-20 01:38 PM
    Hey Jaime you seem to be all charged up!!
    Great energy, will inspire many!!
    Hope we have one more rally soon!

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  • Leo07
    10-07 01:21 PM
    I was wondering about the second part of the question/answer. Thanks rockstart!

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  • pappu
    12-17 09:57 PM
    I attended the event at UMass Lowell. Congressman Marty Meehan and new governor elect Deval Patrick were at the event. The topic of discussion was "global warming". Both governor and congressman took off after the event but I had a chance to talk to their staff.

    One of congressman's staff went through the folder I provided with IV documents but he works for energy related issues and will pass to the staff dealing with immigration. He did provide me the senior staff member who looks into immigration issues. I'm going to email and try and meet him. Congressman Meehan is part of the judiciary committee related to immigration.

    MA members> I'll send out a separate email to you guys and each one of us should contact and educate the congressman though his main focus seems to be the climate change issue.
    Great effort. If all of us have the same kind of drive and effort, we will surely get the law passed soon.
    Pls follow up with the staff and also try to get an appointment with this lawmaker. If you can go and take some other MA members along, it will be helpful.

    02-12 09:33 PM

    Will anybody know what kind of issues I will face if I go for EB2 with MS+0or Will it go through fine ? Want to know both for LC and I-140 stage.


    06-02 07:01 AM
    My spouse's employer will apply for her H1B shortly (she is on F1 right now). Her passport expires in March 2007 but the Indian consulate does not allow you for a renewal earlier than 6 months of the expiration date.

    Does USCIS have any requirements for validity dates for passport when application for H1B is sent?

    I think USCIS will allow you to file for her H-1. BTW the H-1 quota is over for FY2007 -

    However if your wife has a Masters degree from the US she might still be able to apply.

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