Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • GCwaitforever
    04-30 01:59 PM
    I believe AC21 is for shifting employers on EAD after 180 days of I-485.

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  • watzgc
    02-12 07:44 PM
    Thanks lazycis for ur time to reply. is it must to fill I-9 form again to use with EAD even for the same employer. My attorney says continue as it is. mm.. confusing..

    Btw, one more quesitons, for my son, I-485 status says Application rejected bcoz of incorrect fee (but attorney already sent correct fee !!) and I got I-131 AP for my son. Does that mean, USCIS accepted my sons I-485 application?.
    Thanks lot again.

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  • jliechty
    May 18th, 2005, 07:00 AM
    I wouldn't know for sure, as I've never messed with bracketing automatically on my D1, but it seems that you could put the camera in aperture priority, set it for +/- 1 bracketing, and it should automatically take a series of exposures by varying the shutter speed and leaving the aperture constant.

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  • walker15
    03-17 10:15 PM
    Hi lavanyamohan and mhtahim,
    Many of my friends utilized Mr.Gowda for H1B and GC. All my friends & hundreds in the same firm got GC'S without any querries.
    Frankly speaking I do not have any personal relations with the company.
    I used his services and felt exactly what mhtahim mentioned about Gowda. He is reasonable and professional.

    All the best


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  • gparr
    October 24th, 2004, 06:12 PM
    I visited the family farm again and did a series of shots of some of the deteriorated fence. Below are the four best of the effort. I would appreciate some feedback, particularly about composition.

    Farm fence 1

    Farm fence 2

    Farm fence 3

    Farm fence 4

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  • mayurcreation
    02-25 12:03 PM
    I brought toyota camry from a dealer in NY state last year feb/2010 on (toyota) finance, the dealer only asked me for my driver lience and ssn. he took copy of driver licence and ssn. nothing ask or talk about my immigration status etc, etc...

    looking at me my friend (working with me) brought brand new toyota camry same month feb/2010 from PA dealer with 0% apr for 5 yrs. he also shown and given photo copy his driver licence and ssn.

    myself and my friend both are on h1b visa.

    this could be possibly happen because of private financing (toyota finance) not bank...


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  • prout02
    08-13 07:49 PM
    My infopass IO told me so. My wife's namecheck got cleared last October. However, it was waiting for mine and it cleared the hurdle July 08. So yes, it matters even if one year has passed since I applied for 485.

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  • neeidd
    10-15 11:44 PM
    I had the same experience. However, my POE was Miami. No questions asked. My spouse and I just waited (with our USC daughter) in secondary inspection till they called my name and handed over our papers to me.
    Thanks for your response


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  • natrajs
    07-17 07:54 PM
    Thank Q to all the peolpe involved in this

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  • chumki
    12-17 03:46 PM
    Got laid off but found a new job and working on EAD.

    Status :
    I-485 pending over 180 days
    I-140 approved and employer will not revoke I-140 and I-485
    Received EAD and AP.

    Question is now:

    1. Do I MUST send a AC-21 Job Portability MEMO to USCIS with the new employer info and job details ?

    2. Or, Do i just do nothing for now and will send USCIS a Portability Memo ONLY-IF they issue a RFE?

    3. What are the advantage and disavantage of sending a Portability Memo to USCIS after I-485 is pending for 180 days and I-140 approved with previous employer?

    I am very confused.


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  • indyanguy
    11-07 08:58 AM
    I think in the case you mentioned in your first post it will highly risky to use AC21 ,it would be advisable to be with the sponsoring employer till your 485 is approved. You have two labours and two 140s in different categories EB2 and EB3 processed .I think in your case please consult with a very good lawyer/attorney because immigrtaion laws are very complex and complicated,
    not straight forward . If this was staright forward everyone who is EB3 would have converted or ported to EB2 and as I mentioned before documentation and employer support is a must . One of my friend went to his employer wanting to convert from EB3 to EB2 his employer( a reputed American Bank) refused point blank.
    The point here is people reading this forum get mislead that porting is very easy and straightforward and simple . It is not ,if it was all would have filed in EB2 and not EB3 .EB2 has more checks and scrutinies and different requirements. Thats what I was told by my attorney. So consult an attorney before you go this route.

    Thanks for the detailed reply. In my case, the company's lawyer suggested this option. I have a MS from US, have enough experience and the job profile justifies an EB2 application. Unfortunately, I got stuck with EB3.

    I will keep in mind what you suggested and will do more research before taking any action.

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  • ilikekilo
    04-28 02:46 PM
    I was hoping some one will be able to tell us something abt it but seems as no one has recd. a mail like that from USCIS.:confused:

    hey iam not sure what would be the RFE is about, i dont see a GC coming since ur PD is 05 and its not current. please wait until u get the RFE and post ur message again...cant fathom what the rfe is about as u arleady got one for TB might be for somethinig else too..just wait ad see


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  • gbadrain
    08-12 03:46 AM
    See Newbie,
    I have read in many forums that in todays time every consulate is well connected with each other through database stored in their system as also we are supposed to lodge our case only at the Consulates near our Working place or bonafide state where we belong to.
    Anyways thanks for ur opinion buddy:)

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  • dpp
    06-11 08:58 AM
    I am also from Indy, please let me know if there are any meetings related to IV activities.


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  • ronhira
    02-19 07:40 PM
    This website seems to have some viruses or spywre be cautious when you open

    y u r scaring everyone into not visiting Life of an I.T. Grunt | Notes From The Trenches of Software Development. (http://www.)...... i visited the site many times & there was no virus...... u can hide but u cannot run from anti immigrants...... ever heard of Godzilla principle...... face the reality now to fight it or face the Godzilla later......

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  • watzgc
    02-12 06:58 PM
    You can work upto 240 days after your H1 expiry date while your H1B is pending. To continue working from 241st day, you would need EAD otherwise stop working until the decision is made on H1B.

    Hi Wandmaker, Even If I need to work for the same employer do I need to use my EAD ?.

    If you say 'Yes' to use EAD, later if I receive my H1B Extension in 1-2 monts, Can I use my H1B for the same employer where I got EAD thru them ?. If so wats the procedure ? . thank u sir.


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  • Leo07
    12-27 03:09 PM
    If you have your latest H1B approved, old Stamp is still valid. Just inform your attorney and take the papers that your attorney will pass on. Plus your employment letter+recent pay stubs, just the regular stuff.

    Good Luck with your mom's health!

    God Bless!

    I have a valid H-1B valid till 18th feb 2011 for employment with my previous employer. I had changed employment and now have I797C for the new employer valid till Nov 2011. I plan to go to India and be back in 1 week, my employer would issue me a leave approval letter. My present employer is a big hospital-non profit and I am a health professional.

    Can some one tell if would need to get a new visa stamped if I come back by 15th January 2011. What documents should I carry. Should I talk to a lawyer before I leave. My mom is stable now but I am afraid If dont go now, I might not be able to gor a long time as I dont want to get re-stamping done.

    Please advice

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  • buehler
    09-03 05:55 PM
    My friend said that opening an SR could lead to a higher probability for an RFE. Is that the case? I know it is not possible to scientifically prove it but is there any anecdotal evidence of it?

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  • madhu345
    11-05 05:44 AM
    We will Lit 100 Candles by Diwali for sure

    07-16 02:10 PM
    Today, I spoke to a USCI Agent and his supervisor at NSC about my case..
    I quizzed them about July 2007 revised visa bulletin etc.

    He looked around, checked it for like 10 minutes and said HE DOESN'T HAVE
    ANY MEMO. All he said that he has this MEMO which states that July 2007 (original) bulletin ..based on that EB1-3 for all countries are current.

    :-) May be NSC approves application :-) as practically NO ONE can stop them..

    Again this is based on my call to actual live human being at NSC..

    Hmmmm .. what number did you call? I have a few questions I would like to ask them

    02-21 03:12 AM
    As per may work on CIR in March 07 and hand it over to House by APril 07....House may however sit on it for years on end...

    02/18/2007: Need for Immigration Reform and Concerns with Growing Gridlock in Legislations in the Congress

    The Democrats launched a new Congress with aggressive platforms and legislative agenda on January 4, 2007. Madame Pelosi of the House set the first 100-hour legislative agenda and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid presented on the Senate floor ten legislative bills as top priority for the first few months of the Senate.
    However, immersed in the party politics, the Congress left the Hill yesterday, Saturday, for a week long break without achieving a lot because of the gridlock it had faced in the Congress. Samo, Samo Washington politics involving the Republicans and Democrats. It practically means that the Congress wll not resume the active legislative activities until March 2007.
    S. 9, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, adopted by the Senate floor, is in the Judiciary Committee of the Senate. The newly elected Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Leahy, reportedly set the CIR as one of the top agenda of the Judiciary Committee for March 2007 and the Democratic leaders reportedly determined to pass the CIR by April 2007 and quickly send it over to the House for its prompt action. How beautiful the agenda of the new Congress.
    We want to watch carefully how closely the leaders of the House and Senate will follow through the agenda. In a way, from the perspectives of this immigration legislation agenda, we are relieved that the Congress was over with the most serious road block to the Congress, to wit, rebuke of Bush's resurge in Iraq.

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