Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Audi A3 2012

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  • amitjoey
    01-23 02:58 PM
    Thanks, you are real hope for the thousands of people affected by retrogression.

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  • freddy22
    04-24 09:25 PM
    thanks for your help it was hardly worth pressing the keys to let me know the word drr is used by people....yawn

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  • webm
    02-27 02:40 PM
    1) EB3 people believe and argue that it doesn't matter.
    2) From what I have noticed on , eb1 > eb2 > eb3.
    3) But it's not like USCIS will process all eb1 cases, then eb2 cases, and finally eb3 cases.
    4) In the end, USCIS is a black box system and no one knows exactly how they work.
    5) If your PD is current, be happy and your GC should come soon enough. Why bother about the details?
    6) The simple logic is, eb1 has higher qualifications than eb2, and eb2 has more qualifications compared to eb3. If you believe they treat everyone the same, then be happy and stick with your belief.

    Well said..I agree with you!!

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  • gconmymind
    04-18 04:51 PM
    See the thin is as far as the status goes I believe one is not on Immigrant status unless one gets the GC; and their are only two statuses, Immigrant and Non-Immigrant for us (or I guess illegal, which we are not for sure)!!

    So do you think using EAD gives a person an Immigrant status in turn losing his non-immigrant status?

    EAD is just work authorization. You are an adjustee when 485 is pending and will get Immigrant status only when your 485 is approved.


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  • stemcell
    07-14 01:43 PM

    Please update us if only the conrad 30 J1 waiver is being extended or if the conrad 30 improvement act is being suggested here?

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  • veni001
    07-06 05:30 PM
    Yes, only if approved I-140 is not withdrawn or canceled before new I-140 approval.

    If you are in AC21 safety net then you can recapture PD (after 180 days of 1-485 filing) even if your initial sponsoring employer withdraws his initial I-140.:o

    once I-140 approved then that PD is locked for you , you can port that date with your new I-140 filing. no need to file 485 and wait for 6 months, this only for Ac-21 porting with new employer.


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  • sayonara
    12-13 12:14 PM
    Guys, I guess almost everybody is done with their finger printing by now.

    I think there is a significant chunk of the crowd (mostly NSC-CSC-NSC and other transfer cases) who havent got FP notices yet...so if nothing else...feel glad that you are ahead of us in the GC game...LOL

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    11-13 06:09 PM
    So just to have the last word you somehow went in deleted all the following posts after your post? Good going!

    No, my dear, I did not delete anything! Mr.Pappu maybe?
    Alright, now you have to answer again to get the last word!
    Hurry up before the censorship deletes everything (they must be tired of us)!:) :)


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  • gchopefull
    12-17 12:39 PM
    my current employer filed for my labor in march 2005, got approved in march 2007, filed I-140 in April 2005,and while I-140 was pending filed I-485 in july fiasco. In sep-2007 got intent to deny of I-140 based on A2P(ability to pay), employer filed M.T.R in October 2007. I have my fingered crossed looking at the financial statment from employer for the year 2005. chances are the MTR will be denied too. Now I have a new job offer from another employer who is willing to do new H1b for me and may be a labor petition too. the question is I want to see what comes out of the current MTR. Here is the question;
    1/- if I tell the current employer to contine the process(which I dont think he will have problem with) and join the job on h1b will my I-485 status be changed or will it effects the current process?
    2/- I am currently runnig on sixth year of h1b and my current visa expires in 2010 bades on the pending process with current employer. if I join the new employer on h1b what will be the H1b status will be?
    thanks for the answers in advaced

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  • subhasree
    11-14 11:29 AM
    Hi all,

    This forum really helped me to think in right direction. I have same situation now. I have valid H1b ( starting Oct 1st 2007) and got EAD and AP. I did not start working yet. If I withdraw my H1b will it effect my AOS? I am a secondary applicant. My husband is still maintaining H1 status. Please advice.
    Your reply will surely bring peace of mind to me.



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  • ponnuswamyp
    06-30 07:31 PM
    1) did it myself..
    2) yep i changed address, no rfes for anything..

    Eb3Retro, Did you sign G-28 initially for your (previous employer's) attorney to represent? if so how did you change the representation?

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  • neelu
    01-02 11:43 PM
    Hi Everyone viewing this thread,

    Please help the Add ONE Member campaign. Introduce just ONE member to IV, by Jan 31st.

    That will go a long way in helping all of us (be it CIR or SKIL or whatever vehicle our provisions ride on). Otherwise we will only be seeing movement like this (a week or so every month).

    Please participate and help others participate in the 'Add ONE Member' campaign.

    Thank you.


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  • clockwork
    08-26 01:09 PM
    Clockwork : Yes I am talking about LUD on approved
    I-140. Even I have the same date, so I was just curious. Good to know that yours is cleared. Mine may be next week....

    Yeah. Best of Luck. I believe, most of the cases submitted on July 2nd will be receipted before this month end. Thanks -

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  • GCOP
    09-24 11:39 AM
    I was just thinking from the view of the people who are opposing have argument that, new American Jobs will be taken away. In my first post, I have written that we have not thought of or do not want to think about dropping FB Visa recapture. But it was just a proposal that we can tell those people that no American job will be lost. I am not against Family based immigration or any kind of immigration. This idea was just put forward for those Groups who oppose immigration due to fear of taking away new American jobs.
    Family based visas has a lot of support from the citizens who are actually voting in the elections, no wonder politicians like it. No matter what you say, anti-immigrants will always twist the truth and spread the news that all these visas are new and will take away American jobs. Dont you think family based people will want to drop all the employment based green cards?


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  • zoho
    08-27 02:33 AM
    I got RFE on my case my case is NSC-CSC-NSC Transfer. Got Soft LUD in last 2 days and got RFE mail yesterday night. Waiting to hear back from lawyer about type of RFE. But atleast seems like they had started working on my case and if no RFE it would have been approved.

    Have you got the RFE?If so what is the RFE about.

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  • vallabhu
    08-08 10:37 AM
    Did any one get an RFE to prove educational qualifications for EB3.


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  • LongWait2005
    07-13 08:31 AM

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  • krishnam70
    07-05 11:45 AM
    Not a word said about this I485 fiasco on the two mostly watched networks (CNN, ABC). Why can't we try to get their attention in this matter. Please suggest ways of getting this published in the above networks.

    I sent emails to CNN, ABC. NBC, FOX and know of atleast 2 more people who have done so. They are busy covering what Paris did in jail and why bush let libby out ..

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  • pd052009
    09-13 12:31 PM
    No meals.. Forced to go on hungry.. As long as politics play, the deserved ones go hungry... :(

    09-27 11:11 PM
    Hi Everyone

    I got an RFE for my I140 filed in September 2006. They asked me to show my W2 for 2006 and also show that the employer had the ability to pay the offered wage in case my W2 is less than the offered wage.

    My W2 has 8k less than the offered wage. My company has not yet filed 2006 Taxes. Can you tell me whats the best thing to do? My employer has good revenue, but I guess he has been showing a net loss every year.

    Please help me out. Tell me if any of you have gone through similar issues.


    06-11 09:36 PM
    I sent it using United States Postal Service (usps). I did use full zip code (75185-2401). I also used usps return receipt, which means somebody from USCIS has to sign this form.

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