Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • msyedy
    12-13 12:49 PM

    If I say that yes you can travel without a visa, will you believe me.........
    Ask a travel agent man...

    Yesterday they allowed without valid visa..... today they need a valid US visa.

    We are not travel agents... You can get a valid answer from them.

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  • logiclife
    03-28 06:04 PM
    Yes, dailykos does have a very strict policy of purging trolls and hecklers. They too are anti first-amendment and anti free-speech like IV moderators. If you go on their site and post nonsense, you will be banned in a nano-second.

    Unlike IV, where we used to argue and reason with trolls and miscreants last year.

    People who think IV is undemocratic and opposed to different viewpoints, choking their first amendment rights and opposed to free speech should check out the king of all blogs that has 20 million hits on that site and post anti website messages there.

    Or try posting a dairy (its called dairy there, same thing as a thread here) against Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (owner of dailykos).

    A few months ago, he purged all the people who posted nonsense conspiracy theories because it made his website look bad. After that he purged all the users who recommended and posted comments on those nonsense dairies. Once you are banned, you cant post new stuff for one week because once you can sign up with a new ID immediately, but there is one week waiting period after you signup and you can post stuff only after one week waiting period is over. Kind of like the gun law in California. If you want to buy a gun, you can apply for it and there is one week waiting period and then you get the gun. So if you are mad at someone and want to shoot someone, you cannot just buy a gun and start shooting.

    That is how the world works. You dont get the trash people on their own website.

    Anyways, I read your post as cacophonix and its great. You have put and elaborate and detailed post and thank you for doing that.

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  • coopheal
    08-01 09:44 AM
    Tell me what I am doing wrong here:
    Clicked the link - Forgot Your User ID or Password ?
    Entered my userid and email address and Clicked Submit.
    Here it asked me to enter "Your Question on File is:" and "Your Answer on File is:"
    I do not remember this.

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  • bijualex29
    05-26 06:51 AM
    Analysis of Visa prediction if Bill passes in senate in current form

    90,000 visas to clear backlog, 10% county limit.

    9000 visas per country limit, India get 9000 visa (EB-1, will get additional 10000 visas ).

    Can some one interpret the law whether unused visa will be spilled to oversubscribed countries?

    Current law EB-2 and EB-3 only 40,000 visas for EB-2 and EB-3 out of 7% goes to each country 2800 visas for each country.


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  • coopheal
    11-02 01:51 AM
    Contributed $100 for Nov.
    Transaction ID: 9771***********

    Contribute now
    1) so that IV dont have to pass an opportunity during lame duck session or early next year.
    2) for your GC.

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  • eb3_nepa
    12-05 04:19 PM

    No offense, but why have you opened 2 threads with very similar information and questions?

    Your other thread about soft lud updates ( is very similar to this one. It's one thing to not search for similar threads and quite another to open 2 similar threads on the same topic.

    After about 28 threads about LUD updates during the July VB Fiasco, we know by now that the USCIS approves cases ad-hoc and not everything is FIFO. We also know that LUD updates mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Suddenly we have seen older I-140s getting soft LUD updates. It means absolutely NOTHING. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow, coz ur heart is telling you that MAAAAYYBE there is something here, but unfortunately there is nothing there.


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  • mbawa2574
    06-30 10:44 AM
    How can some one with a damn 2 years experience get ahead of someone who is waiting for a while. I am going to report all the desi 2 people :mad: employers to USCIS trying to sell LC. Shut their shops and everything would be normal after that.:mad:

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  • Billboard
    08-07 04:53 PM

    Iam trying to explain my employer that it's ok to hire employees with EAD. For some reason they prefer GC or Citizen only. I referred them to the Discrimination clause on I-9 form. Then they told me about their problems hiring EAD.

    1) If the Employee is hired on a valid EAD and later during the course of employment the EAD expired, there is no system in place for them to check back with the employee if (s)he has renewed it in a timely manner.

    2) If such an employee that has not renewed their EAD and continued their employment beyond expiration without notifying the employer, the company is worried that they may be legally liable for harboring employees with illegal statuses.

    Please help me understand if their concerns are valid and if not what is the remedy.


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  • new_horizon
    09-15 09:53 PM
    Chandu keeps opening the threads and keeps talking to himself....he is so lonely.

    get the heck out of here andy. nobody wants a looser like you. Go out & spend some time with someone you know if you are not a loner, and quit bothering others here.

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  • reedandbamboo
    08-29 12:54 PM
    volunteer as a writer.


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  • leo2606
    01-10 05:09 PM
    See my comments below.Answers are something I have used in my In Laws application.

    While filling the application online for parents visa interview what would be a better answer for the following questions:

    Who Will Pay For Your Trip?
    Children(in US)

    What would be a better answer?
    Children(in U.S)
    Does it even matter?

    Are Any of The Following Persons in The U.S., or Do They Have U.S. Legal Permanent Residence or U.S. Citizenship? *
    Mark YES or NO and indicate that person's status in the U.S. (i.e., U.S. legal permanent resident, U.S. citizen, visiting, studying, working, etc.).
    Bother/Sister etc.
    Mention about the people(siblings of parents) that are here
    Would it be better to say ?

    Mention about the people(siblings of parents) that are here

    Was this Application Prepared by Another Person on Your Behalf? *
    (If answer is YES, then have that person complete item 40.)
    This question is about who completed the DS-156, if parents are educated just put 'NO'.That means they completed the DS-156 themself.Otherwise you can write whoever completed the DS-156
    Should we say

    No (When actually Children are filling the application.)

    Please Advice
    Thank you.

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  • theshiningsun
    09-28 11:19 AM
    Yes. You can file another FOIA to get the I-140 approval notice.

    You want to specify that you're looking for a copy of I-797 of the I-140 approval for receipt number LINXXXXXXXXXX. That should get you the approval notice.

    A friend filed the FOIA with this verbiage and it worked for him. Of-course, he had to reference his Alien number etc... in the G-639 form.

    I hope this helps.

    it did not work for me.

    i filed an foia request and got I-140 petition with approval on it but not approval notice. so i filed 2nd foia request asking specifically for I-797 of I-140. but i got a letter saying that the file does not hv an approval notice, so they sent me the I-140 petition once again.


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  • veereddy
    04-14 12:09 PM
    Congratulations, enjoy freedom.

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-24 04:10 PM
    Message for USCIS:

    they are not stealing your money. The current situation can be explained on the basis of existing laws. Need to be careful about our messaging.

    The very fact that all fixes we are asking for are legislative changes implies that the current situation has less to do with USCIS and more with old arcane laws. There are a lot of things USCIS can be accused of, but not 'stealing money'


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  • chanduv23
    09-18 12:04 AM
    Thanks, I am in DC now - will see you all in the rally

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  • glus
    11-12 10:16 AM
    I think that DOS, the visa office has the answer. This is insane. According to the 485 report released by USCIS some time ago, there were approximately 4000 ROW EB3 pending cases up with PD of up to 6/2002. As such, the dates should have been moved in December and moved a lot. Yet, they did not move it. I think I am going to write up a letter to Mr. Opperheim, or whatever his name is and ask why he did not move the dates at all.


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  • coolmanasip
    08-16 02:26 PM
    Hello everyone -

    I am planning to change my job and would like to seek some advice. I already used AC21 once without informing USCIS, and now would like to do it again. I would like to seek advice on couple of issues:

    1. I would like to do this without informing USCIS and worry about a response if and and when I get RFE. However, new employer has E-Verify system. Would them checking my eligibility to work through E-verify make it certain that I would get an RFE for employment verification?? In other words, E-Verify tells USCIS that one has changed employment? or E-verify and 485 have no connection?

    2. My new job is in the same engineering field; however, there is still a big difference in salary owing to additional managerial duties. Labor was done based on technical responsibilities in engineering field, new job involved technical as well as business responsibilities in the same field. With years going by, I am taking on more and more project/division management experience and that is what the new position would entail.

    Original title - Transportation Analyst/Engineer with 55K as salary

    New Title - Director of Transportation Systems and Services Engineering with 135K as salary

    Based on my research, the job needs to be in the same occupational classification. The original SOC code is 17-2051 - Civil Engineer. The new SOC could be same 17-2051 or could be classified as 11-9140 Architectural and Engineering Managers owing to managerial duties. However, the new job also has technical aspect to it since I will be responsible for sound technical design for the product/services we will prepare.

    Can you guys please give your thoughs on these two issues. Thank you in advance for your time and help.


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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 12:47 PM
    I'm surprised u got a 2 yr extn despite the fact that ur case is current. When did u file and which date was it approved?

    i e-filed my ead on the last week of june. sent documents during the first week of july. July 17th, went for FP. Got the approval two days back

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  • Dhundhun
    07-22 02:06 AM
    And on the top of that giving red flags.

    One person already decided to be away from such "GUNDA RAJ". I'll also abstain for couple of weeks

    Hope admins are competent enough to notice it.

    06-07 08:44 AM

    If you are entering Unites States now on H1B then, you should get 3 Years, I think as per law you do not have to extend your visa after 2.5 months. Please discuss this with your company Attorney (Lawyer) regarding this. because if one takes vacation days on H1B that is not counted on 3 years of H1B so I think you can demand 3 years in stead of extending. because of the administrative mess USCIS does why one suffer?

    All the very best to you.

    Welcome to the USA

    may GOD Bless

    03-24 01:23 PM
    Your extension may be become invalid. We use I94 number in the extension application form. when you get extension approval you have the extended I94 for the same number.

    If you have traveled you have different i94 from the recent travel and different one in extension.

    Do you have any source on this....I also had to amend my H1B last month. Its done without any issues..

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