Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • RareRFEon485
    04-16 10:05 AM
    Please explain how you have worked in Illinios for XYZ company( my GC sponsoring Company) living in MN,WA and TX.

    This was one line description I got as RFE on my I-485.

    My 140 is approved in Dec 2007. I had 1st RFE on I-485 for pay stubs and other things. This is the second RFE. I will consult good attorney. Any advise is helpful.

    Also I entered US on AP and I started my own company few months back. I am still working for GC sponsoring company. If by my bad luck my 485 gets denied..what are my options? Also I have my H1 petition valid till May 2012 but I don't have it stamped. Do I need to leave the country and get it stamped?

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  • mailsunnydeol
    08-05 11:14 AM
    Please post here to boost moral of all others if
    you have received Welcome Email for GC approval :D in August 2009 (this month).

    This will help our community and keeps our hopes live.

    I received a "Card Production Ordered" email from USCIS couple of days back. Waiting for the actual cards.

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  • invincibleasian
    02-05 02:39 PM
    This is NOT labor substitution - but another proposed rule that would invalidate any labor certs taht were not followed up with a I-140 within 45 days.

    Can we also port the PD if second I-140 is already approved, and file I-485 while using old PD?
    this rule is part of the labor substitutuion elimination rule which limits lc to 45 days life.

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  • msyedy
    01-10 09:06 AM

    As I had indicated that I had admission to study for MBA in europe starting Sep/Oct 2007, looks like I have to drop it due to the GC process ( entangled)

    My last discussion wirh Immi and employer drove the nail in the coffin.

    I would appreciate any suggestion fromfolks like you.


    I can quit the job and proceed for MBA at my risk ( leave spouse behind in the US in I-485 pending stage). If for example my PD ( July 2002 EB3 india) comes up during my absence in the US and if there is a RFE, my current employer WILL NOT provide a job offer so far into the future ( ie post Sep 2008). the least they said they can do is not pull labor and I-140 ( both approved and I-485 pending for 4 yrs)

    Since I am in the Mechanical egnineering field , i dont know who to find , ( unlike adundant software body shoppers present) who will draft an offer in case of RFE.

    I have few more weeks before I see this opportunity slip by.

    Can anyone guess if the EB3- India PD will move to July 2002 or beyond before September 2008?

    Any suggestion./directions will be appreciated... Around me i have no one who has even changed jobs , used AC21 etc.

    Thanks for your time

    No one can guess on this issue., believe me.......... Dont keep hope that in 1 year ,2 years you will have GC.
    Guessing is not allowed in this situation......................


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  • munnu77
    09-29 03:59 PM

    My company filed my Perm on Jun 4th 08 but it is not yet approved. My H1B is in its 6th year and will end in July 09. I was wondering if I would get an extension , even if my Perm gets denied for some reason.

    I just want to prepare for the worst case. Can any one please help with some information.

    What are my options to get a H1B extension.

    Thank you,

    dont took my frnd almost 4 months

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  • txh1b
    08-20 09:41 AM
    Paper filing as per the instructions, my friend got the EAD in less than 30 days from the date it was sent to TSC. He was kind of unhappy as he applied 120 days prior to expiry and had 90 days go waste (in terms of filing fees)


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  • ndny
    08-06 03:10 PM

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  • fromnaija
    07-10 12:08 PM
    This being your first post on this forum, I'd like to advise that you include URL in your post otherwise one might think you are making this up.

    Why AILA not suing State Dept. or USCIS for other issues... read a letter posted by someone in a forum


    I appreciate your effort in filing lawsuit on behalf of July I-485 filers.

    There are several critics on your July I-485 lawsuit. They criticize that you are doing for the benefit of your members (AILA). Definitely, your members will be benefited by huge amount of legal fees. Also, the critic says it is waste of time.

    Even one of your reputed member (Rajiv Khanna @ posted in his website that chance of winning the law suit is very minimum.

    He posted in his website as follows: "Please note folks, I don�t think this class will be easily approved by courts. CIS could argue a lot of things against it, which I don�t wish to publish in an open forum."

    Why you cannot sue for the people who struck at Consulate due to administrative process without probable cause.

    Several of them working in U.S (they have proof of employment, pay stubs, worked in the U.S on H1B visa for many years) just went to their home country for short vacation and applied for visa; they have rented house in the U.S and unable to break the lease; unable to pay car dues; their U.S citizen children also held overseas; they are loosing their jobs. State department is holding these visa application for more than a year in several cases.

    What steps AILA has taken in this issue. If not, why you are not aware of this issue or why you are not giving importance. Do you think this issue will not bring such a huge legal fee like I-485 lawsuit?


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  • mrsr
    05-25 12:02 PM
    I recently came to know like many desi comanies applying the h1 s for their whole family tree,like cousins, bros, sisters.

    think about them they will sit on the bench forever, also they cannot complain.

    We are inviting the trouble for our own future. I am not aganist the H1b program,but i am aganist about this family business. They come here on fake resumes and fake degrees.

    I would encourage every one to complain aganist them, so that real experienced people will not be screwd up.

    they also play tricks like one person will take the interview for the other one and so forth.

    Desi consulting is a big mess.

    we should act on it.

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  • bitzbytz
    07-13 02:27 PM
    nice try jayant


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  • ajm
    03-24 10:49 AM
    Don't the per-country limits apply to the total number of immigrants (all categories of family and employment preferences) from a country? If so, it is incorrect to say that there will be only 4350 visas (10% of 15% of 290,000) available in each EB category for any one country. The correct reading, in my opinion, is that no country can get more than 77,000 immigrant visas (10% of 480,000+290,000) in any year.

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  • cooldude
    11-02 07:26 PM
    I am able to see my EAD and AP online, but not I-1485. Don't worry, it should be there probaby next week.


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  • talduk
    March 24th, 2005, 02:29 AM
    I forgot to mention that I purchased only the body and put on an old F-801 35-70 nikon lense.

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  • sts_seeker
    09-02 08:41 PM
    Guys, I seen many people who became devotee of Sathya Sai Baba to get instant gratification such fast money, success etc. But when they realized that Just by being his devotes, they can't just wipe out their past Karma and get instant results so they were angry and started evil saying and comment against Baba. Unless you really follow his teachings and discipline and understand what he has done to India and all mankind, it is ignorance to judge him, he is beyond our limited thinking of instant gratifications and thinking of selfishness.


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  • gchopeful
    07-17 06:51 PM
    You can file until Aug 16 .However from July 30 , you have to pay new feess..Better apply before July 30 and contribute to IV

    After July 30th, you have to pay the higher fee, but you will get free AP/EADs for the entire duration until adjudication.

    So, it's up to you (and whoever is paying for ur EADs).. you can decide appropriately.

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  • mhtanim
    12-15 01:57 PM
    With a bachelors degree and 10 years of experience (ignoring the CA Certification/License), I do not see why you would not qualify for EB2. To qualify for EB-2 it is not always a necessity to have a masters degree.

    Generally, if you have a bachelor degree and at least 5 years of experience, and as long as your future job/position for what your Labor Certification will be filed requires either a Masters degree or a bachelor degree with 5 years of experience, will qualify you for EB2 category.

    "Generally, a bachelor's degree plus five years experience with another employer could qualify for EB2, if described correctly under the current U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) interpretations for the EB2 classification."



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  • srikondoji
    07-26 02:47 PM

    Just made another contribution of $100. AS i said to you in the past, that i will be making contributions every now and then instead of recurring.

    Transaction ID: 2FX50463NH320233G Placed on Jul. 26, 2007

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  • CaliHoneB
    06-05 03:53 PM
    I think we need to get some facts from DBEC and PBEC through senators. Basically we need to find out how much time(man hrs) per case they are spending so far and project that to Future (Sept2007) and then probably we can prove that What they are saying " backlog will be eliminated by certain date" is impossible.
    I ask IV core team to come up with a strategy to tackle this. I know that IV core team has put 6 months time frame in the bill ( I truely appreciate IV efforts in this) but bill becoming a law has a long way to this should be handled seperately. I am willing to contribute, send faxes and call the senators.


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  • chanduv23
    10-19 01:12 PM
    I am from Long Island. I am a name check victim. What can we do? Where and when can we gather?

    I have been looking for some help in mobilization in your area - lets discuss this offline.

    Send me your contact details and time to contact as a private message and we can discuss further steps.

    04-16 09:59 AM
    FYI, the response from my attorney firm -

    Question -
    1) Can we request for an extension of time - if in case the time allocated to respond is 30 days or less?

    Response -
    1) A request can not be made for an extension on any RFE response times.

    08-23 11:46 AM
    Switching to F1 will allow her to use OPT / CPT benefits as well as allow her to work part time on campus during term. In order to qualify for OPT the student needs to be in F1 status for 1 academic year prior to submitting application for OPT.

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