Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • WeldonSprings
    05-18 06:51 PM
    This lawsuit is about the 140000 visas been given out each year and in years 2008 and 2009.

    There have been many people who received GCs in 2008 and 2009 in EB2 without regard to Priority number. Check Visa Bulletins from August 2008 and September 2008. People from 2006 were given GCs over 2004 and there was total chaos.

    This lawsuit is to bring justice to the last three years of absolute anarchy.

    This lawsuit is to bring in line how this 140000 number is distributed. How does processing of I-485s take place in USCIS.

    I think Indian EB3 will join shortly.


    This is a very positive development. Chinese are suing based on EB3 China visas used in 2008 & 2009 which were 2058 and 1077 respectively. Which are far less than 2500 that the law actually allows without spillover. This is awesome. Go Chinese friends!

    Pappu sir,

    Do we (EB3I) know the number of applicants who were approved green card from EB3 I in the last three years? I suspect that the same would have happened here too. We need to also follow (Law) suit.

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  • gps001
    02-23 03:04 PM
    I don't want to use EAD/AP, as I want to have a backup.

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  • ibmguy
    04-07 04:48 PM
    I'm in my 9th year of H1B which is going to expire in about six months. My employer is suggesting to extend H1B and not use or extend EAD. Based on your experience and knowledge please post your advise. If a post like this already exists, please point me to that. I could not find one easily. Thanks a lot.

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  • ftbakhru
    10-21 10:58 AM

    How long did it take for your AP approval and which srevice center? Thanks!


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  • Rockford
    08-28 10:06 AM
    thanks munnabhai. I have read somewhere that if I/140 is approved and visa is unavailable then H1 can be extended for 3 yrs. Correct me if its not true.

    Eligible for 3 years if I140 is approved and you can't file I485 because of retrogression. But you said , you had already filed I485. I doubt you are eligible for 3 year extension.

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  • sin94
    03-08 08:50 PM
    Sorry folks did not get to update this discussion as things have dramatically changed in past couple of months

    On January 15th the online status Changed to "Approval Notice sent", :D We waited a week and my company and lawyers received each a copy of the approval notices.

    No idea what was the catalyst behind the U-turn from the USCIS (please note we still have not received the RFE response from USCIS) weather it was the Lawyers letters,1-800 calls, infopass visit or AILA intervention.

    Call it the luck / divine intervention I am so lucky this step being cleared now just have to wait for the final 485 stage to clear

    I just hope others do not go through the same harrowing story as mine.

    That said USCIS was and is a big black hole :mad:, any information requested is swallowed and no response will be provided, just hope for the best and be patient


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  • cvk90
    07-05 01:08 PM
    Bump >> Please help

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  • sanju
    03-28 02:00 PM
    Durbin (father of Dream Act) hates us. He loves to grand stand for "children of undocumented" "the down torn, the poor, the under privileged" and thinks we are like spoilt rich kid. This is a good thought, but who will bell the cat? Durbin is totally irrational when it comes to children of legal and undocumented. Not sure that you know this, but just thought of laying the facts as they are.



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  • 2003doc
    08-18 10:14 AM
    this should include total applications as derivative also has to file separate I-485. you multiply with 1.7 when you are estimating from approved I-140 to speculate number of people who are waiting online to apply for green cards. bottomline is its no where close to 500,000 to 750,000 as expected by oh-law and other websites
    that was expected. 300K * 1.7(average family size according to USCIS) = Approx. 500K

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  • GCBy3000
    09-29 05:20 PM
    This is not at all a bad idea. Indeed very good one and also easy to send it through Amazon.

    Every member should send it to their state senator and congressmen.

    Its just a thought,, maybe every IV member should buy this book and send it to their senator as a holiday gift..I am sure that most of these guys will not read it..but even 50% read or their staff read it, it will make an impact..


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  • camarasa
    08-01 07:01 PM
    Did we ever hear anything back regarding the July 2nd questions she sent to USCIS? Remember she gave them three days to answer?

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  • anu_t
    05-08 07:08 PM
    just wondering
    How gaining so much experience or education is possible in such a short amount of time?
    No , I'm not jelous or anything. Please don't misunderstand.
    EB1 requires very high education. Right?
    just wondering. I 'm ready to work hard. Just need direction?
    How people do it. Do they take a MBA/PHD?


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  • clockwork
    07-18 05:03 PM
    Enjoy! :) Only 5 files max allowed. Please follow up the next post.

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  • senthil1
    12-05 05:44 PM
    No difference this year. This year most H1bs will go to Indian consulting companies as they will process and keep them in India. Also many US Master degree graduates will pay money to consulting companies and get H1b though there will be no new jobs. Only US companies like Intel,Google will reduce/stop hiring H1b and non H1b.

    I think H1b will last more month this time than past 3 years. And lawmakers will think its not right time to increase.

    I spoke to 1-2 relatives who are having consulting business and they told me they are reducing work force.. ( Not lay off but not interested to hire more and more h1b in this slow economy ) ....


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  • sreeanne
    01-01 01:47 PM

    Happy New Year for everyone in this forum....

    Sorry for taking this discussion into different side..instead of opening a new thread i felt my question is related somewhat to this...

    I am planning to change to new employer in february 2009 and used AP on Nov 2008. I am planning to ask new employer for H1B transfer instead of EAD as my H1B is valid till Sep,2010. Will this be a problem as i already used AP..some where i read that, i may jeopardize my 485 application, if i do H1 transfer in this case, as i used my AP....

    I will talk to lawyer soon on this and let u know but any insight is helpful from you all..

    Thank you

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  • mailsunnydeol
    08-05 01:07 PM
    Did you had to go for an interview or another fingerprinting before you got the welcome email ?
    Neither an interview nor fingerprinting.


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  • brij523
    02-17 08:33 AM
    I think I would like to see more post saying -

    1) I contacted my congress member or Senator. Have their commitment to support legal immigration.
    2) I send mail to XYX number of my friend to join IV. Some may join and some may ridicule. But as IV member you did the job. The new member could either contribute 5 minutes of time everyday to contact Senator, Congress member or contacting friend, contibute money or at least raise the membership of this forum. Remember we are putting time to help ourself not IV. Because I know after most of us get GC, we will move on with life and next generation IV member will continue the effort.
    3) I would like to see people in major city, launching a compaign to collect money. One of the idea which I think would be very useful is working with the Temple authority and selling food on some occasion. Some kind of arrangement should be made with Temple authority to get major part of sale collection to IV. This way we multiply our money. $20 can be easily made into $100 with some time from members.
    My limitation is - I am in a village. But I will do something. I would not let limitation stop me.


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-13 12:28 PM
    All that matters for the french is your stamping, if your passport stamping is valid(even if you are not on that visa anymore), you dont need. If your stamping expired, you need a transit visa, and you need to go in person for the french transit visa, which is not needed for german and british transit visa.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-12 07:18 PM
    I actually sent evl instead of paystubs. I cant produce paystubs because I am not currently working with them

    What is "evl"?

    Anyway, it appears you just filed for your I-485 using "evl" or whatever it is that is causing you grief. Well, one "adventurous" option would be that if you just filed for I-485 and your PD is current and your old employer is not revoking the I-140, why don't you ask the new employer to apply for your LC and I-140 and then port the PD from the old employer?

    Don't withdraw your existing I-485 until your new LC and I-140 come through. If the PD is current, then withdraw the old I-485 and apply for a new I-485. If the PD is not current, then do nothing and hope you don't get a RFE on the existing I-485.


    09-03 10:46 AM

    I think you should write your spouse name on the mailbox alongwith yours especially if she still maintained her maiden name which would be different from your last name.

    Also do talk to your postmaster and update the situation.

    Hope this helps.


    07-08 10:37 PM
    Here is my general suggestion. We have a lot of examples to learn from.

    A desi consulting company will pay lesser, may not offer challenging work, and may have some weird restrictions in place. On the plus side, they are relatively more stable than American consulting companies when it comes to green card processing as the liklihood of layoffs are lesser.

    People on H-1b should not be out to switch employers for a little extra money. Instead, they should look at the big picture and ask themselves what they want. If the GC is in mind, then plan for it now...not when your 6th year is just closing. If there is no interest in the GC, then you can chase money and join the one who pays more money. However, in many such cases, H-1s have eventually changed their minds and pursued GCs, but valuable time is lost as a consequence of not knowing what they really want.

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