Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • bobbydalal
    05-21 10:13 AM
    Guys whatever will happen we got to start sending faxes to white house too. We got to overdo the numberusa pepole by far if we want any hope of relief for EB category.If u go on numberusa they r sending fax everyday to whitehouse n congress. So we got to do the same and overdo them. We got to get congress look at our cases and the years of waiting to get our green cards So the forum should do something and we all should start faxing.

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  • lvaka
    09-02 09:24 PM
    CORBA, is a Federal Government law to save individuals who loose job. Every insurance company should provide you this insurance for about 6 months (not sure about the length and price) at the Employer negotiated price. You should get a notification from your current insurance company each time you change your employer.

    Then its upto you to take it for that limited time before you get your next job. What happens if we dont take the insurance in between? Next time you take insurance, if they find that u dont have insurance for some time, then they will not cover any pre existing conditions and they might ask you to take some tests. Its all headache.

    But its worth finding out more details rather than ignoring it.

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  • ngaheer
    12-12 08:14 PM
    Thanks amitjoey,

    Some good pointers there. I knew there is wealth of ideas here.

    I am going to talk to a lawyer and propose this to the co. I am talking to. Hell, things can't get any shi**ier than they are now.

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  • same_old_guy
    07-22 03:07 PM
    There was a memo from USCIS for in-time receipt compliance for I-485 ( along with other forms) for 8/1 supposedly for June filers.

    As I understand it, not all June filers got receipt yet. So obviously USCIS can start looking at July filers only after 8/1 or later.

    Another recent memo says on in-time receipt compliance for I-485 to be 10/24. I am guessing it was meant for July/Aug filers.

    So between 8/1 and 10/24, we are suposed receive the receipts from USCIS. To me, earliest we should talk about cashing the checks sometime is first week of Aug.

    Does it make any sense ?


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  • GC_1000Watt
    02-18 09:34 PM
    If I'm not mistaken, the 485 processing times for TSC are much shorter compared to NSC. My case is at the VSC which is still doing 06 applications. Is there a particular reason behind this or is it just the sheer number of applications that VSC receives?

    I was just looking at your PD (Jan 08 - Eb2 - India) and was wondering how were you able to apply your I-485. Any political source? :D

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  • gotgc?
    08-13 10:49 AM


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  • dan19
    02-20 10:30 AM
    Hello all,

    My I-140 (EB3) is already approved through my present company.

    I am about to start the 6th year (final year) of my H1 soon. I want to change my job and apply through EB2 as EB3 has almost stopped moving.

    My case is like this:
    PD: 2002-Oct India/ROW
    Category: EB3
    H1 (6 year ends): June 2008

    My questions are:

    1. First and foremost - can I change my job as I am entering the 6th year of H1?

    2. Since it's going to be my 6th year, will I need to reapply for labor as soon as I change my job? Is there any timeframe?

    3. Will there be any issue porting the Priority Date - especially since I am planning to apply on EB2 in the next job.


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  • pappu
    12-01 09:57 PM
    Thanks coopheal,

    Just sent in $100 Transaction ID: 1HH11588973388432

    C'mon folks, lets keep this drive alive!!! Tis the season to spend, what better way to invest, than on YOUR OWN FUTURE !!!!

    Thank you very much.


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  • a2k2
    12-21 11:52 AM
    You can read my experience in below link

    To answer your questions, yes they interviewed me and my wife together. Attorney is not critical, our attorney did not accompany us - one reason id because he is in Atlanta whole I'm in NJ. Yes he can approve and stamp your passport right then if everything goes fine. Our PD was not current back then so he said he could not do it.

    But in our case even though he said our applications were through and should get our GC as soon as it becomes current I had to wait for 4 months to get GC after it became current and after contacting every possible office. But that was my luck :rolleyes:

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  • rocky17105
    07-29 09:48 AM
    Could anyone senior in the forum please let me know if there is any way for me to get 485 reopened sooner where its USCIS mistake to deny 140 and 485.


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  • GCard_Dream
    12-01 11:13 AM
    I guess the main part of the question and my concern is not only EAD but actually the ability to change career/employer as you feel necessary without having to re-start the whole GC process, which you have to do now if you have a 140 approved and wish to change company. You now will probably argue that the first 2 steps are employer driven and an employers don't have to let you use employer sponsored 140 if you change company which may make sense from a employer point of view but for employees it's back to square one. It's like the USCIS and employers ganging up against you to make sure that you can't change employer without having to start everything all over again. Is that really fair? Well.. who said life is fair. :)

    The core team has alrady addressed this issue before : try doing a search. The summary goes something like this - First, EAD cards cannot be given out arbitrarily. Apparently, the law mandates very specific circumstances for which an work authorization (EAD) can be given out : for example, a student on OPT. We wouldn't meet this criteria before a visa number is available for adjustment of status to permanent resident - not unless the law is changed by congress. Secondly, EAD, as it stands now, is meant to be a strictly interim permit. The USCIS ombudsman's report has already objected strongly to the phenomenon of people who are ultimately found ineligible for permanent residence enjoying the benefits of an EAD for extended periods due to processing delays. In such circumstances, it is not realistic to expect that USCIS, on its own accord, will start doling out EADs like seasons' greetings cards.

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  • j751
    07-05 09:46 PM
    Friends, I would like to know if I change job after I-140 & I-485 approval, do I still need to notify USCIS about AC-21. Also, will it require my new employer to provide a letter of job duties to confirm that the new job is either same or similar to the old one.



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  • solaris27
    10-03 09:16 AM
    anyone is ok

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  • CADude
    07-02 03:05 PM
    People can married because date are current. :D INDEED AMERICA IS GOOD PLACE. :p

    USCIS and DOS played ping pong on us.

    USCIS played June Fool.

    We are panned.

    I told my wife that I will get her EAD in 3 months. Now what I should I say. I am insulted embarassed.

    I planned to leave my company in 6 months. Now again I am struck.

    I decided to marry a girl just because the dates are current. Now I am struck.

    Oh USCIS(GOD)!!, Why did you do this me?


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  • mkumar
    03-31 06:21 PM
    To second what SITM said in this post, my case (interfiling from EB2 NIW to EB1 EA) was approved on March 30, 2009. My I-485 was submitted in Aug 07 thanks to the July 07 melee. In my case, I had my lawyer do the interfiling for an additional fee. So, I am not sure how the interfiling request looked like. But, I did follow with NSC on my I-485 s after the request on a regular basis and I believe that it helped! AFAIK, it looks like interfiling is not completely hopeless.

    For those of you waiting on your pending I485 following a successful EB2->EB1 upgrade, it took me a little over a month after my I140(EB1) was approved late Jan, and only 3 weeks after the upgrade request was mailed to USCIS (relevant timeline is in my signature below). I received the "Welcome to USA" notice (for me and my wife) yesterday in my mailbox. Also, there was no prior LUD change or email notification (maybe they want to hit us with the good news, after causing so much heartburn). We had one (medical) RFE last year, because we skipped medicals while rushing our I485 petition to beat July 2 ('07) deadline.

    A big THANK YOU shoutout to IV leaders who do the heavy lifting day-in and day-out for others like us, and hearty wishes to those of you waiting for a looooong time to get through this stage (this is my 9th year in US, but I sort of lazed around on my H1 until the fag end, when my friends forced me to shake a butt and initiate my "GC journey" early '06).

    [ps. while I hesitate to say it here, I am committing $200 to IV just so others, who like me have benefited from IV's actions (both directly, such as "July-2 reversal", "2-yr EAD", "quick answers to urgent questions" etc, as well as in other intangible ways), make a similar gesture of appreciation after getting their GC]

    Stuck(no longer)InTheMuck

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  • popoye
    04-27 12:28 PM
    receiving RFE during 485 stage has become more of a common thing. Dont worry about it. Once you get the letter, prepare a response with the right evidence with the help of the attorney, and you should be fine.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-17 04:58 PM
    Aug bulletin:


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  • agt
    05-23 08:12 PM
    Thanks for your reply.

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  • bluez25
    08-23 03:48 PM
    I really appreciate Pappu and this is why I like IV a lot... Staying focused.. I wish I could come to the rally but due to lot of personal reasons I will not be able to attend. ..... and coming back to the focus point of this thread....

    Guys please stay on top of your case and make sure your's is not one of the case sitting in the dead box..... The actual message from the other thread just to avoid the jump....

    From a user expected from other forum

    Finally it's my turn - a Sunday phone call changed it all...

    ...after hearing lots of crap for 6 years, finally I also got my approval on 8/, no,'s not over for me...they wouldn't let that happen so easily... they approved mine...but they didn't approve my wife', I am still waiting....just half way through....

    here is some snapshots my long story....

    EB3, India

    Labor PD: 10/18/2001 [ my own labor, NOT A SUBSTITUTE ]
    I140 / 485 ND: 11/13/2003
    I140 AD: 04/2004
    FP1: 12/2004
    stuck in Namecheck till 6/2006
    Xfer VSC to TSC: 3/2/07
    FP2: 5/9/07

    Status of case since then:

    6/4/07: All ready for approval, waiting in queue
    6/5/07: Assigned to an officer
    6/27/07: Officer on leave, reassigned to another officer
    8/6/07: Case waiting to be assigned to an officer ??? wtf ???
    8/13 - 8/17: Contacted everyone mentioned in this board, this isn't my first time...just the n-th time....

    8/19 - Sunday 5:56pm - actually this is the MOST important event. So, I shall never forget the time. I received a call in my home phone from extn. 1202. The gentleman with a 50sh voice, identified himself as an officer from USCIS. He mentioned that he is aware my case is stuck and wanted to know all details that I have been complaining about. After hearing everything from me and my wife, he looked into some stuff in his system. He particularly looked in details to whom my cases was assigned to....finally he apologised and told me, probably my case was assigned to AN OFFICER WHO IS NO MORE WITH USCIS FOR call for around 48 minutes...
    he apologized again and told me that he would inform Texas Center that there are cases assigned to this person who is not with USCIS anymore...

    8/21 - 8:01 am - I got only one mail from CRIS "Approval Notice Sent for I485"
    ...don't know when I would get the "Card Production Ordered" and "Welcome" mails

    Well guys, did you notice the flurry of approval today?...mostly old cases....does that have anything with my Sunday's phone call?.....I am guessing so...

    My wife's cases didn't get approved since it is with another officer...hope to get that one soon...

    All the best to everyone in this forum....I hope lot's of more approvals to come in September....
    EB3 India
    PD: 10/2001
    I-140/485 - ND - 11/2003
    I-140 AD - 6/2004
    I-485 - Transferred VSC to TSC - 3/2/07
    FP1 - 12/24/04
    FP2 - 5/9/07
    6/5/07 - Case assigned to an officer
    6/27/07 - Officer on leave, case reassigned to Another officer
    5th EAD AD - 7/26/07
    SR raised on - 6/11/07
    Reply on 7/26/07 - Complications lead to additional Reveiw - 6 months
    I-485 - AD: Never

    March 24th, 2005, 02:29 AM
    I forgot to mention that I purchased only the body and put on an old F-801 35-70 nikon lense.

    11-08 03:22 PM
    Change add' online in USCIS website. After few days you will receive confirmation letter. Also send AR-11 for to DHS and confirm with USCIS.

    FYI, i saw 2 LUDs on 485 & EAD from the day i changed the address online.

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