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Hyundai Matrix 1.6

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  • martinvisalaw
    03-24 01:45 PM
    Does this mean that if my salary is higher than the "prevailing wage" by more than $320, the employer can legally ask me to reimburse the $320 filing fee? I have searched very hard but could not find any memo/doc regarding this.

    Possibly, see here: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: H-1B fees (

    You must also look at the "actual wage."

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  • mlkedave
    03-06 06:37 PM
    o and paddy why isn't klabboration in kirupa lab?

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  • India_USA
    09-14 09:20 AM
    can you update your profile?

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  • willigetgc?
    05-04 10:15 AM
    Correct me if I my understanding is wrong. We legals are not getting any action because law makers want to do a comprehensive reform instead of a piece meal legislations. If the CIR is not a possibility, is there not a good chance to push for reforms for legals on a piece meal basis ? Stuff like visa recapture, removing country cap, filing for 485 when dates are not current and all ?

    You can find the answer here:


    But Mr Gutierrez thinks otherwise. Hispanic Democrats know very well that if Legals get any reprieve, then the fate of undocumented provisions is for sure dead. That's why all legal provisions have been held hostage.

    Unfortunately, legal immigration doesnot have any representation in the senate to work for our interests.

    Suprisingly, majority of the Americans favor legal immigration over undocumented, and any legal provisions will have public support. A few senators are playing dirty politics and holding thousands of legalites ransom. If CIR fails, I would hope/pray these Hispanic Democrats don't get elected in mid-term so that we can move forward


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  • bmeduru11
    02-18 12:54 PM
    Thank You for your comments.

    I didn't receive any confirmation from USCIS regarding interfiling.
    Interfiling was submitted on Jan15th - On Feb 15th my case status was updated as "Denial Notice Sent"

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  • kriskris
    08-22 02:35 PM
    there are no issues: your H1 and 485 are independent (until the 485 is approved, at which point your H1 is invalid). Until then, even if you have filed your 485, whether you have receipts or not you can keep filing extensions and getting new I-94s. You can also transfer your H1 around (better to do after 180 days and invoke AC21) whether you have a 485 receipt or not.

    dont worry, go ahead and bump up your H1 extension to PP. As long as you qualify for the extension (LC >365 days or 140 approved) you will get it and your 485 continues getting processed independently.

    Thanks for the reply gc_chahiye.
    If i upgrade my H1 to premium, would they upgrade and process my wife's H4 in premium. I know that there is no premium for H4. If i would have opted for PP at the time of submission, both the apps would have been processed in premium, but now since we have separate receipt numbers for H1 and H4, would they be processed at the same time. Any past experiences?????


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  • gclabor07
    11-05 09:55 AM
    What an inspiring story. Our GC journey feels pale in comparison to the plight of poor, sick, and mentally ill people face in India.

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  • kams
    06-18 01:21 PM
    My colleague was in similar situation. He went to Canada for H1 Visa stamping and while returning, the oficer at the border said I94 on the 797 is sufficient. Our lawer (Fragomen) adviced him to enter border crossing as last port of entry.


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  • arunmohan
    07-29 05:39 PM
    Did anyone ask about EB3-India backlog?

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    08-24 02:14 PM
    One a 485 is applied and is pending, it is possible to replace the underlying 140, even if it is from a different employer.

    Reasons why one would do this -

    1. Moved away from sponsored employer within 180 days and a job offer from this employer is no longer available

    2. Job Role changed significantly enough to warrant a new Labor.

    3. AN old Labor with an earlier PD suddenly got approved. Get a 140 approved for this Labor and replace the earlier 140 with this one.

    4. Upgrade from eb3 to eb2.

    My case is like this:I have applied for eb3 with priority date feb2004.But my attorney is telling why dont we go forward with eb2 perm & I-140 and once it is done send a letter to the uscis asking interfiling with the alreadyfiled eb3 so if everything turnsout well it will be eb2 with eb3's priority date.Whether is it a good option?any advices friends..i'm fearing whether uscis gets confused & close the eb3 case then my priority would become eb2 2007 :(.can anybody throw some light on this


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  • svam77
    07-18 11:54 PM
    Thanks a lot for all the replies. I wil wait till August 10th, if I dont get it, I will just ask my attorney to file it with a cover letter. If he hesistates, I will file I 485 myself.

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  • senk1s
    05-08 01:40 AM
    In our case (also Jul 2007) the Dr gave sealed envelopes ... and we gave it to our attorney.

    What did yor attorney say about this RFE?


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  • amitga
    08-01 11:46 AM
    YouTube - Piya Tu Ab To Aaja (

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  • ca_immigrant
    03-10 05:45 PM
    Thanks Friends !

    I have used the USPS service in the past twice and both the times the documents reached safely....I donot remeber which service I had used though...

    anyways, since I was short of time this time I used FedEx , around 58$ upto 0.5 LBs (mine was 0.49 -;) ) it reached chennai in 3 days. parents had thier interview got the visa and are now here....all izz well !!

    Once again...thanks for the reply !!


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  • minimalist
    10-08 02:50 PM
    Could you share how you received the original 485 receipt? I only received a copy of the receipt. Can we request one from USCIS?

    Yes I did.

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  • raghav0
    11-12 11:00 AM
    Thanks for the posting...just voted!


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  • h1techSlave
    07-30 10:27 AM
    For the next conference call, may be we can pool together some common questions and a couple of people can ask them during the call.

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  • shiva7
    10-12 01:00 PM
    Don't post for receipts people... IV people don't like it.

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  • saran4
    03-03 09:58 PM
    hi ,

    Since i dont have answer from them so posted here.... Moreover it may help some other person in future.... about the complexities....

    05-20 09:56 AM
    How do we get other's in similar situation and see if IV can get some clarificationas to the status and present backlog of background check applicants.

    FBI had eliminated all backlog to less than six months and what happened to USCIS continuing to process the application for cases that FBI has not responded within six months.

    IV can they collect a few applicants and then look into a class action WOM. (writ of Mandamus).

    Did you contribute even 50 dollars for April advocacy now that you want IV to work exclusively for you?

    04-23 07:55 AM
    I am sure this question must have been answered before, but as i could not find anything with reference to it, so i thought of posting it here.

    I just received a copy of the labor from my company. Is there a way to find out, whether the labor was cleared for EB-2 or not.

    I am novice in this area.
    If there are any other ways to find out, can anyone shed some light on it.


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