Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ducati 2011 Motogp

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-11 06:52 AM
    Remember CIS told that they will make I 140 PP available in batch. I think this is first step towards that.

    As of april 2008 there are 140,000 cases are pending .. How many will get benefits of this rule any idea ?

    What will be next batch ?

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  • MotoGP. 24 May 2011 09:31

  • Alabaman
    08-21 02:52 PM
    If your calculations are right then this is really really bad.

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  • 2011 MotoGP Qatar 112 2011

  • gc_on_demand
    05-13 11:01 AM
    Dear members

    Please dont keep hope that there will be a CIR in a year. Why ? Mr President is not confident that he will bring it or not otherwise he would have sound plan and announcement. He is asking Mccain to take a lead on this and remember that news Mccain was angry on mexican delegation who went to him to argue to bring CIR.

    This year they will not bring it with unemployment and other reason. Next year it will be election year.

    If time is good they will attempt in 2011 so it will help in election 2012...again nothing can be done in 2012 too..

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  • aadimanav
    10-26 01:43 AM
    It looks like the posts under the IV Home Page Rcent Forum Posts Section no longer show up in descending order of last-update date. Is this intentional?


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  • krishmunn
    09-21 07:11 AM
    First thing you need to do is setup a 30 min - 1 hour appointment with an experienced Attorney (Khanna/ Murthy/ Ron) You can have a telephonic discussion. Do not think about money and go for the best.

    During discussion bring up the topic of new employment (C) as well .

    If you have the format from your current company attorney , show it to them .

    It might be simpler then you are thinking.

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  • extra_mint
    05-25 02:44 PM
    I think the problem is with the Poll.
    The moderator of the thread needs to correct it. I got my GC but when I try to go and poll change my status to card received it tells me I have already polled. Unless I am missing something.

    So 74 people were current (not sure how many of them got approved) and 24 polled to say they got approved.
    So mr moderator can u correct the poll ??

    could it be true that only 23% of the folks who became current in May have got the approvals ? It almost the end of the month, I know that it need come in May but still...

    or is it a case of people not bothering to come back here after the gety approvals -;)

    Can someone start a thread for June approvals...
    I know that June approvals will come only in June....but no harm in starting it and getting a count on how many are current starting june

    I tried but was not sure how to setup a poll :rolleyes:


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  • sac-r-ten
    06-02 11:26 AM
    All the guys waiting in Canada, you can ask your passport and all other papers back from the Consulate and return to India and try stamping there.

    I have heard cases where people in india went for stamping and since they were put on Admin processing, took their passports and returned back on AP. Well, they had AP to fall back. But i think if you are too much worried staying in Canada, better to ask the consultate to return back all papers and passport and go back to homeland and try stamping there. Atleast you will be less worries in homeland and have a good time with family back there.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Good luck my friends.

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  • partha_vus
    06-15 10:52 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    But i filed GC 6 times i had three approved I 140's with different priority dates.
    I missed filing my 485 couple times.



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  • Dhundhun
    07-21 05:59 PM
    I assume he can use the AP after October 2008 for his travel--correct?

    As as dated Oct 12, 2008, on or after this date.

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  • roseball
    11-14 10:43 AM
    If you are coming back to US to work for the same H1 employer, then re-entering on AP does not invalidate your H1. Yes, after coming back you can file for a H1 COE petition.


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  • yetanotherguyinline
    01-18 01:48 PM
    Great initiative Gopal :)

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  • suva321
    01-20 07:34 PM
    From Nov 14th 2008 verything got changed, now first they issue one year
    after that you need apply again for 10 years.


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  • diesel
    05-25 08:51 AM
    The immigration council said he will pass our concern to the senator.

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  • ntpatil
    04-26 05:17 PM
    Thanks UKannan,

    That is the first thing I did and the cust rep said it is 1 bag, moreover, she said talk to your travel agent.

    Also, it is different to hear from cust rep and then get the actual experience in front of the check-in staff. Hence I was asking recent experiences here.

    Please don't get me wrong, but traveling with 2 toddlers, the last thing I want is baggage hassle.


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  • walking_dude
    10-19 02:58 PM
    Thanks for the clarification.

    I would greatly appreciate if any future outages in check collections are posted on the Homepage page at least one or two weeks in advance.

    Reason - if member opted for "Bill Pay" (to make payments recurring )Bank deducts the money from the account as soon as the Paper check [from the bank] gets sent . This is done to ensure that the Bank has the cash to pay the check it mailed to payee (IV). If check never gets encashed that money is lost and wasted!

    I don't know if this is feasible or not, but if IV can provide a bank Account Number and Routing, "Bill Pay" can be set such that Bank will send the amount Electonically to IV account (as E-check). E-checks get cashed in 2 days compared to Paper checks (sent by the bank) which takes 5 days [per my bank]. It's just a suggestion as I have no ideas on the issues and the logistics involved.

    This is only temporary. We will accept the checks after some time and will update the page.

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  • nashim
    12-12 11:36 AM
    What was the REF about?

    As a backup you can file new EB3 PERM


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  • bsbawa10
    08-15 12:11 PM
    USCIS does not seem to be corrupt. It seems to be running by proxy with no accountability, no follow ups on what they do, and they always make excuses to show that they follow rules ...(which are breakable).

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  • admin
    05-08 07:09 AM
    I would like to know, can I get my H-1B at 6.0 year of my H-4 with my spouse�s approved I-140 (affected by EB-3 retrogression)?

    As per an article in murthy.com - http://murthy.com/news/n_h1bnew.html - USCIS might soon introduce a memo that would decouple the 6 year limit for H1b from the limit for H4. If that is the case, once can be on H4 for 6 years and then 6 years on H1B.

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  • manand24
    08-15 12:44 PM
    I thought this will give some hope to you.

    Mine reached USCIS on July-3rd around 6:00am. All 6 (2x485, 2xAP, 2xEAD) checks were cached today.

    Hope yours on the way too...

    Good for you, I am July 2nd filer, no receipts, no checks cashed.

    07-03 09:21 AM
    Sorry if you find it offensive, but I dont think its going to prove anything to the USCIS and I am not even sure they will notice it.
    Why is no one talking about a public demonstartion in New York or something along those lines that is bound to get TV reporters attention and having a spokesperson who can speak on our behalf in front of a national audience and talk about the discrimintaion that US shows against legal workers
    If Illegal Immigrants have the courage to pursue their agenda on the streets what is stopping us from doing it.
    What are we afraid of? its not the lack of issues, its the lack of resolve
    Lets see if thread swells to dewcent levels we can organize a protest against USCIS infront of NBC studios

    I hope you get a day off from work for doing that..

    01-22 11:11 PM
    Has anyone of you heard about Nunc Pro Tunc H1B? Will that help in my current situation with a valid and approved LCA?

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