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  • itsmesabby
    10-13 10:09 AM
    I was asked the following questions:

    1. Which client I am currently working at and what is my role there.
    2. What is my education background.
    3. Paystubs and W2's
    4. How long have worked for my employer

    Just get your papers in order and be confident. Being confident really helps.

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  • hpandey
    07-03 11:49 AM
    If you can convert to EB2 ( eligible for it ) and recapture your earlier PD of EB3 then it would be the best course of action . If you keep on waiting for the bills to pass ( and they don't since this is an election year ) then you would just lose time.

    I know we are all frustrated because of this seemingly endless wait but I am positive - it is not endless . It will end one way or the other - for some sooner and for others later.

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  • swartzphotography
    November 22nd, 2005, 02:33 AM
    ok i pick number 3 with number 4 as a close second i like the way the smoke seems to be floating behind him in number 4 but it also seems (imo) that the act of exhaling is also over in that picture alternatively it seems that he is in the act of exhaling in number 3 which i find to have more kinetic energy.

    EAD and AP renewal filing deadline? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : EAD and AP renewal filing deadline?

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  • snathan
    03-23 08:04 PM

    My first H1-B visa expires in September 2009. I was going to have my company file for extension exactly 6 months before the expiry date until I found out I cannot travel out of the U.S. while my extension application is pending. I have a trip planned in July.

    My company attorney recommended that I put off submitting the extension, go on my trip and apply as soon as I get back.

    Is there any risk associated with doing this? Or is it better to apply as soon as I can at the 6 month mark?

    Thank you,


    I never heard of this...Last year I applied for extension and had to travel for family emergency. But I got the approval without any issues. Might be just lucky?


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  • shaileshkaria2525@hotmail
    09-19 11:30 PM
    I want to share the experience of one of my friends who recently went for visa stamping.

    He went to Mumbai Consulate with his family for H1B and H4 visa stamping on 08/25/2009. Here are his basic details.
    *He got his H1B approved through October 2011.
    *He has his GC process on.
    *He had originally come here on B1B2 visa about six years back and got the visa converted into H1B visa.
    *His current employer is his third change of jobs and have been with this employer for the past 3 years.
    *He has his I 140 approved for about a years time and has EAD, and AP valid through October 2008.
    His Experience
    Their appointed time for visa stamping was 9.00am and their turn came at about 11.00am.The Visa Officer asked my friend routine questions about how he got his first job and he answered exactly as his lawyer had advised. The VO asked him questions about his current employer, what the company was doing, how many employees did the company have et al. She asked him a specific question as to why he went to the US first and why his family joined him later initially although they got the B1B2 visa together. To this he replied that his sons were students in India and they had their terminal exams in September back then.

    Then she asked him as to whether he had his credentials with him. He showed her his degree certificates as well as copies of his membership certificates of Chartered Accountancy. She looked at all the originals and then conveyed to him that there were inconsistencies on his certifacates with his original B1B2 visa application and that she will call them later. My friend gave her a copy of his credential evaluation for all the degree certificates.

    They were stranded at the consulate for another two hours when another VO announced their names. She was an Indian lady who asked him a silly question about CA institute and as to why he did not mention the name of the city where the institute belonged to. My friend replied that it was an all india institute head quartered in New Delhi. He also conveyed to her that he had given them a copy of his membership as a fellow ( CAs receive the membership certificate as a fellow after they complete public accounting practice as an accountant for five years). She then conveyed to him that she will call him later if required. After about one and half hour further the original visa officer called their name and conveyed to them that there was some further investigation needed to be done on their case. Gave them a yellow letter that stated that he will get an e-mail from the consulate office and they do not need to come back. She gave four VFS envelopes for all of them and asked my friend to wait for the e-mail. She told him that there was nothing to worry about in his case bla bla bla...

    My friend and his family had their tickets booked back to US on 08/30/08 from Mumbai. He called his lawyer in US and sought his advise. The lawyer advised that ideally my friend should wait for the e-mail and extend his stay in India. To which my friend replied that he had already availed three weeks of vacation and that he needed to go back to US. They waited with baited breath for the e-mail from the consulate that never came. My friend meanwhile managed an e-mail from his boss that asked him to resume his work on Monday September 02, 2008.

    They took the risk and came back to LAX on 08/31/08 and did not encounter any problem using their Advanced Parole documents.

    This morning my friend received an e-mail from the Consulate Office in Mumbai that stated that the administrative process for the non-immigrant visa application on his case had been completed and asked him to come at the Consulate on any working day in the morning with yellow letter, VFS envelope, and documents pertaining to visa application. But the last sentence on the e-mail read as under, " Personal appearance is required. Please carry a copy of this email for ready reference."

    Gurus! anybody with previous experience like this please share your experience that will help my friend decide as to what he needs to do!

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  • punjabi
    01-13 03:21 PM
    Multiple PERM applications can be filed if the employers are different.

    I am planning on filing a new PERM as a prospective employee of a consulting firm and also have a PERM filed simultaneously from my current employer..
    Has anybody had any experience with this kind of situation, Are there any complications? would this be feasible...pls suggest...


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  • sparky_jones
    05-07 12:23 PM
    Some are of the opinion that filing AC21 draws unnecessary attention & scrutiny of your application (apparently which would not happen if you do not file AC21).

    But I found this article from to be conclusive on this matter.
    MurthyDotCom : Risk of GC Rescission for Failure to Notify Change of Job / Employer! (

    Filing AC21 is the safest approach -- I guess there is no need worry if the papers are in line.

    I continue to be amazed at how much opinion differs on this matter among the immigration lawyers community. If you ask Ron Gotcher, he would come out guns blazing telling you that you are nothing short of a fool inviting trouble if you pro-actively inform USCIS of job change under AC21. He claims to have seen "monster" RFEs result from such notifications, causing unnecessary and avoidable pain. On the other hand, Murthy is strongly in support of such notification, claiming that they haven't seen any additional RFEs from such notification, and that it's best to inform USCIS of job changes. They give the example of avoidance of future GC rescission as the motivation.

    So, who's telling the truth? Maybe Ron has a point. Maybe Murthy encourages AC21 notification because it brings additional business to them. Or maybe Ron is blowing hot air..and Murthy is right. Who knows...

    At the end of the day, it boils down to you. Who do you want to trust?

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  • go_guy123
    01-20 03:55 PM
    Nearly half of H1B visa holders from India: US report - The Economic Times (

    At this rate...after couple of years the GC backlog will only be restricted to EB-India


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  • manderson
    04-30 12:19 PM
    I was also taken aback initially when I read this. The 8 year wait doesnt apply to title 5. Title 5 already is designed to clear the backlog of EB immigration from 6 years to 0/at best minimum since quota is increased and there are exemptions. The 8 year backlog refers to family based.

    Thnx agan!!

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  • CaliHoneB
    05-04 07:37 PM
    Hi Guys,
    In my humble opinion simple and easyway to distinguish ourselves from illegal immigrants is to have a premium processing for GC. What ever may be the solutions there will always be backlogs either in Labor or I140 or I485 because we are on the same track as millions of others..

    From DOL perspective there is no benefit for them to process our applicatins faster than other applications..or they may simply be lacking resources to treat us as we want them to..

    I don't think any high skilled professional would mind paying lilttle extra ( or significantly extra) if the process is certain and fast because once we have the GC we will not be at mercy of employers at the time of raises or need not be stuck in less paying jobs etc..
    I request IV to incorporate this in their agenda.



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  • Madhuri
    11-07 04:59 PM
    Your exp. MUST be before you joined the petitioning company.
    Lawyer seems to care only about getting fees.

    I spoke with my lawyer again and he said that we are fine using the experience on my current job. The company that is petitioning my application is where I got most of the experience mentioned in my labor. What do you recommend I do at this point ?

    I will try and talk to another lawyer and get their views on this issue. Can I retain my priority date and file under perm at this stage. I am so stressed, I waited four years for my labor and it is about to go to hell. :mad:

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  • eb3_nepa
    11-07 02:17 PM
    Thanks Chandu...
    Never knew somebody had compiled such a large list!!!

    I think this thread is a great way for people to share their experiences with consulting companies. Nothing like first hand information from people who have lived and learnt. However let's keep it positive. No unnecessary rants, if someone feels their company is bad, then by all means state it, but I hope we do so in a reasonably civil manner so as to keep the moderator's job nice and easy :)


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  • rajuram
    02-20 10:42 PM
    Is this something positive, that can give us some hope? There hasn't been any good news reported for a long time now.

    I hope IV is ready for this.

    Arise and awake....get ready for the final battle

    "Comprehensive Immigration Reform "
    Senate Judiciary Committee
    Full Committee


    DATE: February 28, 2007
    TIME: 10:00 AM
    ROOM: Dirksen-226

    February 20, 2007


    The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing on “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” for Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

    By order of the Chairman

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 08:50 PM
    Thats what recent approval in last couple of days are indicating..
    looks like they are clearing up PD APR-DEC 2005 at both NSC-TSC but slow then pick up from jan-2006

    there are not much perm certified in 2005 ...hope you all get it


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  • garybanz
    01-11 11:53 AM
    How long is your I-485 pending? Ever thought about suing the USCIS? This is still the country of law.

    Rajiv Khanna has gone on record about suing USCIS, he says majority of cases don't even get a hearing. Govt uses some kind of a law originally created for handling terror suspects against most of the cases against USCIS. How ever he says California is an exception

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  • aarbi
    06-27 12:46 PM
    syendu1, what is your exact RD? They are processing Dec 06... knowing the date would be helpful. thanks


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  • haider420
    03-04 12:57 AM
    and for god sake, please update your profile.

    just did for your convenience :)

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  • waitingimmigrant
    10-21 05:34 PM
    hypocrites-par-excellence.... quiet amazing....

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-20 01:32 PM
    "We are beneficiaries of an EB3 petition"

    Isn't that the biggest issue with several of us! :)

    Beneficiary of EB3????? OP is making a cruel joke too aside from starting a game seeking smart guys for a date

    Has anyone benefitted from filing in EB3?

    Victims of EB3 petition is correct.

    08-04 11:45 AM
    There we go again. Now we need to create another ombudsman to make sure current ombudsman office works straight...:p

    Call the BLACKHOLE aka cis office, get info about your case, and note the person's badge you spoke, time and day of your call, put it in a letter along with file 7001 and send to ombudsman's office (also mention in the letter that you filed 7001 couple of times earlier). You need to get hold of someone in ombudsman's office and be in constant touch through email or something...You should have been on the conference call past week...Next time you can participate and ask directly...

    Thanks for your suggestion. I'll participate next time.

    07-24 11:15 PM
    I contributed once in the past for (100 Bucks). I am feeling the pinch lately because of all these I-485 filing expenses ( i know, it does sound like a lame excuse :p ). Rest assured, will be contributing in the future..

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