Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • genscn
    07-30 01:39 PM
    Is it mention some where on USCIS website? I live in GA but since I-140 was filed at Nebraska center, My attorney sent my I-1485 at Nebraska too.


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  • nozerd
    02-02 12:55 PM
    You have to apply at HRDC office in the city nearest to where you land. HRDC is Human Resources Development Canada and they issue SIN CARDS. Google it.
    Just make note that they are not open on Weekend. You can only apply for SIN on weekday.

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  • GCWhru
    11-15 02:13 PM
    I think there is nothing called State chapter link.. we have to come together and form a group.

    Please reply to this thread and express your interest to join TN chapter.

    I will consolidate.

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  • cherish37
    10-24 02:16 PM
    Anyone still not able to check online status for receipt number starts with SCR08007? It's been two weeks from the notice date.


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  • sam_hoosier
    11-27 01:34 PM
    I have read many threads that discusses the pros and cons of using EAD over H1 and the common benefit that everyone mentions is that the salary is usually better for a person on an EAD. I spoke to several people who've started using their EAD and realized that even though it opened up opportunities with companies that do not have a policy of sponsoring H1, it DID NOT give them a boost in the salary.

    My question is how do people intend to leverage on having an EAD for a higher salary?


    EAD gives you more negotiation power. Most companies are willing to negotiate on one or two things while making an offer e.g. salary, bonus, vacation, H1B/GC etc. If you take out H1B/GC out of that mix, chances of negotiating on salary are higher.

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  • vikki76
    02-13 12:45 AM
    MS+0 works fine for EB2. Couple of my friends have got GC through this qualification only.They were B.Tech Computer Science + Master Computer Science (US)


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  • rajuram
    09-08 10:05 PM
    Hi all,
    I know the Forums are still pretty active but is the IV Organisation itself still active?

    I came across the IV website yesterday and was really stuck by the mission statement of the Organisation. I did not think twice - went ahead and got registered and made one time donation. I even voted for one of the polls for Sep 18 rally and making plans to visit DC but only to realise today that it was really old one :) Also when I was reviewing the forums today I realised that most of the activities seem to be around years 2006-2007 - like Fundraising Campaign or Media News ,etc.

    Appreciate anyones response to let me know if IC is still active. Please do not direct any personal attacks. I did not need to explore GC info so far since my GC was started only during March of 2010 & got my Lc approved only yesterday.

    If the organisation is still active, I am looking forward to joing the CT chapter. Thanks!

    Very good question. Depends on how one defines "Active":D

    Some people can be awake while sleeping and some people can be sleeping while they are awake.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-04 09:27 AM
    Didn't work for me. May be down !


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  • go_getter007
    01-17 03:19 AM
    I relocated 2 years ago after spending more than a decade in the US. My choice was my hometown (not a Metro) due to a number of reasons - one of them was availability of jobs in my area of interest/expertise (which is business/management).

    From a quality of life (decent personal life beyond work, imho) perspective, tier B cities make sense. However, real estate prices are soaring everywhere. So, it is advisable to buy while you are still earning in Dollars - it worked out well in my case since I knew where I was going to settle.

    As far as education is concerned, you also have schools with IB curriculum in addition to CBSE, ICSE and State boards - even in tier B cities. Pre-K is costly but again not out of reach for most. If kids are still young, they will be able to adjust much faster. IB is perceived to be less rigorous than other boards - but I believe kids should be able to cope up with whatever board you choose.

    Overall, reality on the ground here much better than what we imagine sitting there.

    Hope it helps. Good luck.


    Folks, there is thought that keeps coming to mind about where to go back in India when we finally plan to...

    When we came in 2002 we did think that we will go back in a couple of years at the most....but it's been longer...we definately love it hear but think that should settle down in India rather for multiple reasons (mostly personal reasons)

    I am from a small town in India and it is definately not a IT hub, my wife is from Mumbai and we think it is now too crowded (as always -:) or say to hectiv a life in Mumbai....

    so then which is the best place to go ...Pune ? I hear that even that is very crowded and not to mention the sky rocketing real estate....

    We have 2 6 years and the younger one year....
    How is schooling back home ? I hear that the studies for the school there are much more difficult compared to here ? I mean can kids going from here cope up there in schools ?

    I also hear that there are foreign schools....for which I might have to continue working here to pay the fees -;)

    Thoughts friends ?

    I am in the software industry (Business Inteligence)

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  • pune_guy
    05-28 07:02 PM

    Can you tell the name of the insurance company? My in-laws are planning to come here and I will be buying insurance for them. I will stay away from this company.

    How can high-fever be considered as pre-existing condition? I though diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc are pre-existing conditions. Right?


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  • iviviv
    11-01 09:33 PM

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  • sam2006
    09-17 05:05 PM
    nice job chandu garu
    keep it up :)


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  • Yeldarb
    04-13 06:58 PM
    One way to get a couple of cheap sites under your belt is to advertise in online games. Lots of clans need sites, but they most likely don't have much money. (Just a little tip lol, that's where I got some of my first business :))

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  • Jaime
    09-20 01:42 PM
    Hey Jaime you seem to be all charged up!!
    Great energy, will inspire many!!
    Hope we have one more rally soon!

    You bet rajsand! We saw the strength of our unity in DC and we learned many things, one of which is we MUST educate people and Congress! It's amazing how little they actually know about us, in spite of HOW MUCH we contribute! That is JUST NOT FAIR!

    Another thing we learned is: WE CAN MAKE CHANGES!!! WE CAN AND DO AND WILL SUCCEED!!!

    Let's keep going with this!!!! IDEAS????


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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-12 10:18 PM
    Celebration should not need a reason :)
    Thought this might help when the mood is gloomy, folks are tense n stressed out, checking visa bulletin every minute :D

    wait a min..success of what??

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  • rsrikant
    08-24 03:45 PM
    saw this in murthy...
    looks like the no. of applications are less compared to initial projections. the 300,000 include june, july, aug filers including spouses, kids. also seems the number includes 140 applications, ead, ap.. can't believe if it can be that less including all the above mentioned....

    USCIS Filings Surge in July / August 2007
    The CIS Ombudsman shared with teleconference participants his estimate of the number of filings made prior to the August 17th deadline for the submission of I-485s (Applications for Adjustment of Status), under the July 2007 Visa Bulletin. According to his estimation, this number may be close to 200,000 filings. Recent reports in the news media placed the number at about 300,000 filings, due to the priority dates becoming current for most employment-based applicants. It is assumed that this number includes the I-485 filings made by applicants whose priority dates became current in June and July 2007, as well as those of spouses and minor children. It is also assumed that the EAD and Advance Parole (AP) filings are being included in this number, as well as the many I-140s that were filed as part of concurrent I-140/I-485 filings during this period. There may have been a surge in filings unrelated to the June and July Visa Bulletins, as well, which were filed to avoid the substantially increased filing fees that went into effect on July 30, 2007.


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  • ashwin_27
    05-10 07:45 PM
    Very Interesting set of links. We need to respond to each of these journalists thanking for any positive coverage but also highlighting the specific issues that is causign the backlog (7% per country limit and lack of visa recapture). We need to request that attention be paid to this aspect and how removal of per-country limit is neccessary to eliminate the greencard backlogs (and that visa recapture will at least provide limited relief). Most of such articles praise high-skilled immigrants but do not get to the root of the issue and the possible solutions. We need some folks to help with this IV media outreach. Please PM me if you are interested.

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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-18 10:44 AM
    My attorney has indicated that we wont have to refile. They had sent it to NSC around July 3.

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  • kc_p21
    02-16 12:16 AM
    As long as your job is in similar field, you are ok.

    You can take any job as long as the duties of the new job falls under the
    Job Code 15-1021.00. which is your original approved labor job code.

    Any thing other than that is a straight NO.


    02-12 06:44 PM
    Hi , is the limit for 240 days only or TILL we get the approval ?. What do we need to after 240 days ?. Thanks.

    You can work upto 240 days after your H1 expiry date while your H1B is pending. To continue working from 241st day, you would need EAD otherwise stop working until the decision is made on H1B.

    10-06 04:24 PM

    I have approved H1 through consulate processing for the year 2009 and I am currently working on L1 visa which is going to expire on nov 2009.
    My company is not going to extend my visa.Is there any speedy process where I can do COS with my approved H1 and how much will it cost to me?

    Another thing I want to ask that Is it advisable for going back India for stamping as I heard that US consulate people are rejecting H1 B visa

    Please advise


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