Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • pwright
    09-20 12:51 PM
    Hi all,

    I have been stuck in the name-check nightmare for almost 2 years now and looking to join a class-action with other people. Can anybody direct me??


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  • potrero
    04-30 08:58 PM
    Great !

    Need to know if some one has done with I-140 approved from two different company and still did the porting with the earliest priority dates.....

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  • Jerrome
    10-19 10:53 AM
    I am just waiting for the processing date of NSC to move one day further for 140 processing(Mine is Feb7 submitted). The moment in moves by a day i will call and let you guys know the outcome.

    Thanks a lot for your advice.

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  • brb2
    03-26 09:11 PM
    I guess USCIS will go by the degree first and then look if the field is related. The lawyers in this country are pretty good in converting anything to a high skills job and justify the labor shortage. For a starter an US MS qualified guy can be sponsored for an H1B for optimizing the fuel stocks (read gas station attendant).


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  • dhenuva123
    02-25 02:38 PM
    My case is also pending ...from the last 5 and half months.....I applied on sept 1st 2010 ...the case is still in "Initial Review".........

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  • deardar
    07-06 10:55 AM
    Brother why ?


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  • vikki76
    07-19 08:36 PM
    If you have copy of approved I-140, then your priority date would be mentioned there.

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  • ss2005
    06-17 04:12 PM
    Hi GCCovet,

    Thank you.

    I did H1 transfer and notified USCIS abt my new job.
    My old guy is not going to revoke it and also agreed to use the same attorney.


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  • Sakthisagar
    05-10 12:37 PM
    well discussion is always welcome but do you mean that by discussing in the forums, you will have an effect on what will happen to the bill in the senate?i am all for any steps that will have a direct or indirect impact on the future of the bill. but do you really think that by arguing and debating with each other about what should happen will have any impact on the future of the legal immigration??

    I do not think anybody here is a great political personality who is having a voice in the senate or congress, YOu know which forum you are in IV is lobbying and trying to make changes in the bill by lobbying and helping the immigrant communities, so ideas comes from debating and discussing that is the democractic way. Even lot of threads immigrationvoice hosted for ideas alone. so open your eyes. Dont wait to make effect in senate alone, but a combined effort by all of us will do.

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  • me_myself
    03-05 01:03 PM
    Yes, i will be working in Indian subsidiary for my current employer.

    If i am away for 1 year is there a risk of my h1 getting revoked?


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  • drirshad
    08-08 04:35 PM
    I am one of the July 2nd filer, EB2 India, PD is April 2005. There is problem if you filed 485 at NSC but got a receipt# starting with WAC we must address it asap.

    I called up NSC with my Receipt that starts with WAC as it was send to CSC by NSC that processed the application send me the first notice with RD 07/02/2007. I again got the second I-485 transfer notice in September with RD 09/26/2007 saying my case has been transferred back to NSC office as they have jurisdiction over it. The IO says as my application receipt# starts with WAC it will processed by the CSC processing dates that is dead at May 2006 rather than the NSC processing dates that is at 10th August 2007 making my 485 eligible for processing.

    If we do not solve this problem we could be lingering in CSC for years.

    If there has been cases where someone had I-485 Receipt# starting with WAC but got processed by NSC processing dates as it was filed there please come forward.

    Looks like there has been some TSC approvals for EAC receipts but no news on NSC, anybody please post here.

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  • Gotens
    09-02 04:49 PM
    hello :D

    the best way to handle archives done in photoshop is PNG, in the window of your library you can modify the file as you like

    for vectors use illustrator, in flash you can open the archives directly (importing like .ai or .eps)... if you use corel draw, exists and exporter to SWF you can find it in the site of corel


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  • sundarpn
    04-20 01:24 PM

    Are you doing a COS from H4 to F-1 or is your spouse going to India and getting F-1 stamped directly?

    If one applied for a new F-1 at the consulate and for whatever reason F-1 is denied, can she return back on H-4 visa that's already stamped.?

    The F-1 at the consulate - you get to know immediately rather than wait in limbo for H4 to F-1 COS.

    And if H4 to F-1 COS get approved in the middle of a semester when one is taking less then full time load, what happens?

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  • morchu
    05-04 02:44 PM
    Going to the original question. The H1B doesnt get invalidated.
    The rules and available interpretations and memos talks only about the condition to "grant the extension". No where it mentioned a condition to invalidate an already granted extension.

    As per the Neufeld memo links below:

    On page 4 of memo:
    USCIS is required to grant the extension of stay pursuant to �106(a) of AC21, in one-year increments, until such time as a final decision has been made to:
    A. Deny the application for labor certification, or, if the labor certification is approved, to deny the EB immigrant petition that was filed pursuant to the approved labor certification;
    B. Deny the EB immigrant petition, or
    C. Grant or deny the alien�s application for an immigrant visa or for adjustment of status.

    So if denied, there is no extension of H1B, the fact that 140 was approved is inconsequential since 140 approval is but one step in the process if 485 is denied then the whole application was denied and since the h1b extension is simply a stop gap till a final decision can be reached. The only recourse you have is to try and file a MTR with USCIS to reopen the 485.

    See links below for more data
    see Neufeld memo specifically, they also have all other memos and guidelines.


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  • lazycis
    09-24 08:35 AM

    Was your answer regarding your case, or other case(s) that you may know about?

    Related question, did you (or the other people) face considerable hassles for their I-485 approval(s)?

    It was my case. I received a few responses like that (my I-485 has been pending for 3.5 years). I would not take it close to the heart. My case, however, has been approved before Feb 2008 memo implementing 180-days rule for FBI name check.

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  • abh
    08-21 12:15 PM
    I couldn't get good rep 10-15 times i called USCIS to tell me more detail than what shows online. One thing i can think of is i was pregnant at the time of my medical and couldnt get xray done as my tb skin test showed positive.
    So may be RFE for that. God Know. This waiting is killing me.

    Will i get copy of RFE or just my lawyer?


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  • me_myself
    12-16 06:58 AM
    I have a valid H1 till 2012. As my company was going lean during the recession they asked me to work in India (no office in India - was working at home) for 1 year. Now they want me back in US. I am planning to get back in Feb 2010. I was not on payroll for 2009. My company transferred an amount every month to my indian bank account. My questions -

    1. At the Point of Entry (POE) will they ask me why i was out of US for 1 year? - what should i tell them - will "health reasons" work?
    3. Will they ask for payroll or W2 for 2009?
    2. Will they ask me any sort of documents - other than I797?

    Heard that POE's at Washington, Chicago are pretty strict - can someone please suggest a POE that i should choose.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • beibei2929
    05-15 01:39 PM
    Thank you, priderock!!!
    You mean I have to ask somebody to mail me the new extension when it is approved, so that I will not have trouble at the port of entry? Can you check how long your visa stamp valid? Since I have made an interview appointment at US embassy in my country in early June. If it only lasts to June 30, I will cancel the interview. Thanks again.

    Did you mean you are going to apply for a new visa stamp in your country ? If yes, your new visa stamp will be valid until June 30. I am not sure I got the 3 moth visa validity part.

    When they extend your h1 they give you new I94. If you go to your home country and reenter on the old visa , you get a new I94 valid until june30 only from port of entry. My lawyer cautioned me about this once because your latest I94 (short validity) may be the valid one. I am not sure about this but I remember getting cautioned about traveling while H1B extension application is pending. I had to have my H1 approval mailed to me and show the new extension at the port of entry so that I get a valid I94 with new valid date.

    Talk to an Attorney when in doubt.

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  • conchshell
    08-23 02:58 AM
    Please can you tell me which service centre i yours . I also got CPO mail on 08/14 and 08/15 and on 08/19/ I-485 approval sent by mail and soft lud on 08/20 ,but no physical card

    NSC. BTW I too has a soft LUD on August 20th. I am sure you wil get it next day or two.

    10-08 10:33 AM
    Our I-485 got approved on 10/01/2010. Yes porting PD and interfiling works. Follow the instructions in my IV blog

    02-25 12:15 PM
    One of my friends case was pending for more than 6 months with USCIS for H1B renewal, masters, and working at a client place. The employer checked with USCIS and they give a message " that the case needs further investigation".
    What does this mean.


    It means that they are either not satisfied that the job meets the speciality occupation criteria or the credentials of the employee/employer/any of the document s provided. They will conduct an investigation and your friend will hear from them upon completion of thier investigation.


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