Monday, June 13, 2011

abigail breslin 2011

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  • bharol
    10-09 07:26 PM


    They are reloading. ;)

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  • rajivkane
    12-08 11:17 PM

    Thanks for your answers.



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  • s416504
    08-13 02:29 PM
    Thanks for Prompt reply.
    My application got delivered at 11:31 & Received by B GERKENSMEYER.
    Do u think I shoould file again using Lawyer before Aug 17?

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  • sgX05
    02-11 05:05 PM
    No i haven't moved at all. Been living in Ca the whole time.


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  • thakurrajiv
    01-29 07:11 PM
    I have done this. No problems at all. For me they did not ask any question at all. I was carrying old and new I797. Hope this hepls.

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  • tabletpc
    03-18 01:40 PM

    you ned to be more specific about your situation in order for us to give our 2 cents.

    1. Did you get EAD thru your spouse...???

    2. If Not then being on bench is not good since you are on H1b. Try to to get employed...ASAP.


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  • panky72
    08-02 09:30 AM
    Great news indeed.

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  • gbof
    05-10 08:58 PM
    yes, i did receive my ead card for 2 years renewed. here is the part that every one will be surprised and will like is that, this time, they gave my ead renewal starting from the date that it will expire this year. it usually used to be from the date they process the ead renewal application, in which case, we usually use some months since we will apply 2-3 months earlier. atleast this time, we are getting the bang for the buck, since i am reasonably confident that, i have atleast full 2 years of wait to receive my GC (my pd is jan 2003). keep in mind i am a highly optimistic person for the above confidence. though the reality is i may need to wait atleast 5-6 years before i get my GC. i am not kidding and i am serious abt this.

    That is a good thing... Anyway, this evening i got mail (n txt msg too) for my approval/card production. It took exact4-wks. I hope to get it by weekend and really wish this to be the last one and GC to come my way by this fall.


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  • JunRN
    12-18 02:49 PM
    Chumki, although it is not required by law, there is a risk of not filing a memo. That is why I am saying it's your decision. Are you taking the risk or not?

    You don't "have to", right! But are you willing to take the risk?

    In your case, there is no problem even if you join the new company BEFORE 180 days as long as your I-140 is not revoked or should there be an RFE for I-140, the original petitioner will respond to it even though you resigned already.

    USCIS does not care if you join the new company before or after 180 days. AC21 rule said that the I-485 is pending for more than 180 days. As long as your I-485 is pending for more than 180 days, it doesn't matter if you worked or not for the original petitioner, you can invoke AC21. USCIS will also not look if you're working for the new employer. ALL USCIS need is an employment offer which is similar to the original LC. "Offer" means you have work AFTER getting the GC.

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  • beppenyc
    04-09 04:14 PM
    The system is broken, but only for us. Trust me, the US is only profit from the Illegal and Legal immegration. I lost hope, it`s the same dance, again, again and again.


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  • nisthana
    02-18 11:55 AM
    I have my first GC interview next month. I had a DUI few years back that I forgot to mention in the 485 app as I thought this was a traffic related offense. I want to know what are my options now? My lawyer suggests I file for some kind of waiver and suggests I take an attorney with me to the interview. She also asked me to get court certified copies of the conviction and that I completed all the required tasks assigned by the court.
    Is this going to affect my GC in anyway? I need some guidance here.

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  • bah9422
    10-17 08:20 PM
    you can expedite your AP by submitting proof of emergency situation like if someone is critically sick back in USCIS and they will give you will need to fax doctors letter and copy of AP receipt takes around 10 days for approval.


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  • coolpal
    02-17 05:45 PM
    I am a july filer too.. but neither me nor my wife ever received FP notices... not even the first time.
    My lawyer and myself contacted USCIS several times over the phone and each time they opened a case for review and replied saying they'll contact me if they need anything.

    Anyone else in the same situation as mine?


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  • raydhan
    01-01 02:22 PM
    Absolutley interested in getting this movement going. Having been looking for this type of vehicle. Happy to see some Oklahoma interest.
    The ability of filing I485 even without PD's current is my prime goal at this time, want to fight for all round reform.

    Dear Ananth Prasad,
    If you are sincerely interested in joining this intiative, please email me at

    Happy New Year.


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  • sprash
    03-09 12:16 AM
    Thanks everyone.

    Many people asked me how I managed SR because the POJ has changed. Unfortunately, I myself don't know as I was trying desperately for various options. I did follow this generic template I had found while searching the forum, but I'm sure this didn't work right of the bat:

    press 1 for english
    then 2
    then 1 than 1
    then 3

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  • shaq
    08-11 09:34 AM
    Pd - 01/30/06
    Rd - 09/10/07


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  • lifestrikes
    03-10 10:09 AM
    Nightly News: U.S. losing immigrant brainpower - Business - Consumer news - U.S. business - (

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  • sunny26
    02-14 05:51 PM
    Because u r in Chennai You can contact Belview travels. I always use to book ticket thr them. They give good rates. They accept check or u can transfer to belview ICICI account. Very proffessional. If u need details send PM. I can give u phone number and gmail id so u can chat with them

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  • cygent
    04-01 07:43 PM

    Ok, let me put it this way.

    Is the any advantage (or not), filing 140 1st, and lets say your PD is already current, file AOS later. I.E. file them Separately, not in the same packet.

    So in this scenario, is the any difference vs. filing concurrently or not?

    11-18 06:20 PM
    It�s been long since I got head ache..but today I had every reason to get.

    I tried taking an appointment for h1B for December. Here is my experience�

    1. After entering the receipt details it took me to available dates calendar. In this screen there was no option to pick an specific date for appointment. This screen was same as the screen we get when we check for available date without entering receipt number.
    2. I pressed �Continue� and it later took me to DS156.
    3. Filled the form and it took me to screen which displayed my name against a check box with 3 option. The screen says..�select the form to edit/complete..� 3 options I can see are DS156,DS157 and petition details. No matter how many times I edit the information I can�t get the choice to pick the appointment date. Basically I have filled up the form without knowing the appointment date.
    4. If I try to download the appointment letter it says..�You cannot download until you specify courier address��.

    Has anyone experience similar problem�?? Any work around�.??

    Any help is greatly appreciated�thanks in advance�

    You have to submit.
    Once you submit, you will be able to choose dates.

    02-24 10:18 AM
    Congrats beautifulMind on your immigration journey!

    I successfully ported from EB3 to EB2 in the same company while on EAD

    Now i am working on the new Eb2 position using the EAD obtained from the EB3 position. I have still not filed my Eb2 485 since dates are not current (priority date jan 2007)

    The new Eb2 job description was similiar to Eb3 but the difference was that now it required masters degree and 1 year experience. This is becasue of more resposnitlity and supervisory role in the eb2 position. Also natural progression...

    I qualified for the Eb2 position without using the Experience gained in the existing company. I had masters and previous experience which was used for qualification....

    Also the older Eb3 position does not exist as it was modified to the new Eb2 position as the role now required more complexity...

    Sharing my experience and wondering if everything is ok with my current situation? I do not have a h1b. I still work on EAd obtained from the Eb3 app and travel on AP and have not had any issues yet....

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